7th era infant bubble bathtub,10oz (p. C. Of three)

(8 customer reviews)


  • light, clean fragrance
  • usda licensed biobased ninety seven%
  • gluten free
  • non-poisonous
  • tear unfastened
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product description

children (and babies) love bubble baths. You may feel properly approximately permitting them to splish and splash in these gentle, clean-rinsing suds. As natural as your love, with no parabens, phthalates or artificial fragrances.


10 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 10 Fl Oz (Pack of 3)

8 reviews for 7th era infant bubble bathtub,10oz (p. C. Of three)

  1. urbantiger

    I’m an adult with sensitive skin. This bottle is comically small and so I’ve used very little of it and using very little of it to stretch it out produces very little bubbles. It’s a shame that wanting a small luxury has to cost a small fortune these days, because this is a very poor value for money even though the ingredients are top-notch and I love the company. If they made the bottle just a little bit larger and did so without raising the price dramatically, it would be a better product.Read more

  2. Shelley Worcester

    I love that this stuff is gentle however the bubbles are not anything to get excited about. I guess that’s a trade off of removing certain ingredients that may not be so gentle on delicate skin. I still felt like it deserved 3 stars because it is, as it states, gentle. However as other reviewers have stated, it’s not tear free.Read more

  3. liz

    Didn’t pay attention to the ounces…. way smaller than I thought!!! It’s like a trial size but slightly larger. It’ll be gone in no time. Wouldn’t buy at this price again. Totally not worth itRead more

  4. Eric

    This product is comically bad. Empty half the bottle and you might get four or five cups of bubbles, which disappear after ten minutes. Absolute garbage.Read more

  5. hbx3

    We are using this both for babys bath and homemade bubbles. Works great for both and is safe for baby.Read more

  6. Katie

    My twins eyes still get red and they cry if it gets in their eyes which I really try not to but can’t help it sometimes.Read more

  7. KO

    It works well considering it’s a clean product without junk in it, but the bubbles don’t last very long.Read more

  8. Sarah Young

    I was very skeptical about how a natural product could bubble up just as well as Johnson & Johnson. However, I was impressed right away with the bubble power of this product. Really the only difference is the scent (orange like) compared to the perfume smell of the J&J. The kids could care less about the scent and the change to this product was seamless to them. We get about 15 baths (1 month) out of a bottle if you’re trying to price it out. I’m so glad we made the switch to this.Read more

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