Bbtkcare baby ear protection noise cancelling headphones for infants for 3 months to 2 years (blue)

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  • guard your child’s sensitive ears from tense loud noises with the bbtkcare relaxed and secure child noise cancelling headphones and ensure that your toddler can sleep like an angel even in the course of the loudest outdoor occasions!
  • your newborn will love the tender padded design, for the reason that zero- strain noise discount earmuffs will perfectly cowl your infant’s ears and reduce loud noises to a minimal. Plus, the adjustable and cozy scarf will make certain a perfect fit.
  • perfect for nap-time on the move! The bbtkcare child noise cancellation headphones are perfect for concert events, football video games, cinemas, theme parks, out of doors occasions, firework suggests, church or maybe airplane, educate and subway journeys!
  • searching out the high-quality child shower present? Provide new mommy our toddler headphones and assist their toddler sleep with out demanding approximately annoying loud noises. And they could carry the headphones anywhere due to their compact design.
  • 100% happy napping infants or your cash returned! That’s our unconditional satisfaction. Your toddler can attempt the bbtkcare toddler sound cancelling headphones for ninety days and if you’re not 100% pleased, we’ll offer you a full refund!
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product description

bbtkcare toddler noise cancelling headphones – care for your child’s hearing, say no to ambient noise!

consistent exposure to noise will no longer simplest harm babies’ listening to, but additionally their mind development. Bbtkcare listening to safety ear muff is your perfect answer – supplying your infant with critical acoustic protection. Our task is to maintain your children’ hearing safe.

  • for toddlers / toddlers age three-24 months
  • 0 pressure
  • adjustable headscarf
  • long lasting layout / long-lasting
  • fashionable & sensible
  • lightweight & potable
  • defend your newborn’s touchy ears

    our ear defenders guard your toddler’s listening to whilst softening surrounding noise, permitting him or her to sleep with out disturbances. So that you can without problems carry out household chores like mowing the garden or the usage of your vacuum cleanser with out waking up your drowsing angel! You also can adequately revel in fun concert events, sporting occasions and motor-sports activities at the same time as lowering probabilities of lengthy-term harm from uncontrollable noise.

    noise canceling – suitable for all events

    whether you’re at a fireworks display, air display, monster jam truck, capturing variety, playground, subject matter park, live performance, movie theater, band practice, automobile races, rodeo, helping with family chores, out of doors initiatives or taking an aircraft on holiday, your complete own family can accurately experience yourselves and our noise cancelling headphones keeps your infant’s eardrums safe at some point of loud noises and facilitates them go with the flow off and stay asleep even within the noisiest environment.

    at ease experience

    ergonomically designed padded arched extensive headband remains near your child’s head bringing an all-round consolation without inflicting stress.

    great soft ear cushions

    the nicely cushioned ear muffs lessen the strain at the ears, healthy most ears gently and tightly, and provide maximum consolation and sealing, so that block loads of noise.

    adjustable for best suit

    the adjustable pin and properly padded headscarf allows flexible changes to fit youngsters. Best for 3-24 months, develop with your infant.

    sound-dampening & breathable

    there may be a thick oval sponge inside the deep ear cup, no longer stuffy in any respect. Industry noise discount rating thick oval sponge can lessen the noise to offer a at ease level in your toddler.


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    8 reviews for Bbtkcare baby ear protection noise cancelling headphones for infants for 3 months to 2 years (blue)

    1. Amazon Customer

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This has been a God send. We have used it on flights, noisy restaurants, and even Church as is shown in the video. He sleeps right through it all. He was very sensitive to noise even the sheets moving could wake him up before these headphones. As to comfort since he doesn’t fuss with them on and sleeps with them on I assume it is very comfortable and not irritating for him. Read more

    2. Khestra

      I bought these at the last second because I was bringing my 5 month old to his big brother’s graduation…while he slept through the first part of the ceremony, as soon as people started screaming and blowing air horns he got scared and started crying. Very quickly I slipped his new headphones on, and literally as I finished he stopped crying and smiled. He relaxed after that and started blowing raspberries 🙂 Read more

    3. Jeanie P.

      Perfect! These are so adorable and seem to work great! They fit my five month old perfectly. I’ll update after Monster Trucks. Read more

    4. busyguy

      Work great. Kiddo does not mind them. We fly on a noisy small plane sometimes and he has no cares Read more

    5. Jennifer

      I loved!!! One of the best things I’ve bought for my baby so far. Whenever we went to events, my baby cried because she wanted to sleep and could not because of the noise of the music or of the people, but yesterday I just put her in this and she fell asleep peacefully. I recommend it 100% Read more

    6. Tina

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These earmuffs works great for my 3 month old. It’s also Comfy on my baby keeping him happy with smiles!!! Read more

    7. Vanessa

      I bought these for our sweet baby girl. Since everything about her is precious and new. Its so important to protect what she already has. Which includes her hearing. Especially since once a loud noise lays down those hairs. Its a permanent thing, the damage is not something you can grow back or fix. And were not ones to stay home and not do anything. When she was 3 weeks old she was at her first dirt bike race. And wearing these didnt seem to phase her at all. Anytime shes been wearing these and has been around loud noises that are loud enough to bother me. Tge noises havnt phased her at all. Actually a majority of the time she sleeping through them. Or if shes eating and looking around. She doesnt act startled. Her facial expressions dont even change. And shes a very expressive baby girl. I will say as a newborn I think the elastic band wouldve worked better than this. But using them recently at about 2 and a half months. They worked alot better, as in they were alot easier to keep on. Look back on it. I wouldve purchased ones with an elastic band for her as a newborn and maybe even now. And they arent heavy by any means. But they do have a little weight to them. I would say these will be ideal and appreciated the most when she can sit up on her own. But when she needs to lean up against me or be craddled so much. Its a constant battle to keep these from sliding off. Read more

    8. Gonzalo de León Plata

      Arena football game, fire works and the whole 9 yards. Read more

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