Babyseater infant gym and playmats – kick and play piano toddler play mat for babies and newborn – toddler pastime gym playmat with rotating big name mobile & celebrity projector – device cleanable

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  • deluxe play mat – hold your toddler enchanted for hours with the babyseater play mat for toddler! Equipped with a kick piano, rotating starry mobile with 4 removable toys, and a star projector, and ready to play lullabies, festive songs, nature sounds, and animal noises, too! Plus, it comes with a first-rate gentle bonus pillow for delivered comfort!
  • analyze even as playing – while your baby interacts with the play gym, they’re studying! The mild-up toddler play mat develops quality and gross motor abilities, in addition to cognitive abilities. The dancing lighting fixtures and cute lullabies capture your toddler’s interest at the same time as maturing his sense of sight and sound!
  • set up in a snap – each second is valuable when you have a infant. That’s why babyseater toddler toddler toys are designed to be installation in a couple of minutes! Installation or take down the piano tummy time mat in seconds, so that you have greater time to focus on making recollections!
  • safety first – we recognise how critical your child’s safety is. That’s why the 38×24” play mats for infants is made with top class, bpa-loose substances. Plus, it’s constructed sturdily to save you any mishaps with your toddler.
  • our promise – we are hoping your baby loves this play gym for infant! To make certain your toddler keeps to analyze and grow with it. Please reach out to us if any help is wished! We’ll do what it takes to treatment the problem.

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  • wherein turned into it made?
  • question: wherein become it made? Solution: china. Multiple the songs performed have chinese children making a song them lol. With the aid of mariah dale on december eleven, 2019 didn’t get answers. See greater answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • is the piano absolutely removable for when they’re toddler age with a purpose to deliver around and play?
  • dearest amazon consumer, thanks for you inquiry in our child fitness center kick and play piano. Yes, the piano is detachable and can be carried around to play with. Thank you! See much less

  • are the snap shots of the frequent mother and infant interchangeable? Can we placed our own pictures in there?
  • question: are the pictures of the established mother and toddler interchangeable? Are we able to placed our own photographs in there? Solution: sure u can with the aid of ph on may eleven, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • do the orange stars under the projector mild up?
  • query: do the orange stars below the projector light up? Solution: unfortunately they do not mild up. Desire they did. By means of lizzie tucker on march 25, 2019 did not get answers. See greater solutions (1) disintegrate all solutions

    8 reviews for Babyseater infant gym and playmats – kick and play piano toddler play mat for babies and newborn – toddler pastime gym playmat with rotating big name mobile & celebrity projector – device cleanable

    1. Kristen Meadows

      Great gift for new parents. They will thank you when start to use it every day and their kids start learning younger than others are. Well made product that is durable and comfortable. Highly recommend. Read more

    2. valerie speer

      Really good mat. Can’t ask much more from a play mat. Keeps my kids satisfied and they enjoy using it every time. My son uses the kick piano every time and think he is starting to recognize which colors make which sounds. It is helping him learn and he loves sleeping on it at night. Calms him down right away which makes me and my wife very happy that we got it. Only negative is my son was able to rip it a little bit. Read more

    3. Mamoru Labitan

      Wonderful playmat. Helps your kid learn how to play with toys and it is very comfortable. Whenever my kid gets upset I bring him to his playmat and he immediately stops crying. Playing with these toys helps distract them from being sad and brightens their moods. Very helpful and will be buying for my sister when she has children. Read more

    4. Dorothy Fullmer

      BabySeater really knows what they are doing when it comes to childrens’ toys and accessories. I bought a potty trainer from them and it helped tremendously in getting the kids to go to the bathroom. This mat is also a great buy as it kept my kids happy and occupied. Well-made product by a great company. Read more

    5. George Melendez

      Bought this for my new baby girl, she has so much fun playing with it. It is also so reasonably priced for what you are getting. Just bought this for my sister. She loves it too! Read more

    6. Marcello Singh

      Excellent mat. A real joy for my kids. Very colorful and inviting and it is proven to be safe. Soft mat that every kid will love. Easy to take on road trips and flights. Has been to great use by both of my kids and it is well worth the money. Read more

    7. Joanna Mourra

      Decent product. My kids like it and often fall sleep on it after playing with all of the toys for a few hours. I had another one of these a few years ago and it is essentially the same thing. Nothing amazing about it but it will occupy your children and it may give them an early edge on basic learning. Read more

    8. mohamed sarawat

      My baby loves the piano mat on this baby gym. She laughs and has fun all day on this thing. It keeps the baby entertained while I can get things done around the house for a good hour or more. Love it!! Read more

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