Babymoov dream belt sleep resource maternity sleep support & wedge for ultimate comfort during pregnancy (medium/x-huge) , gray

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  • pregnant women’s first-rate mystery to sleep quite simply: it fills the gap between the hips and the bed at the same time as snoozing on the aspect position to provide mother-to-be a peaceful and restful night time’s sleep
  • last comfort: reminiscence foam aid on each facet gives top-quality comfort. The front elastic panel helps the bump firmly. For added comfort, integrate it with the babymoov mom and infant pillow (offered one after the other)
  • the excellent alternative to cumbersome conventional body pillows: thanks to a hook and loop device and its gentle and stretchy cotton material, the dream belt will stay in place all night long and modify at each level of being pregnant for an excellent suit.
  • premium substances: made in europe, the dream belt soft breathable cotton cloth is comfortable to wear against the skin or over you favored pajamas.
  • smooth to scrub: detachable cowl may be system-washed in bloodless or warm water, making it easy to usually hold your dream belt clean and smooth.
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  • do you best where this at the same time as you sleep? Or is it like a assist belt as properly to use in the course of the day?
  • question: do you most effective in which this while you sleep? Or is it like a aid belt as well to use all through the day? Answer: most effective once i sleep not made for day use. But i have worn it across the house but it has no guide whilst standing. By way of bananas on january 6, 2018 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (1) crumble all answers

  • wherein is it made?
  • howdy ours is made in portugal thank you steve see much less

  • does it suit plus sized mothers?
  • question: does it match plus sized moms? Answer: i’m quite positive it will. However it depends on wherein the belt and belly line up. The belt has a whole lot of flex to it. Via amazon consumer on november 28, 2017 collapse all answers

  • would this be beneficial for underbelly sitting comfort?
  • query: would this be helpful for underbelly sitting consolation? Answer: it wasn’t very secure for me laying down i didn’t feel adore it did tons the padding is at the aspect so there’s no longer tons underbelly help via brandi on april 7, 2021 crumble all solutions


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    Dream Belt, Gray Cushion

    5 reviews for Babymoov dream belt sleep resource maternity sleep support & wedge for ultimate comfort during pregnancy (medium/x-huge) , gray

    1. AMH

      I’m pretty sure I’ve been through every preggers pillow on the market, and this is by far my favorite because it has been the most effective. I’m a back sleeper so I needed to train myself to sleep on my side. The Hiccapop was the only other keeper, as the wedge has become a necessity to support my belly the bigger it gets. The Snoogle and other body pillows were way too hot and got in the way of my 16 nightly bathroom trips. None of them kept me on my side anyway. I could go through the list of all the others and why they didn’t work, but all that matters is that this one is the best. It’s multifunctional; it’s the perfect size; it’s firm, yet soft and it actually stays cool. I was initially surprised by the filling..they’re like beads almost, but I love it, as it makes it easy to “mold” into the shape you need it for at the time. Great for front or back support if you’re laying on your side, behind the back or neck sitting up, and awesome in between your knees/legs. The pillow case fabric is super soft too. And I love that the case is removable and washable, but there is no annoying zipper you have to try to avoid. There’s a little thing tucked in and you just have to hook a paper clip or something similar to pull it off and remove it. I’m looking forward to using this when baby is here too! Couldn’t be happier with this purchase and highly recommend to anyone looking for an amazingly comfortable and multi use pillow…before, during and after pregnancy. Read more

    2. Eillatan

      I was a little skeptical about how effective this belt would be until I gave it a try. This is my second pregnancy and I found that I was having more round ligament pains and cramps in my stomach during the night than I did with my first pregnancy. Shifting and trying to get comfortable with the large C shaped pregnancy pillow and wedges was getting to be cumbersome and even more painful by the end of my 6th month so I was willing to try about anything. This belt did the trick. The memory foam on the sides of the belt filled in the gap that formed between my belly and the bed which helped relieve some of the pressure on my hips while sleeping on my side as well as support my stomach muscles and prevent them from hyper-stretching during my sleep. The quality is good and the concept is fantastic. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the belt is incredibly large and shifts around. I had to make some simple adjustments to shorten the elastic in the front so the cushions supported my targeted belly gaps. Also I had a lot of strap overlap when fastening the belt which would awkwardly flop around. Finding the right fit was a little bit of a struggle because if it was too loose it would shift up off my belly and would do the same up my back if it was too tight. The belt also looks pretty silly (but who cares if it helps you sleep more comfortably), however it did really work well once I figured out how to adapt it to my figure and belly shape (5’10” and size 10 pre-preg, pear shaped). I stopped using the belt and went back to wedges around 8 months because it was shifting around too much and I needed more firm support under my now heavier belly. The memory foam in the belt was no longer firm enough to provide the support I needed for the last month. Even with the short term use and fit alterations, I would still recommend this product. It’s a bit expensive, but well worth it for a couple of months of relief. Read more

    3. Melissa

      The best pregnancy thing I’ve bought for sleeping!!!! I even returned my body pillow after finding this was much more functional. I struggled for weeks tossing and turning placing a pillow under my stomach. This solves all of that! I’m currently 39 weeks and have had it for over a month. I tried to sleep without it one night and woke up in the middle in such bad pain!!! That’s been the only night I’ve *tried* to go without it. The padding on the sides is the perfect density and thickness. The belt part could be much better and made sturdier, as ive tried to move it a couple times and heard seams rip, but it’s definitely comfortable and so far holding up well. It could also be a little smaller as it’s quite large on me and I’m in no way big, definitely average sized. Read more

    4. TexasAngel

      I just purchased my third one of these. The first I used throughout my pregnancy for sleep. This pillow was in the delivery room and then recovery and was so nice to have for all. It went from pregnancy pillow to breastfeeding pillow overnight. And now my 8 week old loves to lounge on it in my lap. I HIGHLY recommend this pillow. I get 10x more use out of this pillow over my boppy pillow. Honestly wish I had another one of these instead of the boppy. I now have three because my first one is pretty worn in at this point and not as supportive but still useable. And I bought a 3rd one on a lightning deal. I feel the more the better because the minute this pillow isn’t available for purchase will be a sad day in my household. Read more

    5. L4Fam

      Overall I really like this pillow, and it has helped me be more comfortable with my ever growing belly at night. Lying on my side, it’s the perfect size to be under my belly. And I love that I don’t have to move it when I switch sides. The cons: it really should not be a 1 size fits all. It would be so much better to have a sm/med option and a lg/xl option. I have discovered folding the scratchy Velcro side in half helps me get it to fit better. Also, it does move a little when I turn over, so I have to slightly adjust it. Not a big problem since I also still have to use a body pillow between my legs, and i have to move that as well. Read more

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