20 % magnetic cabinet locks child proofing – vmaisi kids evidence cupboard drawers latches – adhesive easy set up

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  • [ 20 locks + 2 keys ] baby baby safety magnetic cabinet locks paintings both for drawers and all cabinets. Advanced locks extra more potent magnetic enough to hold a residence cat or toddles out. Infant proofing locks with magnet key control. 3m adhesive for shelves & drawers – no gear, no drill, no holes
  • [ works for all cabinets and drawers ] extra more potent locks work on max 2 inches cabinets door and paintings on all shelves and drawers door for childproof. Use them in the kitchen, toilet, pantry room, garage vicinity, and bedroom. They”ll even paintings for a 30 lbs decided dog who receives into the cabinets!
  • [ invisible from outside ] upgraded locks set up inside cabinets or drawers, completely concealed from children and visitors, making your private home more attractive, even as also imparting best infant protection
  • [ keep your baby safe ] the magnetic baby safety lock is to hold your curious little kids away from drawers and cabinets packed with dangerous gear or chemicals with simple, allowing you to have peace of thoughts whilst your youngsters discover your own home. Clean to install. Peel and stick.

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  • what is the distance among screw mounting holes (middle to center) on the lock unit? I need to look if these will match previously drilled holes…
  • question: what is the gap between screw mounting holes (center to center) on the lock unit? I want to look if those will in shape previously drilled holes… Answer: that part that screws at the door the holes are 1-1/2” aside. The piece that screws to the pinnacle of the internal of the cupboard that it latches on to has holes 2” apart. Hope that allows by brad zych on july 31, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • does this paintings on glass leisure stand?
  • yes, the vmaisi magnetic cupboard locks work with glass amusement stand. But does now not paintings with steel/iron cope with/knob/door so avoid to install locks near metal/iron manage/knob or screws. You could test locks on the placement before peel off and stick on the door. See less

  • am i able to buy extra keys?
  • query: can i buy extra keys? Answer: purchase it here: https://www. Amazon. Com/dp/b074t77j4c by vmaisi protection supplier on october 15, 2019 did not get answers. See more solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • do you need to physically relock it each time you shut the cabinet or does it pop into lock position whilst cupboard closes?
  • query: do you need to bodily relock it whenever you shut the cupboard or does it pop into lock function when cupboard closes? Answer: if you have it in lock function it’s going to live locked when you shut the door again. Until you turn the lever to unlock. By ashley on december three, 2019 did not get solutions. See extra answers (five) fall apart all solutions

    7 reviews for 20 % magnetic cabinet locks child proofing – vmaisi kids evidence cupboard drawers latches – adhesive easy set up

    1. MS Mom

      These are super great— once you figure out how to install, which is a bit confusing at first. They provide a video that is helpful, but it shows a part called a cradle that is not mentioned or pictured in the written instructions. Once you find the cradle, everything makes sense and it’s a breeze! We put 20 in our kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a half hour. We love that we can flip the switch to unlock when our granddaughter isn’t here and then lock them back and use the magnet to unlock when she’s here. Our drawers have a lip, so they didn’t work with them, which was disappointing. I read reviews to help make wise purchases, so I write them to pay it forward. If you find this one helpful, I’d love for you to click that! Read more

    2. Sydney J

      I have two cats that love to break into all of the cabinets in our house. I usually hate child locks on cabinets though so I was hesitant to buy some. I really like that you use a key with these and you can choose to unlock them if you want to. It took me a few minutes to understand how to install them, but after I watched the video, it was really easy to do. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that one of the 20 locks were broken when I got them and I had to throw it away. I have a lot of cabinets in my house, so I needed a large pack and these did the trick! My kitties are very sad that they cannot get inside of the cabinets anymore. Read more

    3. Ashley

      I purchased these for my kitchen cabinets and drawers. The installation is very easy. The 3M adhesive is very strong too. I didn’t give five stars because it didn’t fit my style of cabinets and there was nothing I found in their write up to tell me it wouldn’t fit right. I still used them despite they didn’t fit flush to the cabinets like they do in the demonstration. They seem to be working well. Our little guy pulls on them and they remain locked and secured. The magnets easily unlock the locks. The locks did not work at all with my drawers though. And I’m still looking for a quality product for those. The kit comes with extra adhesive but it would’ve been better if they gave more than the one for each piece. Overall definitely would recommend but if your cabinets are shaped like mine on the inside then your locks will not fit flush, instead it will hang off like mine does as shown. Read more

    4. So You Know!

      Love this! Yeah there is a tiny bit of maneuvering to get it in the right place for both pieces to grab onto each other. However, they have a handy dandy tool to help you position it perfect! If you are needing baby locks and you rent or own your home this is truly the way to go! I have zero regrets! I wish they had came out with these sooner! Lastly I will say, yes can it be annoying to grab the magnet to unlock your drawer, BUT really after a day or so and you child realizes there’s no getting into that drawer they kinda leave it alone. At that point, you can sneakily flip the little switchy thing to unlock the mechanism so you don’t need the magnet to unlock it. Then when your child figures out you unlocked it then just lock it back. Of course, if it’s a chemical cabinet or you don’t always keep an eye on your kid 100% of the time, perhaps keeping them locked all the time is for the best. Mine can’t really reach into a drawer yet, but I worry about smashed fingers, so for now the circumstances are a bit different. However, as he can reach into things we will always keep certain drawers locked, and truly it’s nice to have this option to use at your judgement. Plus if you move, take them with you! All you would need basically is command strips to mount them again! Read more

    5. Jamie Melton

      100% Cat safe. My roommate has a cat that enjoys getting into cabinets and has figured out how to bypass the traditional cabinet locks. Because these are magnetic, the cat can’t bypass them at all. I just wish the magnets used to unlock them were available in different colors. Read more

    6. Ray Rickstrew

      So as any parent, I looked at all the different ways to baby proof cabinets and even came up with some of my own methods. Ie rolled up snack cardboard boxes or electrical cord grabber thingy. I tried the ones with the springs and it wasn’t long that my son found out that a little body motion as he tugged would make the spring pop. Sure you can screw the plates into your cabinets but the weakest link is the lever. So I went to all the major hardware stores in the area and couldn’t believe the price for the magnet ones. I got on here and found some to try out. So I cleaned the area I wanted to stick them to and for the most part the adhesion was good. But again my son at the time was 1.5 years old found that body weight with tugging could overcome the adhesive. So I then used the provided tapping screws and for the most part they worked great. I say for the most part because my wife didn’t know I had fixed the cabinet and yanked really hard on them and of course tore them out of the wood. A little wood putty fixed the holes and I moved them over a tiny bit but I am very pleased with their performance. I would suggest the more magnet keys you can get with your purchase the happier you will be. I bought a second batch since I have a ton of cabinets in my garage and thought it would be wise to proof them as well. Adhesive works for young ones, but as they get stronger and smarter might need to think about securing them permanently. Read more

    7. Emily

      I have been trying to childproof my house for years, I have a VERY resourceful almost 6 year old who gets into everything. I put these in my kitchen and bathroom and just have to worry about keeping the keys safe. My husband had all 20 installed within a half hour and was very happy about how easy it was…no screws (important for us as we have walnut cabinets and don’t want holes in them) and it comes with a piece that helps you line up both pieces of the lock. Adhesive seems fine, we’ve had them for 2 weeks and all 20 are still going strong. The package even includes stickers to help you know where to put the magnet key. Read more

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