Alzip mat eco silion urban, folding baby play mat eco-friendly non-poisonous non-slip reversible water-proof (g+ (87×55 inch), milk gray)

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  • 👶 baby safety : superb in soaking up effect offering babies with splendid protection from damage.
  • 🔕 excellnet in absorbing noise : loose your self from noise thru flooring with the patented egg-field shape.
  • ✨ easy to smooth and light in weight : long lasting and bendy shape.
  • 🌲 eco-friendly : indoors : excessive-density pe foam, outside : top rate pu leather lined with silicon
  • 📏g+ length : 86. 6 x 55. 1 x 1. 6 inch
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  • in what united states of america is the mat made in?
  • question: in what united states of america is the mat made in? Solution: korea via embodily on march eight, 2021 fall apart all answers

  • what coloration is milk? Is it natural white or more off-white?
  • query: what coloration is milk? Is it natural white or extra off-white? Solution: its an off-white, mild cream color via c on march 24, 2020 fall apart all answers

  • how gentle is this mat? Is this smooth sufficient for infant falls, specifically if a baby falls backwards and hits his/her head? Or is that this nonetheless pretty company?
  • query: how soft is this mat? Is this smooth enough for infant falls, especially if a infant falls backwards and hits his/her head? Or is that this nonetheless quite firm? Answer: nicely padded smooth floor for infant to tumble, fall, jump, soar, play & even nap on. We’ve got used it from ~5 months on (now 17 months) and has been extraordinary for the little guy! Incredibly recommend. Silion is easy to wipe up spit, drool and spills via embodily on march eight, 2021 collapse all answers

  • can you operate each facets of the mat? Or is there one aspect that is designated to be on the ground?
  • question: can you operate both aspects of the mat? Or is there one facet this is distinct to be on the floor? Solution: sure, you could use each aspect of the mat. With the aid of amazon consumer on april 10, 2020 disintegrate all answers


    G (79×55 Inch), G+ (87×55 Inch), SG (95×55 Inch), XG (110×55 Inch)


    Grey, Grey Pink, Milk, Milk Grey

    8 reviews for Alzip mat eco silion urban, folding baby play mat eco-friendly non-poisonous non-slip reversible water-proof (g+ (87×55 inch), milk gray)

    1. Embodily

      The search for a playmat was lengthy. We had a lot of criteria that we cared about: padded, without chemicals and non-toxic, foldable, right size, neutral color… We ended up selecting the Alzipmat that was from their eco collection with the silion which has a silicone layer on top to help with the waterproof properties. Alzipmat is created by JWorld Industry Co., Ltd. We got size G+ which is 87×55 inches so that it would coordinate with our playpen (the Fortella Cloud Castle Playpen). They make all of their products by hand. We went with their urban color scheme that allowed us to get a solid grey color which easily blends into our decor without being the loud, bright colors of most padded, foldable mats. It is nice to keep the elegant look in our home while having a practical and comfortable flooring for our baby when needed. I wanted a foldable mat so that we could easily pull out the mat when we needed it and store it when not in use. Especially since our playpen is foldable and currently we pull it out and set it up for the daytime and then store it away for the evening, I wanted to be able to do the same with the playmat. This playmat is lightweight so it is easy to fold up or unfold even one-handed when I am holding Leo. It did arrive with a crease on top that has not gone away but the mat is typically covered with toys or the playpen so it is what it is. When we first ordered this mat, Leo had just begun to crawl. He was having a hard time sitting up without falling over and we wanted a cushioned surface for him to tumble now. Flash forward to present day where he is already pulling himself up to stand (OMG they grow up so fast!), we are grateful again for such a padded surface to cushion his falls. He is able to learn the consequence of a fall without the pain so that he seems even more eager to practice and improve on this new skill. The structure of the foam inside allows for shock absorption. It has a patent for the interior unique layers composed of 9 layers with an egg-shaped structure which creates a resilience to impact and great durability. I know in the not to near-distant future we will also appreciate its properties for noise absorption when he begins to jump up and down! Another benefit to this mat is the versatility of it. I have been able to use it for my floor workouts when I do crunches, sit ups etc. I found that postpartum, I have had a more sensitive back and my yoga mat wasn’t providing enough support and cushion for my ab workouts. This mat has changed that and allowed me to continue to work to build back my core and lower back strength in a safe manner. I love dual or multi-purpose items because it allows you to justify spending a bit more not just for quality but for the functionality. I can foresee this mat working long into the future because of all the uses. It is even comfortable enough, I could see taking a nap on it. Leo has played so hard that he has fallen asleep on the mat! They do make a cute “family bumper bed” for that purpose… Finding a mat that was waterproof or water resistant was important to me since I am a clean freak. I wanted to be able to clean up spills, disinfect surfaces and know that the mat could withstand that. Surprisingly, there are many mats on the market that allow only for spot-treatments or require removing a cover and washing. While this mat does sell a separate cover that you can encase your mat inside, it is so easy to clean as is! Just a quick wipe with a paper towel and it cleans. When we first got it I tested it by placing a drop of water on top – it beaded and the water droplet was easy to wipe off. Since then, Leo must have decided I would like to really test out both its durability and waterproofness as he has spit up milk and solids (two separate occasions so far), and had the horror of a diaper blowout. All of those messes were easy to clean the mat (I can’t say the same thing for his clothes but that is another matter) and I am so thankful for that. The mat can also be vacuumed if you have hair that falls onto it when you are on it playing with your baby (thanks postpartum). It was really important that we found a playmat that was nontoxic and not made with harsh chemicals. As anything and everything these days he loves to stick in his mouth or lick, we knew we wanted something that we would feel comfortable with coming into contact with his mouth or toys that he would put in his mouth. The mat is made in South Korea and has the Korea Environment Corporation under the Ministry of the Environment approval for its safety and technology. We found the majority of baby playmats are made in South Korea, and Alzipmat is the top seller for good reason. They have strict quality control that exceeds the standards for both the European CE Standard and the US ASTM, and have acquired both the European and American Safety Standard Certifications. In addition they have the Eco Korea Label by the Ministry of the Environment and the FDA Compliance Certificate (specifically for their resinous and polymeric coatings). The interior is a high density PE foam and the exterior is a premium PU material coated with silicon. They are currently on their 4th generation of this mat which has been out for a while. This material is safe for babies. Alzipmat makes a variety of products that we will look forward to trying out in the future! From the cutest chairs for toddlers to play castles to tents to larger mats – they are bound to make something for your baby needs. Having had the playmat for well over a month now with daily use I can say that overall, I would definitely recommend this play mat. It is a 5 out of 5. We are extremely happy with this purchase. You get what you pay for and this investment is one that has given us peace of mind and a wide range of functionality. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      The mat is nice but was expecting nicer for the price. The outer material seems very good. The foam exterior is not flat, but instead has small ridges. The foam does not bounce back quickly when pressed into. The cover is not very taught on two of the sections . Ordered two and one was delivered without issue by ups. Not influencing the rating was a failed processing of the second shipment which required a cancellation and reorder after multiple calls to Amazon. When the second one finally did arrive it was damaged, having a smashed corner and a long indent in one of the rectangles. Decided to return for now and doubting I will order a second. Read more

    3. GL

      It seems very durable, soft to walk on but firm enough for babies to learn to walk. But if you fall down it seems like it would still hurt due to the firmness. The materials is a bit wrinkly in some parts, it doesn’t affect the function but it’s annoying to see Read more

    4. Sook

      The mats are amazing quality and we plan to use it for many years. They are very thick and durable and will cushion any tumbles and falls from your little one. Our mats were shipped directly from Korea and it took a couple weeka to arrive. Customer service was great as well. Highly recommend despite the hefty price tag! Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      It took awhile to receive because I chose a color that was not shipped/fulfilled by Amazon, so it was shipped from Korea. However, the quality is great and easy to clean and fold up when not in use. The mat is thick enough to cushion hard falls from my still wobbly baby. The color and design looks nice enough for other uses (e.g. exercise mat) after the baby grows out of it. The price tag is heavy compared to other mats available online but for something that baby is spending a lot of time on and touching and/or licking, the peace of mind is worth it. I wish it was more affordable because I would have purchased another one to give my very active baby even more space. Read more

    6. Ken Gao

      We really happy with this mat for our kids, it’s not tough and not too soft either, it’s great. It’s a little pricey, maybe around $200 would be perfect, haha, we like it. Read more

    7. Aline

      I absolutely love this mat! I’m all about safe products for my daughter and all other mats are either PVC or EVA, which is chemical and bad for health, it shocks me that they allow kids products made with those materials. I did extensive research to find a good non-toxic mat and found this one and am very happy with it! No smells, easy to clean, thick, all you can ask in a mat! A little pricey but I guess it’s the price of safety… highly recommend! Read more

    8. Jess J.

      Worth every penny!! No chemical smell right out of the box, lightweight but heavy-duty. Easy to clean, soft enough for rough landings. No complaints, here! Read more

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