4moms rockaroo and mamaroo infant insert, for baby, toddler, and infant, gadget washable, soft, plush cloth, reversible layout

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  • system washer-friendly
  • reversible design
  • suits 4moms mamaroo
  • suits 4moms rockaroo
  • from the makers of the mamaroo

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the 4moms newborn insert fits flawlessly with each the 4moms mamaroo and 4moms rockaroo infant seats. It provides extra consolation and guide on your newborn simply wherein they need it. The multi plush fabric insert is machine-washer-friendly and reversible.

Product Dimensions

20, x, 12, x, 1, inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Minimum weight recommendation

4.4, Pounds

Maximum weight recommendation

25, Pounds



Additional product features

Padded, Seat, folds, for, easy, transport, and, storage

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7.7, ounces



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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 4, 241, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#1, 515, in, Baby, (See, Top, 100, in, Baby), #2, in, Car, Seat, Liners

8 reviews for 4moms rockaroo and mamaroo infant insert, for baby, toddler, and infant, gadget washable, soft, plush cloth, reversible layout

  1. Ljd1978

    This insert made ALL the difference when we finally purchased it to use with our MamaRoo. For over a month I tried strategically placing a blanket in the swing to try and get my daughter to fit comfortably, but it never worked. I finally broke down and bought the newborn insert and was instantly pleased with how she sat in the MamoRoo with it. It was obvious that she was much more comfortable as well!So you’re probably wondering, why only 3 stars then?Well first off, as expensive as a MamaRoo is, it should come with this newborn insert. Almost every other swing that you’re going to buy has a newborn insert included with it because who isn’t going to use their swing for a newborn?Secondly, although the insert is great, it is going to fit your baby for a VERY short period of time. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if it came with the swing, however my daughter just turned 3 months (and is very petite) and she is already almost too long for the insert. So basically I just paid $30 to use an insert for about 2 months or so.Overall, this is a necessity if you’re going to use your MamaRoo with your newborn – so if you buy it, you aren’t going to be disappointed with how it works. So in my honest opinion this is a great product, but it’s unfortunate that the manufacturer sells it separate from the swing.Read more

  2. Kaitlyn

    I am very disappointed in this product! I couldn’t decide between this insert and the Farnodbaby one (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GSH4941/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_xAvzDbR515GS5) so I got them both to see which I liked better and this one just disappointed me completely. My first complaint is that it misleads you into thinking it is a two pack and is even advertised as “$15 per count” and the photographs made it seem like I was getting two. The other one I got very clearly stated “reversible” and didn’t mislead me by saying “per count”. The 4 moms one is just so cheap and thin and isn’t very soft at all, while my Farnodbaby insert is very soft and plush and thick and provides much more support. This 4moms insert is so small that you will never get your moneys worth for it because babies grow so fast, while the other one I have is actually big enough to use for a longer time (and I’ve been able to fit the Farnodbaby insert into other swings that I got second hand and needed an insert for, which was an awesome bonus to discover). The Farnodbaby one also has two loops for holding toys, which was a wonderful addition for my little man. I’m also very highly disappointed with the pattern on the 4 moms insert. The other side is just a black and white version of the colored side, so it’s just basically the same pattern on both sides. My Farnodbaby insert has really bright cute blue and gray stripes and a completely different gray star pattern on the other side. I am definitely very disappointed in my purchase of the 4 moms insert and wish I hadn’t wasted the money on this insert. My Farnodbaby insert is far superior to this one and highly recommend trying that one over the 4 moms one.Read more

  3. Becky B

    Disappointed in this insert 🙁 Our newborn was 8+ lbs and 21”; this insert is simply too short, too small, and TOO FLAT to provide any support. Don’t waste your money on this. A better option would be to use a standard newborn head/ body insert such as you would use in an infant car seat, stroller, etc., to help in the Mamaroo. (And yes — it is ridiculous that 4Moms does not include a head support with the very pricey Mamaroo anyway!)Read more

  4. Megan Kratwell

    We bought a Mamaroo for our 2.5 month old and quickly realized that we needed the insert. I ordered one right away and used the insert from his carseat while we waited for it to be delivered. Unfortunately the Mamaroo insert doesn’t fit him nearly as well, he’s far too tall for it. Obviously it’s meant for a newborn, but I’m slightly disappointed that it doesn’t work for bigger babies given the shaping of the Mamaroo seat. But it’s cute and seems to be made well… just didn’t fit out needs.Read more

  5. Sam

    Love the insert, it’s bright white. Just know that the multiplush seat is NOT bright white so they won’t match exactly. It’s more of a cream.Read more

  6. sweetsauce13

    The pictures showed the insert in the rocker. I thought I had ordered what I needed, but I only got the insert. Anyway I’m a guy and it’s my fault I ordered the wrong one. But I have a 6 week old and when I explained this to my baby momma. Well I got in trouble I’m wasting money buy stupid things again on Amazon. I told her it’s no big deall, I’ll just order the right one and save the insert for the next kid. I was trying to justify my purchase. ( I don’t want another kid, I was joking.) Didn’t matter her eyes lit up she’s so excited. I messed up men, don’t make the same mistake I made.Read more

  7. Emily

    Was hesitant to purchase this insert because I wasn’t sure if I’d need it or not. However, ended up purchasing after we brought our daughter home. She instantly loved the mamaroo swing but was so tiny it swallowed her (She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz, 19.5”) when we brought her home). I highly recommend if you have a little baby to buy this insert!Read more

  8. ScoGold

    Like the other reviews say, this inset should be included in the main unit because it is so expensive.That being said, the RockaRoo is amazing and has given me some freedom to do other things while the baby is sleeping.I’m not sure if it is recommended or not, but you can even clip in a swaddled newborn in this carrier which soothes the baby even more.Read more

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