12 p. C. Child washcloths – more absorbent and gentle wash garments for newborns, babies and toddlers – appropriate for infant skin and new born – child bathe gift – microfiber coral fleece 12×12 inches

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  • microfiber
  • imported
  • 【rapid drying – produce sensitive foam quick】 fluffy, smooth to dry and non-pilling, no shrinkage even after in many instances wash. A necessity for families-suitable for babies, newborns, toddlers, toddlers, the aged people, all families.
  • 【speedy drying – best length, 12 x 12″】 perfect thickness, can be used to distinguish the various uses: toddler wash clothes, toddler wipes, absorbent towels, bath garments, infant showers registration gifts, face cloths, makeup remover cloths.
  • 【fast drying – classic white and gray – p. C. Of 12】 classic gray and white advanced colour combos to beautify your rest room environment.
  • 【fast drying – luxurious smooth coral fleece】 made from ultra-gentle coral fleece, very secure, breathable, like touching the velvet! Suitable for touchy pores and skin of infants.
  • 【a hundred% satisfaction carrier】
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8 reviews for 12 p. C. Child washcloths – more absorbent and gentle wash garments for newborns, babies and toddlers – appropriate for infant skin and new born – child bathe gift – microfiber coral fleece 12×12 inches

  1. Careful Consumer

    I’ll admit that I have a problem with towels and linens and such. I’m extremely discriminating (some would say ridiculously picky). I do a lot of cooking and cleaning – especially during the current pandemic crap – and am a little (some would say very) OCD. I have entirely too many rags and towels and always trying to find something better. I’m loyal to 100% cotton in most areas but the PROPER microfiber cloth/towel has its place. You know what I’m taking about…we’ve all gotten the crappy, sticks to your fingertips, creepy, thin, water repellent, plastic feeling microfiber. If you’re lucky, you’ve found some nicer night quality ones for washing your car, etc. The good ones are excellent and truly have their place. These “baby” wash cloths are different. Yes, they’re microfiber, but a newer or less common type called coral fleece. It’s almost like the shag carpet of microfiber. You can’t see little loops, it’s more like fur. If you’re familiar with it, you know what I mean. Soft, soft, soft. These are great for your sensitive face and skin. One or two of them have a little hard spot on the edge. They are apparently laser-cut which seems like cauterization or heat sealing. They are not “cut” and hemmed like most textiles. So the little hard spots are like a melted area that hardened. It is very small and really shouldn’t be an issue but if you get them and are washing a newborn or something, get a tiny scissors and snip that off. These are very absorbent and moderately thick. Plenty thick for a washcloth and a good size. I purchased some dish towels very similar to these a few months back, which are now no longer available and I can’t find any others, which is killing me. I love them. These cloths are fine for drying something small but better for skin cleansing. No “tooth” to them so not great for dishrags or cleaning cloths, although they would make great dusting cloths (not for glass, as they leave sparklies). These won’t last forever, and I wash them with regular towels and have even been known to use a touch of bleach. I’m sure this shortens their life cycle, but they’re rags. I’ll do something else with them if their texture is compromised. Washing delicately and hang-drying would be best, but ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m not THAT OCD. If you have sensitive skin or a baby or whatever (cleaned my dog’s eyes with one the other day) and like a cloth that can hold a lot of water or be well-rung, and even to dry your hands on, these are great. The white is really and off white, not quite ivory. They aren’t too costly at less than a buck a piece. I noticed that another “brand” which we all know is probably coming from the same Chinese mega-factory, appear to be the same thing but in a larger variety of colors if that works better for you. Which is frustrating because now I irrationally think I need those as well! I really think you’ll like them and hope this helps. Also, I hope that they don’t change the quality or style which I have seen a bunch of. If you purchase around the time I wrote this, you should be fine. I paid full price for these and didn’t receive anything free or discounted. Because I don’t know how to make that happen, but if I did, I’d still give an honest review 🙂 Read more

  2. Brainerd Barrios

    I did not order these for their intended purpose as baby wash cloths. I have been searching a long time for a suitable liner for my hard hat. These are best cloths that I have found. They are the right size to form a protective barrier between my head at the hard hat band. I thoroughly enjoy how soft they feel. And added bonus is how well it absorbs the sweat from my brow that prevents it from running into my eyes during a long hot work day. And after multiple washes, it maintains it composure. They are very durable. Read more

  3. Ashley

    I am genuinely impressed with these washcloths! The quality far exceeded my expectations. They are so soft and durable! I’m not sure about the absorbency because I just opened the package and rushed to leave a review, that’s how impressed I was when I opened them! The detail on edges is super cute as well! Also, 12 washcloths for that price? You can’t beat it! I rarely leave reviews but this one deserved an instant 5 star. Read more

  4. Lucia Garland

    These are fantastic! I do an oil cleansing routine on my face every night and I wanted super soft yet absorbent cloth to use in order to wipe away the oil and not irritate my skin since it’s super sensitive. These work absolutely perfect for what I needed them for, and it’s a great value for the money! Thank you! Read more

  5. maverick

    With a new baby, you are always running out of wash cloths .. I tried expensive big brands and others .. but this one knocked every other brand out of the park .. Most I like about this is the absorbency .. and its larger than any other wash cloth .. hold the size and shape after wash .. other shrink down to 80% of their size. Read more

  6. GarnetShimmy

    Exactly what I was looking for in a face wash cloth… Softer than you can imagine all the way up to the border. The border is kind of an erratic scallop shape which creates a very light lacey edge. I got the half gray house white pack and although I love the colors… I will buy more if they become available in black. Black would really hide any staining of makeup wo requiring bleaching. These have not stained but just would prefer black if offered. Read more

  7. Barbara Brockman Remillard

    I will never go back to any other washcloth. These are the softest that I have ever owned. Like butter in your hands. They hold a lot of fluids and are easy to wring out. Where have these been all my life? I definitely recommend you purchase these. And for the price you can’t go wrong. Read more

  8. MKD

    These are possibly one of the best Amazon purchases I have ever made. They are sold as baby washcloths, but I ordered them for my face since I don’t want to reuse a washcloth, I get a new one daily, for microbes. To be clear, I wash them and then reuse them, I’m not literally using them once Lol. But I wanted enough of them to be able to use a fresh clean one daily. Read more

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