Boppy natural fabric nursing pillow cover, green little leaves, fashionable two-sided design, suits all boppy nursing pillows & positioners

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  • natural: one hundred% natural cotton jersey fabric with two-sided coordinating designs
  • name in for backup: we’ve got you blanketed in between washes with extra slipcovers. Choose an lovely, pillow cowl layout that suits the nursery topic
  • ideal healthy: the boppy cover is the only slipcover assured to suit all boppy feeding and toddler support pillows. Boppy pillow bought one after the other
  • clean care, device washer-friendly: the boppy pillow cover is device washable because messes occur
  • boppy pillows are for wide awake time use most effective and now not for sleep

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  • is that this cowl water-proof?
  • question: is this cover water-resistant? Solution: no, it’s cotton. But i just take it off and wash it when i need to. Through cassandra on april 27, 2020 fall apart all solutions

    8 reviews for Boppy natural fabric nursing pillow cover, green little leaves, fashionable two-sided design, suits all boppy nursing pillows & positioners

    1. Chandler S.

      Despite washing on delicate and laying out on a drying rack, this cover has multiple holes near the seam. For $20 I really expected better quality. It’s super soft and the print is adorable but I would absolutely NOT purchase again. Was hoping I could keep this for the next baby but it’s falling apart already! It should be noted that I have THREE different Boppy covers that I alternate. So each cover has probably been on the Boppy a total of a month and a half or so. Super disappointing. Read more

    2. LGS

      This is a pack of only one BOPPY pillow cover for almost $20. It is beautiful and soft, but the picture is misleading, because you get only one cover, not two as it may seem in the picture. The fabric is super nice, stretchy and definitely cotton. The design is also nice. If it was cheaper, I would have bought two:-) Read more

    3. Shay

      Pros: Adorable design, super soft material, fits boppy well, seems easy to clean so far. Cons: mislead by picture; I thought this was 2 covers but it’s just one. Pricey for just one cover. No actual complaints about the cover itself at this point. Read more

    4. Natalie T.

      Finally a boppy cover that isn’t hideous and looks so nice on my bed, since it’s basically there for at least the next year! This is worth the extra cost, the pattern is beautiful and the fabric is super soft, unlike the $10 options. It also zips around the edge, which makes it looks much nicer. My pictures with my baby on it will be much cuter, wish I had this for my first baby! Read more

    5. tammiehurd

      Bought this for my boppy thinking it was two separate covers. It is only one. One side is the one pattern and the other side is the other pattern. Very cute and good quality material. Perfect fit for my boppy. Read more

    6. Margaret F

      So much softer than the original cover my Boppy came with! The print is really pleasant. The only complaint I have is that the zipper just hangs free instead of being able to be tucked away, so it can be noisy if you’re not careful and have a sound sensitive baby! Read more

    7. Emery

      Love this boppy cover! This is an actual Boppy brand pillow cover, and I was also glad to find out upon receiving it that it’s organic cotton as well. Super soft and washes well, colors and pattern are beautiful! Matches wonderfully in my sons nursery Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I didn’t realize this was a Boppy brand cover when I bought it, but it has all the Boppy tags on it. So, the quality is fantastic. It’s very soft, and the pattern is great. Very happy. Read more

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