Blisstime 2 in 1 little one leash -anti misplaced wrist link for infants -little one harness,toddler leash,leash for babies,wrist leashes,infant leashes for toddlers,no longer easy to open with out key

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  • anti-misplaced:anti-lost wrist hyperlink design with lock and its fundamental layout inside the determine’s take care of to save you opening by way of accident. Hold infants close to you and on the same time supply them independence whether or not indoor or outside sports. Youngsters carrying it as carrying a backpack whilst mother and father fasten the bracelet to wrist,the backpack also design with lock. The shrinking chain can make bigger up to 2m(6. 6fts), using this little one leash, no greater worrying approximately your infant jogging off
  • adjustable shoulders straps: the shoulder straps are freely adjustable, it could be adjusted in keeping with kids’s need, and greatly ease the stress on the shoulders.
  • soft & at ease: gentle double layers of hook and loop for kids’ palms, not easy to take off through themselves. The size of wrist strap may be adjusted in line with your want, the tender sponge pad inside the wrist strap make it secure to put on for each person and kids. Bracelet are made of high satisfactory cotton, it’s far breathable and anti-friction.
  • amazing fine: the anti misplaced wrist link is made up of stainless steel cord and durable pu fabric that’s safe to human body and is hard to be cut off by using knife.
  • be aware:first off,children must maintain a close distance with their kids after sporting them, which could protect their safety. Secondly, don’t pull hard to save you falling. Thirdly, don’t buckle your wrist too tightly to avoid discomfort. Endorse for kids aged four and over.
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it’s miles related to the wrist straps with steel connectors which can freely rotate 360 levels. It may protect the infant faraway from twisting the wrist.

2 in 1 infant leash -anti lost wrist link for toddlers design with lock,no extra traumatic about your child strolling off.

bracelet are fabricated from high fine cotton, it’s miles breathable and anti-friction.

2 in 1 toddler leash


Mint Green, blue, pink

8 reviews for Blisstime 2 in 1 little one leash -anti misplaced wrist link for infants -little one harness,toddler leash,leash for babies,wrist leashes,infant leashes for toddlers,no longer easy to open with out key

  1. Marky Mark

    Works great, especially when you feel like having your 2 year old scream bloody murder for being strapped to you. Also great for racking up dirty looks from non-parents and parents on their pedestals. Not to mention pissy grandparents as well. My personal fav is when I strap it to the grocery cart to keep my toddler from running, and he instead uses it like a horse pulling a carriage, and crashes the cart into everything. In reality though it has been convenient. Read more

  2. Sydnee

    I was REALLY surprised at the quality of this product! We recently took our 2 year old to an event, and she kept bolting on us. It was a nightmare trying to keep up with her and trying to carry her. The events seating was TOO crowded for strollers, so that was out. After we got home I started looking for a harness/leash that we could use for crowded public events like this. When I came across this one for $15 and it converts into the wrist to wrist leash I was amazed! I knew our daughter wouldn’t want to wear a harness all the time when out, so I loved that this one is 2 in 1. The durability is AMAZING too! I was honestly expecting cheap, thin material, some plastic cable, and Velcro. But I was shocked that this set has a wire cable with a rubbery protective covering, Velcro and buckles! BUCKLES THAT LOCK! 🙌🏽 Which is super nifty, because if your toddler is like mine she tries to undo EVERYTHING. All in all, this was a great buy and I cannot wait to get some use out of it! Read more

  3. Max

    Too often we hear on the news of children with autism going missing after running off from the parents. I have an autistic son who is a flight risk. This toddler leash has made it possible for us to go to places we couldn’t go before: lakes, hiking, camping, etc. It is very comfortable and easy to use. It locks in place easily which gives you a sense of security. The keys are attached to your wrist at all times so there is no worry of losing them. The cushions under the armpit make it so my son isn’t rubbing against the harness. All in all this is a wonderful product. I couldn’t be happier. Read more

  4. Terrapin Family

    Me before kids: ugh, a kid in a leash? Some people shouldn’t be parents. Me with 1 kid: I get it’s hard but it can be done without treating your kids like dogs . Me with 2 kids: okay, maybe like an airport or amusement park? Me with 3 kids: Did you guys know they made handcuffs for kids?!!! In all honestly, we got this after a few dashes into a busy street during school drop off (luckily empty each time). Works well and tough for even an escape artist to get off without your approval. Read more

  5. br517

    My 18 month old is not afraid of anyone. She does not like to be carried or in a stroller too long. As soon as I put her down she takes off running. I can’t take my eyes off of her for 2 seconds. It would be very easy for her to get lost in a large crowd of people. I got this leash because we were going to be traveling and going through crowded airports. This leash worked great. She got to walk and it kept her from running off. I even got stopped by several parents at the airport that told me they wished they had one and asked me where I got it Read more

  6. Dana Ellis

    I got this because I was taking my two-year old to the Texans game and we had field access. There is no way he was wearing the wrist cuff. The main problem is he would start running and the bungee would recoil and he fell backwards and hit his head on the concrete. The coils are too big as well. Read more

  7. Jonathan D

    My daughter has loved running from the moment she could walk. Now that she’s 20 months, we knew we had to get something for when we go out since she refuses to be carried and won’t go in her stroller. She’s a bit of a peanut (25 pounds) but I’ve found the harness and the wrist component to work great. She has the freedom to explore and my back isn’t killing me anymore from having to hold her shirt as she runs around. Win win. Read more

  8. Rebeckah

    Absolute life savers! I use these for my 1 year old and my 3 year old boys literally everywhere we go. Theme parks, the grocery store, anywhere. They love them, I love them, win win all the way around. People always stop us and ask where we got them. I also love that they are interchangeable between wrists and harness. I mainly use the harness but my 3 year old likes to use the wrist piece sometimes to match mommy or daddy. Would definitely recommend! Read more

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