2-in-1 layout, easy setup, light-weight with memory foam bed & bring bag blanketed (patented layout)

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  • extremely-lightweight: at only 8. Eight lbs/ 4kg all blanketed (frame, memory foam mattress, deliver bag), the naos is the lighest high priced tour crib available on the market
  • fast and clean setup: its patented gadget makes setting up and folding the naos portable cot a breeze
  • strong 2-in-1 design: an aluminum frame and introduced rubber below each leg offer high-quality stability on all indoor & outside surfaces. The facet beginning transforms the naos bed into a a laugh play tent or playard as toddler gets older, from 0 to 4 years old
  • very secure & easy care: the cozy reminiscence foam mattress is wrapped in a detachable and washer-friendly cowl manufactured from soft cotton jersey
  • portable: folded, the naos suits right into a sporting bag (covered) that can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack so that you can without difficulty take it everywhere you move
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from the manufacturer

ever because it became based in 1997, babymoov has constantly put innovation on the coronary heart of product improvement.

due to the fact nothing can update real-lifestyles revel in, babymoov works with you, the parents, to create merchandise that make your existence less difficult.

diagnosed for their high great, all babymoov products are examined by independent laboratories to meet strict regulatory requirements and offer the safest and great tools for you and your own family.

indoor & outdoor premium playard for babies and younger children

the naos patented design is all about comfort for the dad and mom and luxury for the infant.

light-weight, compact, and really clean to gather, it has been designed to give young kids the comfort of home whilst on-the-pass. It creates the correct environment for them to relaxation and play each interior and outdoors.

whether or not you’re having dinner at a chum’s residence, are journeying the grandparents for the weekend, or are going away on every week-lengthy vacation, you will want the naos anywhere you move!

  • from zero to 4 years old
  • patented design
  • child registry need to-have
  • particular features you may love:

    at underneath 9 lbs (8. Eight lbs) all protected: frame, memory foam bed and carry bag, the naos is the lightest luxurious transportable playard in the marketplace!

    reminiscence foam bed gives amazing consolation and is covered in pricey cotton jersey. The mattress cowl is removable and machine-washer-friendly.

    the big and handy front opening turns the naos into a play location and permits little ones to move in and out freely.

    the naos comes with a robust compact duffel bag bring case that can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack.

    fold the naos in four easy steps:

  • detach the strings which are hooked round each leg.
  • detach the strings that have been retaining the bed in location.
  • take out the mattress.
  • press both buttons (one on each aspect) concurrently and bring them collectively to the center.
  • repeat the equal at the longer sides so the frame folds itself.
  • pull the legs separately to liberate them and place them on the outdoor of the body.
  • wrap the naos mesh fabric around the body.
  • wrap the mattress around the body.
  • preserve the whole thing exceptional and compact by using the use of the two black strings included.
  • place the naos in its carry bag!
  • need to-have accessories made for the babymoov naos

    an anti-uv 50+ roof canopy that turns the naos into a secure play tent outside, or to provide extremely good privateness indoors.

    a mosquito internet to shield kids from harmful insects and mosquitoes at the same time as keeping natural airflow.

    a water-resistant mattress cowl made of pricey cotton jersey designed to guard the naos reminiscence foam mattress.

    product description

    like many other new mother and father, you want to journey out of your own home fear-unfastened however traveling with a infant presents challenges. The naos tour cot brings the comfort of domestic everywhere you pass. Very mild and compact, the naos bed weighs most effective 8. 8lbs/ four kg. It is able to be taken anywhere and may be worn as a shoulder bag or as a backpack. Way to its patented gadget, it is simple to set up and can be spread out or folded in less than a minute. Memory foam mattress and duffel wearing bag are covered.


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    8 reviews for 2-in-1 layout, easy setup, light-weight with memory foam bed & bring bag blanketed (patented layout)

    1. Thibaut

      We travelled with our Babymoov during the Thanksgiving break for the first time and it was worth every single penny. It is very convenient to carry because it is light. Easy to set up also. It provided a cosy room for our baby who is 4 months old and she slept easily in it 3 nights in a raw. I cannot wait to use it as a tent in the future which is another asset of this item. Read more

    2. Matthew

      It felt very not secure at all. It was big enough for my baby . It was breathable and child safe with safe sleeping . It was just not good for a bounce child because they could just bull it down Read more

    3. Youri P. Othelot

      This product is wonderful, very useful. Bought it a couple of weeks ago and my now 3 months old boy loves it!!! Read more

    4. Laura0806

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We have this and the Baby Bjorn pack n play and have traveled internationally with both. We much prefer this one for the following reasons: The way that this folds is brilliant, and the fact that it can be carried over your shoulder in something resembling a duffel bag makes all the difference. It’s light and easy to haul along, unlike the Bjorn that is light but in a bulky suitcase form. I LOVE the thickness of the mattress. It’s even thicker and comfier than the Bjorn—both of which are good compared to the thin cardboard garbage that some pack n plays offer. Set up and take down is a breeze—very similar in this and the Bjorn. Takes just a minute. This has a bigger footprint with a smaller carrying case, and is comfier over all. Our kids will be able to use this for even longer than other smaller models, and the zipper down the side makes it so that an older toddler can crawl out the side if left open. It has traveled well, is easy to carry along, and is a quality product. Couldn’t recommend this any more. This belongs on every moms first time registry. 5 stars. Read more

    5. Chris

      We have a few different types of pack and play style cribs. There’s a slightly more expensive competitor which feels higher quality and comes with 2 bassinets and a changing pad adapter. The problem is that that whole kit is 40lbs. While we like that other model and use it mostly within our house (have premie twins so that product makes it easy and affordable to have both in our bedroom early on) this design is suuuppper light weight in comparison. I should say that I love camping and have various types of tents and canopies and this design takes a few notes out of those books. It pops up pretty easy and the legs setup like some canopies I’ve used. It was pretty easy to setup but I had 1 gripe and perhaps it was just me. When setting up the legs you then have to take this strap and run the bottom of the leg through a hoop on the strap. While it doesn’t seem hard to do, the bottom of the legs sometimes doesn’t push evenly or far enough through the hoop/strap and might come loose as you move on to another leg and strap. I’ve done the setup a few times and this is my 1 complaint about this design or rather how it was executed. I would think making the ends of the legs a slightly smaller bit would allow this setup to be done a bit easier, but then again it might just be my unit. I like how the pad is easy to remove with velco and just hope it stands up to moderate use without the velco coming off the pad or the main unit itself. Our kids haven’t left the NICU yet so it’ll be a little time before we put this to actual use. I’ll be sure to update the review if I noticed any other pros and cons. I still need to wash the pad but suspect that’ll do fine if I choose a gentle cycle and let it air dry. Read more

    6. Heidi Austin

      This Babymoov Naos Crib & Playard is simply amazing. How can something so compact and light open to an almost full-sized crib? The crib is packed away in a durable canvas carrying case that zips open easily. It has adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying as well. Once open, the crib snaps into place. The memory foam mattress is light but thick. I like that it can be turned into a “tent” with the side opening. It is perfect to leave this set up in a child’s playroom. This is the perfect gift for the expectant parents whether it is their first child or not, this is a functional bedding option that can be used for many years. (I will be purchasing one for the evacuees who have come to New Orleans from Lake Charles, Louisiana for the last hurricane. It is a very much needed item!) Read more

    7. Brittany

      This is light weight and so easy to fold down and store. It’s so nice when you have a baby because you need something easy and accessible the last thing you need is anything difficult and more heavy things to carry when you’re on the go. It looks sleek too. We love it. There’s a side opening as well. The carrying bag can be worn right over the shoulder! Read more

    8. Angel M Hall

      I really cannot believe how easy it was to take out of the carrying case and put together, it literally took me 5 minutes. Instructions are easy to read and it’s so easy to take apart and fit back into the case too! I really like that a mini mattress is included, definitely makes it more comfortable for my child to rest in while napping during the day. I will also be using it for when my in home daycare starts up again soon. It’s space saving with enough room to play and be comfortable in. Great well made product. Read more

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