A being pregnant pillow by cozy bump– the exceptional pregnancy pillow for sound asleep susceptible, being pregnant frame pillow, maternity pillow, being pregnant bed, being pregnant gifts, prone pillow

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your model variety.
  • ⭐️ first-rate pregnancy frame pillow for pregnant women. Secure bump is a pregnancy pillow that pregnancy mothers are using as a belly napping pillow
  • ⭐️ relieves again ache – the decline within the leg segment allows decompress the lower back that’s why secure bump can be the high-quality being pregnant gifts for girls.
  • ⭐️ pregnancy snoozing – at ease bump is high-quality a number of the being pregnant pillows and maternity pillows, as its manufactured from 100% cotton and comfortable for a better sleep all through your being pregnant.
  • ⭐️ helps lessen c-sections & painful exertions – research suggests laying at the stomach with raised hips & decreased legs helps move the infant to the most useful birthing position (head down) the secure bump pregnancy frame pillow helps positioned the mom in that same position because its a stomach sleeping pillow.
  • ⭐️ susceptible pregnancy pillow – this prone pillow has fitness advantages due to the fact while mendacity on your belly your lungs are capable of make bigger and take in extra air. Allowing extra air into the lungs enables them to combat off infections. That is why this is the number one prone being pregnant pillow.
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  • does this pillow have a person weight restrict?
  • question: does this pillow have a person weight restriction? Answer: the load restrained take a look at for this pregnancy pillow was three hundred kilos for 24 hours. By relaxed bump dealer on may additionally 5, 2020 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (1) collapse all answers

  • are women setting this on pinnacle in their mattress and snoozing with it in bed?
  • the at ease bump being pregnant pillow may be used and are being used in the following areas. Beds, residing rooms, swimming pools, seashores or even rub down tables. Because it’s easy to move this pregnancy pillow it makes it so that you can take it anywhere and enjoy the moments or hours of rest you want during a time of your lifestyles whilst your frame is pressured. See less

  • does it include the top rest attachment otherwise you want your very own pillow ? Also. Does it include the electrical air pump ? Or is that bought one by one?
  • question: does it come with the head rest attachment or you need your very own pillow ? Additionally. Does it come with the electric air pump ? Or is that offered one by one? Answer: the comfortable bump pregnancy pillow comes with an already connected headrest that you could inflate or deflate to fit your consolation. The secure bump does no longer come with an electric powered pump, but you could use any general air mattress pump to inflate your secure bump. Through secure bump dealer on may 28, 2020 did not get answers. See more answers (three) collapse all solutions

  • what’s the return coverage if it’s not at ease? I’m having twins so i don’t understand if my stomach will match.
  • question: what’s the go back policy if it’s not relaxed? I’m having twins so i don’t know if my belly will match. Solution: the cozy bump being pregnant pillow has a 30 day return coverage. If the product isn’t always stained or damaged from the customer then you will acquire a one hundred% refund. By using relaxed bump supplier on april 25, 2020 collapse all answers


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    8 reviews for A being pregnant pillow by cozy bump– the exceptional pregnancy pillow for sound asleep susceptible, being pregnant frame pillow, maternity pillow, being pregnant bed, being pregnant gifts, prone pillow

    1. Ty

      My wife started complaining about back pain heading into the 3rd tri, so after saving this product in my list during pregnancy #1, I figured now was the time to pull the trigger. Needless to say, it was very easy to inflate and she absolutely loves it. Belly fits perfect and her back pain was relieved. Her only complaint is its hard to look up at the TV when on it (not the products fault), so if you want to watch a show, doing so on a tablet or cell phone is the way to go. The company accidentally sent 2 cozy bumps but encouraged us to give it away as a gift, which we did. Thank you for empowering helpless husbands with such a great product. Read more

    2. Terence Sanders

      As a belly sleeper, this was a game changer! At 22 weeks pregnant, I was up 10 times a night or simply couldn’t sleep trying to find a decent position for myself (trying to side sleep) and my wiggling baby, plus constantly having to pee, even while sleeping with a very nice highly rated adjustable u-shaped body pillow. I also have 2 pups that liked to take over the fluffy body pillow for themselves. BUT the past 2 nights with my COZY BUMP have been, no joke, corpse style 9-hours of sleep without even an urge to pee because baby was so comfortable with the spacious bump hole! (No more kicking my bladder!) It definitely took some adjustment of the air compartments. Filling to capacity was too firm for me. So adjusting and letting the air out while I laid on the Cozy Bump until it was to my liking (when I literally fell asleep on it by accident while adjusting it 😂), made it far more comfortable, less firm/more squishy. Plus, my pups stay off of it since it’s air-filled and wobbly unlike the body pillows! I use a twin sized fitted sheet, as recommended, since I’m ultra sensitive to the plastic smell (but that pretty much gets rid of the odor). Other than that, the Cozy Bump has been a miracle for me. I don’t do reviews, but this demanding a review! – I gave it 5/5 overall, but 4/5 stars for comfort and pain relief only because it required quite a bit of personal adjusting with air pressure, and my neck ached a bit from turning my face to sleep face down, since there isn’t a face hole like a massage table. Otherwise, it was comfy for my baby bump, chest, arms (not squished under me or by side sleeping!), and legs, and it was a miracle to finally get multiple full nights of sleep!!! Highly recommend! Read more

    3. Jeremy P.

      My wife is 31 weeks along. She is a very petite mother to be, carrying a very big baby boy. Causing her frequent pelvis, belly and back pain. I took pictures of her trying this out, unknowingly to her. What I caught was an unintentional, genuine smile of instant relief! Seeing this filled my heart with joy and made me EXTREMELY satisfied with purchase this so far! Directions are very clear and simple to use. I would highly recommend this for your loved ones experiencing any discomfort. Read more

    4. JK

      This product is a must for anyone pregnant experiencing hip pain when they sleep. I wish I had bought it sooner. I call it my “raft!” My recommendation is to set it up on a guest bed. I always start my night in my normal bed on my side, but usually switch around 2-4am for a few hours once my hips start hurting. The main reason I generally move back is because my nose gets stuffy from facing down. FYI: I do not use the blow up pillow attached. I simply stack two of my own pillows. Some reviewers complain of their back starting to hurt after so long. While partially true, the product comes with a small scarf/sheet that acts like a hammock to provide some support to your belly. Also the downward sloping leg section might feel awkward at first but it provides a very valuable service by propping up your hips and supporting your back. Other reviewers have noted the hole not being large enough. I would describe myself as a small-medium (5’4” 135 lbs pre-pregnancy) and feel the main hole is barely large enough for me now at 30 weeks. To help, I did not blow air into the ring inside the hole. But please note, there is a larger hole if you flip it over. Unfortunately that side is all plastic without the velvet fabric And the hips don’t angle down as much. My last comment involves the boob section. The gap was good in concept but rough on execution. I am only a 34B and barely fit. But I wouldn’t knock this product for it. The gap helps relieve some pressure on your chest and that’s all I personally need. I will sacrifice some boob squashing for hip relief. Hope you give it a try. I know I debated for weeks. I first purchased a U-shape body pillow that I used to prop myself up on my belly. It worked but only for so long. Read more

    5. Bonnie G.

      I can’t even describe the sweet, sweet relief this pillow offers. You can just feel the tension pulling away from your back and the pressure releasing from your organs the second you lay down. I’ve never recommended anything so highly as I do this pillow! Read more

    6. Brittany Niehoff

      I wish I would have bought this months ago! I’m 7 months pregnant and this relieves so much pressure on my back! So comfortable and easy to use! Highly recommend!! Read more

    7. Faithy31

      I got this when i needed help to turn my baby when the doctors told me my baby was breech. So I did different exercises along with using this. I would use this to fall alseep on. I would use a receiving blanket where the whole is to make sure my stomach doesn’t get stuck with the plastic. It’s comfortable and I would recommend to anyone whose baby is breech.i know some people buy it cause of them being a stomach sleeper before pregnancy, but I wouldn’t get this for that primary’s. It’s always best to lay on your left side while pregnant as I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on this every night for bedtime, but just enough to take a 20 minute nap a couple times a day to get that different position or to turn a breech baby. It’s very comfortable and I’m glad I purchase. Expensive but to help turn my baby it’s was worth every penny. Read more

    8. Carol Guzik

      I almost didn’t buy it because I thought it might have been a cheap air bed or pool float. But I am glad I did. You can tell it is well made and I love it. Belly sleep here I come !!! Read more

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