Bamboo child washcloths – 2 layer tender absorbent bamboo towel – newborn tub face towel – natural toddler wipes for delicate pores and skin – infant registry as shower(6 %)

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  • 90% rayon crafted from bamboo
  • imported
  • 【 guarantees】① the brand new textile era, double-layer materials. Extremely thick & absorbent child towels. Amazing sturdiness makes them full reusable. ② hiptop panda top class wash garments. Best answer for toddlers’s pores and skin.
  • 【magical 2 – layer】the today’s fabric era, luxurious 2 – layer bamboo rayon face washcloths; best, tender, warm, and absorbent.
  • 【eco friendly】 bamboo towels assist preserve the surroundings by way of reducing deforestation and waste. We care approximately babies and nature.
  • 【top class, hypoallergenic】 – bamboo fabric certainly has hypoallergenic ; secure, natural and healthful baby bath towels for babies and children with pores and skin or skin situations.
  • 【ideal child shower gift】 –ideal for child registry, this is an important item for brand new parents, the more the merrier wherein infant washcloths are involved! These washcloths are appropriate for both boys and girls, smooth to clean and really durable too. Every set of washcloths with a quite bundle.
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  • what number of washcloths do you get?
  • question: how many washcloths do you get? Answer: 6 by zelda skye on november 14, 2019 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (1) disintegrate all answers

  • are they appropriate to be used as infant wipes ?
  • question: are they appropriate for use as infant wipes ? Answer: i’m using it like this manner . They’re anti-bacterial and do not stimulate my toddler’s pores and skin . Very remarkable. With the aid of harrell linette on april 4, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • is this bamboo wash clothes scarf appropriate for gift ?
  • question: is that this bamboo wash garments headscarf suitable for present ? Solution: they’re certainly gentle and larger than everyday infant washcloths. I would endorse them as a gift for a toddler shower. By carla on october 24, 2019 did not get answers. See more answers (3) fall apart all answers

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  • query: i need to cancel this order and update it with any other. How do i try this? Solution: within the beyond an object i ordered became lost so i cancelled and reordered with appropriate results. New order became introduced directly. With the aid of nonnie on can also 30, 2020 disintegrate all solutions


    6 Pack, 30 Pack – Gift Box Set


    Blue, Gray stripe, Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow

    8 reviews for Bamboo child washcloths – 2 layer tender absorbent bamboo towel – newborn tub face towel – natural toddler wipes for delicate pores and skin – infant registry as shower(6 %)

    1. Caitlin

      I am very skincare-conscious and take a lot of care to baby my skin. These washcloths are so soft! I won’t use any others on my face. I keep 6-12 of them rolled up on my countertop at all times and use a fresh one every time I wash my skin. They’ve worn well though many washings and are still pretty and white! Highly recommend! Read more

    2. Sara Georgiadis

      These are NOT organic! This is false advertising from China and they smell horrible. They arrive in a little plastic bag with asian writing and NO certified organic labeling whatsoever. Read more

    3. slc

      The cloths are 2 layers stitched together only at the edges, so you can’t apply any kind of pressure to clean something. Your hands just end up sliding over the lower layer and it never moves around enough to clean. I guess if you just wad it up into a tight ball, or get it soaking wet first it would work. But not for me. Read more

    4. Amy Nora

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This didn’t became rough after washed several times which was the main reason I decided to buy. Bamboo washclothes are really nice and soft; not too thick, nor too big; perfect for baby bathing. I’m changing all my towels to bamboo ones. Read more

    5. Jessica

      I bought this product in the hopes that it would be high quality. What really set this product apart in my eyes was the Lifetime Guarantee which said that if a customer did not like the product, they could get refunded without going through the hassle of the return process if they were not “100% satisfied” with the product. I was far from satisfied, so I tried to take advantage of the Lifetime Guarantee I was PROMISED by the company. I couldn’t figure out how it worked, so I posted a question about it. Soon after posting the question, the company completely REMOVED the Lifetime Guarantee. They clearly weren’t expecting people to keep them honest and instead put the guarantee on the product description in order to lull consumers into a false sense of security. Do not trust this company or the reviews! Read more

    6. Julie

      Not only is this the softest fabric, it is also incredibly absorbent! It has multiple uses – newborn washcloth and burp cloth, face washing – any skin type, etc. Washed up like a dream. I am so impressed. Read more

    7. Barbara A. Johnson

      I use these towels for my face only. It works well for my sensitive skin. I love the plush feel & the size of these soft towels. I highly recommend these perfect towels, suitable for your face & body. Truly satisfied. Thank you Read more

    8. Stoyo10

      I would prefer they were more absorbent/dried quicker, and didn’t have the weird little loop attached – who hangs a teeny towel on a hook? – but for their raison d’etre: they are very soft/safe for the face. I imagine they truly are bamboo, I personally was hoping for a feel more like the other bamboo towels I have bought; these are.. a tad different, perhaps because they are plush instead of thin. Wash well, dry on high heat no issues. I don’t feel compelled to purchase again, I prefer the thinner, more textured bamboo, but nice value for the money, especially if you need something as soft as it gets to protect the face or sensitive skin. Read more

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