Being pregnant pillow, facet sleeper maternity belly assist pillows double wedge for both bump and returned quality pregnant mother gift

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  • make certain this fits via coming into your version wide variety.
  • best assist to your back and infant bump whilst facet snoozing. Enjoy balance and comfort as you nestle among 2 linked pillows. Note: because this item is vacuum-packed, out of the container it might be flat. Please knead and pat this pillow for a few minutes, it’s going to go back to its fluffy kingdom, as proven inside the photograph.
  • stretch panel continues the pillows in area as your bump grows. Considering that this object is vacuum packed, after opening the bundle, you need to constantly faucet the product in order that it returns to a fluffy kingdom.
  • compact layout permits you to sleep simply even while travelling.
  • flexible little supporter helps you get cozy even as napping, however additionally at the same time as lounging or sitting. Consolation that lasts from being pregnant thru postpartum restoration.
  • guarantee -in case you are not satisfied with our merchandise, contact us, we provide substitute or refund without any fee.
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being pregnant is one of the maximum lovely stages of any female’s existence. It brings a number of positivity, pleasure, and wish. As you nurture the brand new life within you, it’s miles vital to preserve your personal fitness and luxury as you get inundated with the inevitable aches and pains a being pregnant incurs.

aifusi is changing the manner pregnant women sense from pre-bump to postpartum.

as your frame undergoes many adjustments, the aifusi pillow could be there as your protection item, soothing your aches, assisting your again, bump, and even your swollen legs.

successfully alleviate the ache and soreness, substantially improve the exceptional of sleep.

gentle and secure – help to get more comfort even as drowsing.

travel pleasant and multi-feature, ease burdent whilst you journey, sleep, sit and so on.


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8 reviews for Being pregnant pillow, facet sleeper maternity belly assist pillows double wedge for both bump and returned quality pregnant mother gift

  1. Kttn

    Goodbye, giant candy cane pillow wrestling match whenever I want to roll over! I love this thing. I’ll probably use it forever even after pregnancy. At first I thought it was too small a wedge to do TOO much but I was so wrong. I love it more than the one I got with bigger pillows to it that was way more money (though I use it too). Turns out supporting my TORSO with this impacts my hips (no more aches) and shoulders too. I also sometimes put it down at my hips to cradle them when on my back. I’m sleeping so much better and with a wedge on either side, changing sides at night no longer requires getting UP, removing all the covers, moving a giant THING and then re-settling… Also there is something about the wedge support at my BACK too that seems to be a vital part of the benefits. I just don’t have to use my muscles at all to sleep on my side in a non-stressed position. Read more

  2. Brittany

    I LOVE THIS PILLOW! I am a side and back sleeper and this is perfect. Makes me feel like I’m not even pregnant. I was rearranging pillows all night and now I just have this and one pillow between my knees. I roll over and the other side is there for support. I tuck the wedge under my tummy and the back wedge under my hip and it’s amazing! Every pregnant person should have this. Cute print too! Read more

  3. MooAndGoo22

    This pillow provides support under your belly and behind your back where you need it. I also love that you can roll to your other side easily and you don’t have to move the pillow around. The stitching is high quality and I love the print. Read more

  4. Tylyn Corpening

    OH! How I love this pillow! Glad I didn’t buy the huge pillow. I am small to be 8 months (I look like im still abt 4) and my husband is 6’4 solid and we are in a queen bed so a full body pillow was a NO. I just needed something for my belly , I could tell it was kind of draggin/hanging and causing me pain when I went to bed.. The main thing that I love about this pillow is that it is double sided!! IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE, I do not have to constantly adjust my pillow every time I change positions .. which was the main reason I wanted this! It also gives me so much in the event that I do roll over onto my back (which I know is a no no but I often find myself on my back, wake up and turn bck to my side) I use this when I’m lounging on the couch etc..It really is easily portable and can really work where ever you are! It has not become flat or lost any cushion in the past 3-4 months either , the material in the middle is sturdy I’ve tugged on it A LOT and it is still in tact….UGH THIS PILLOW SAVED ME , Read more

  5. RLE

    I love that I can use my own pillow for my head (and body pillow for in between my legs) – and this one offers support around the belly/back and I can adjust it just where I like it – higher, lower, etc. I didn’t try the large C-shape pregnancy pillow bc this one seemed like I could just fit it into my current sleep preferences. It definitely helped with the pain on night one! It hasn’t taken it all away 100% but I can’t say I really expected it to. I am 33 weeks now and have had this for probably 5 or 6 weeks. I packed it on a trip – I don’t think I could sleep without it. It DEFINITELY helps! Read more

  6. AB

    I’m 33 weeks along, and have used this soft, double-wedge pillow nightly for about 5-6 weeks now. I’ve tried to use a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, pillows on all sides of my body, and a foam wedge pillow, and end up reaching for this pillow by the end of the night. This pillow is filled with soft fill stuffing, so it’s soft enough to provide a gentle lift of my belly. It isn’t stiff, so I’m not awakened in the middle of the night from the kid moving on stiff foam and causing discomfort, like I’ve found with other wedge pillows. The “cloth bridge” in the center keeps the pillows together, and is short enough that if I do roll onto my back in the middle of the night, the other wedge is there with enough pressure to either wake me up to roll to my other side, or prevents me from laying flat on my back, keeping the blood flowing in those major abdominal blood vessels that the kid may be laying on. I find that the fabric is extremely soft, and doesn’t irritate my skin. I particularly like the adorable flamingo pattern, it’s just fun during a period of my life that I’m just plain uncomfortable most of the time. The size is perfect for me – I had an issue with the large U-shaped pillow holding in my body heat, so I was too hot to sleep. This pillow is small enough that it’s not holding a ton of body heat close to me, so I’m able to sleep more comfortably. Does this keep me from pain in my hips or knees? No. I use a bed pillow between my knees to help mitigate that, and take Tylenol before bed. But, this does prevent me from sleeping on my back or rolling over in my sleep, so it’s working well for what I wanted. Read more

  7. Ashley

    I bought this gem at about 29 weeks, 31 now. Wish I would’ve got it sooner. It’s so versatile and amazing. A little weird looking but you shouldn’t regret anything (other than not getting it sooner). Helps me sleep, helps me sit in a chair or prop myself up on my side. It’s awesome. Read more

  8. Keith Gittins

    I absolutely adore this pillow. I use it in bed as well as for relaxing on the couch. The wedges are super comfortable and it provides excellent support. I no longer toss and turn in bed as I’m comfortable all night long. Even when I do turn over I dont have to move the pillow because of the second wedge. All the strain I felt while on my side is completely gone when using this pillow. I highly recommend getting this. Read more

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