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  • hygienic and mildew-resistant – the mesh fabric permits water to empty without difficulty from the tub help and dries quickly
  • use diretly in bathtub bathtub – clean to apply on day by day basis, you can area it without delay into your tub tub. Fits inside the bath and unmarried basin sinks larger than 23 x 14 inches
  • ergonomic layout – ergonomically designed for your baby’s comfort and protection, with smooth-contact fabric that is gentle on baby’s sensitive pores and skin
  • easy to save – includes a loop at top so you can hold it up for handy garage
  • durable, lightweight plastic –designed to hold its shape over time
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  • is that this bathtub non-toxic (bpa-, phthalate-, percent-, latex-unfastened)?
  • the bath support is made with tpe: tpe’s are frequently used for scientific packages requiring a p. C-unfastened or non-latex alternative. Custom tpe compounds had been advanced to address the want for merchandise that don’t contain latex proteins (which may also motive allergies), and products that don’t include plasticized percent; which many healthcare organizations have targeted to be replaced. We do now not do the take a look at to verify bpa unfastened. Our test results will display that we’re below the governmental rules for bpa limits in the product see much less

  • is the use of this in the bath hard on new moms? I just like the concept however concerned about it being hard on the body postpartum.
  • question: is the usage of this within the bath difficult on new moms? I just like the concept however worried approximately it being tough at the frame postpartum. Answer: i would advocate getting a small bath to fill with water to place at the counter or ensuring the angelcare suits to your kitchen sink. I’m simply now beginning to use it in the bath and i will’t imagine having to try this earlier than your child can keep his/her own head up even in case you weren’t nonetheless healing yourself. By using cayla on october 15, 2017 disintegrate all answers

  • if my sink length is 21 inches- will this match? Or is 23 inches the absolute smallest?
  • query: if my sink period is 21 inches- will this healthy? Or is 23 inches absolutely the smallest? Answer: the bathtub guide dimensions are 23 x 11. Five x 9″ (inches) so it’s going to not in shape to your sink. By means of angelcare t. Manufacturer on january 15, 2018 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all solutions

  • is this useful when you do not have a bathtub at home? I have simply without a doubt large stall showers
  • question: is that this useful when you do not have a bathtub at domestic? I have just clearly large stall showers answer: i assume that no , it’s better for you to shop for a bath that you could fill it with water in it , couse the toddler have to be in water in this one , in case you positioned it in the shower you may have to pour water at the child all of the time by polina on march 25, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (2) disintegrate all answers



    6 reviews for Angelcare baby bath assist, gray

    1. ChezLars

      I LOVE this baby bather! Our babe is now 7 months old and have been using this to bathe him since he was just a week or two old. At first, we used it over our kitchen sink, no problem. We were able to position it securely over 3 edges of the sink so the water still fell into the basin just fine (definitely recommend having towels on hand). Our babe was quite small when he was born, so we used this over the sink for the first 5-6 weeks or so. The silicone mesh seems soft and secure for him. The lower base where the groin area is, is the firm plastic, and also fine. I have seen reviews commenting that folks think it hurts their babe, but we have a boy, and he seems fine. He is not in any discomfort, he sits in this bather calmly, etc. The large, perforated silicone holes easily let water fall through. The opening along the top makes it easy to put a suction cup hook in the bath tub to hang it. The side opening handles make it easy to pick up, move around, and shift in the bath tub. It’s very light weight. My babe was about 21″ when he was born. He is now 29″ and this bather is still totally fine for him, and anticipate using it for a number of months more. Now that he is able to sit up independently, I can sit him upright for a minute to clean/rinse his back, neck, etc. and he sits fine and firmly in the bather, and he seems plenty comfortable. He’s more concerned with holding his little toy than anything else, ha! We like this bather so much, we shipped a second one up to our family’s beach house this summer. It was also great there, easily let’s sand, etc. wash away from the baby, and the basin of the bath tub, no problem. I definitely recommend this bather. I hope this helps! Read more

    2. Bri S.

      Baby loves this seat and i even use it for him to sit in outside of the shower while I am showering. One thing is, I got this when my son was 3 months old…it was almost too small for him. Not that bigger babies wont sit in it, but he’s at a point where he is rolling over and climbing out of it. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed having it and it can be mulitpurposed. I have fed my baby in his, I sit it in my shower and he sits there and I can go back and forth tending to my showering needs and his, or he has used it just as a seat on the floor to occupy him. Its a great buy! Read more

    3. ik

      This product makes little to no sense to me. To use it you have to kneel and lean over into the bathtub, a position I found extremely uncomfortable while handling my slippery 5lb newborn. You are supposed to fill up the bathtub and then use the bath water to bathe the infant resting in the support, which seems both wasteful (baby only needs a few cups of water poured over her) and unsanitary unless you plan to disinfect the tub before every baby bath. I ended up pouring warm water over her from a bowl instead, but she got a little cold since she wasn’t immersed in the water. Not a fan. I’ve since switched to lining my bowl sink with a towel and bathing her there. Read more

    4. darksideoftheluna

      I originally purchased the Blooming Bath but it was difficult to use with a tiny newborn in our sink since it’s so deep. It took two of us to bathe him. I received this Angelcare bath today and we loved it. I was able to bathe my son by myself. It’s soft but structured so it kept him in place. I was worried he would slide out but it held him in a comfortable position very well. I liked that it’s perforated so I could fill the tub a few inches and it keeps him warm while also allowing the water to go through as I rinse him. Plus there’s no worry about mold or mildew with this product. Definitely recommend. Read more

    5. Honestly…

      At about 2.5 months, my daughter was able to pop herself out of this. Leaned back, bucked her hips up, hit the centerpiece, went to the side. Even with me hovering, this happened quickly. DANGEROUS. Screaming baby and bruising. There wasn’t much water in the tub at all either. The item is very narrow-maybe if it were wider? We’ve tried it again at 3 months…my daughter leans forward and props her elbows on the side to watch her feet splash…again, obvious problems here. Was good until 2.5 months. Read more

    6. RJ

      This Angel infant bath seat is the best! I have been looking to replace the one that we used for our little boy two years ago, but could not find one in stores that was going to last and be more hygienic than the old one. We had one that was made by Summer brand (purchased at Walmart), and it was not only difficult to put together and take apart for cleaning, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get it clean and KEEP it clean! I tried machine washing it and placing it in the sun for several hours, but it always had a funky smell after bath time. I was even tempted to buy those adorable flower cushions that are advertised for use in the sink, but even those are just more material that will, in time, obtain that funky smell. The thought of having to toss it in the dryer (and cleaning up water drops across the floor, too!) after every use is not really feasible or easy with a newborn, either. I am all about cute-sy baby things, but what’s more practical, in my opinion, is proper hygiene for my children and less laundry for Mommy! Finally, I searched on Amazon and found this one! I love that the bath support seat is all ONE piece, with no folding hinges to smash fingers or net to take off for cleaning! There is no material to hold mildew, soap scum, or bad odors, and it is still comfortable and soft enough for a newborn baby. I wish I would have found it sooner! The “net” is made out of a soft, rubbery-plastic that is very easily cleaned with a cloth or scrub brush using warm, soapy water and a little bit of elbow grease. Our little girl is 11 weeks old, (and very long for her age!) and she has plenty of room for growth on this bath seat until she is able to sit in the bath tub on her own. The bath seat also has a built-in hook on the back end for easy storage, which is great for storing between usage or between babies. I like the color options, too! It gives it that “cute-sy” feel! We chose pink for our little girl, and it was even a few dollars cheaper than the other colors! Win win! The bath seat has built-in handles or spaces on each side which makes it easy to grab and hold on to, and it is also light weight but definitely strong enough to do its job. The bottom of the bath seat is lined and has a good, firm grip on the bath tub floor, so Baby is not going to slip away from you. The “stump”, as I like to call it, is definitely high enough so that Baby is not going to slide off the seat, but of course, you should never leave Baby unattended in the seat or bath because accidents do happen! The one and only drawback to this bath seat is all the stickers on the product. Some come off clean and easily, but there was a barcode sticker that required Goo Gone to remove all the sticky left behind. This, of course, is no big deal and can easily be remedied. For the sake of hygiene, time, and money, I highly recommended this infant bath seat. It is, by far, my favorite one we have purchased, and we have four children! I believe it was constructed by someone who has raised some children of their own, and knows what bath time is really like! It was built to last! Read more

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