Boppy nursing pillow – bare bare baby, tummy time, sitting help pillow simplest , large, 20″

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  • pillow cloth: 80% polyester/20% cotton, pillow filling: one hundred% polyester fiber
  • imported
  • versatile wide awake-time help: feeding (zero+ months), propping (3+ months), tummy time (6+ months) and sitting (nine+ months). For child’s conscious time only. Now not for sleep
  • created for comfort: designed by using a mother, the boppy pillow offers comfort in your hands and back by means of lifting your toddler to a extra ergonomic role when breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • you have options: works for multiple feeding patterns—cradle, go cradle, soccer hold, bottle feeding
  • easy care, machine washable: the boppy pillow is gadget washer-friendly because messes manifest
  • designed to customise: simply the pillow so you can choose the boppy slipcovers that suit your style

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  • does this product have flame retardant?
  • this is what the web site currently states, as of feb. 2019, underneath faq phase: “we take first-rate care in the quality of our products. The cloth and filling within the boppy® feeding and little one assist pillow (and slipcovers for the ones pillows) are exempt from california bureau of home furniture flammability requirements and have by no means contained dangerous flame retardant chemicals. The boppy® pillow is full of virgin polyester fiberfill and is upholstered in white material this is ninety% polyester and 10% cotton. What the boppy pillow wears on the outside is as much as you! Its wardrobe consists of slipcovers made from smooth cotton blends, to minky plush or organic cotton. Observe: you could see a tag on boppy feeding & little one assist pillows and boppy slipcovers mentioning that this product meets the “flammability requirements of california bureau of domestic furnishing technical bulletin 117. Care need to be exercised close to open flame or with burning cigarettes.” as we noted previously, we meet those requirements with out the usage of flame retardants. The be aware on this tag does not always imply flame retardant chemical compounds have been introduced to the product.” see much less

  • is this pillow smaller than the boppy that includes the slipcover already on it?
  • question: is this pillow smaller than the boppy that includes the slipcover already on it? Solution: i consider it’s the identical size. With the aid of nicole c duran on september 6, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (four) disintegrate all answers

  • how big is the pillow
  • question: how massive is the pillow solution: about 20x14x4 inches by using adam12red seller on february 16, 2018 disintegrate all answers

  • is this convenient for travel? Can we take this alongside on an plane?
  • query: is that this convenient for travel? Can we take this along on an aircraft? Solution: it is larger and more company than a neck pillow that you could generally travel with. If it is a priority, you can take it, depending on what else you’re sporting on. I’d endorse a cowl, in particular in case you are taking it on a plane. You’re going to want some thing you may take away and wash. By karae on december 10, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions

    8 reviews for Boppy nursing pillow – bare bare baby, tummy time, sitting help pillow simplest , large, 20″

    1. aws@storm

      Its just a pillow, nothing special in it. But its $30! Unbelievable. Also when you get it, you would still need to get a pillow case each of which is another $20. I was disappointed to learn not even 1 pillow case is included. I’ve never paid more than $10 for a pillow for myself but this is a disgrace to charge $30 for an infant pillow to nurse. Certainly a rip off. The only reason I got sucked into it is b/c it was recommended but in all honesty spare yourself the money and buy some cheap generic brand. Its the same stuff! Read more

    2. Stephanie W.

      As a first-time (minimalist) mom I was certain I wouldn’t “need” this, and then finally kicked down and purchased it when my daughter was 6 months; we’ve used it everyday since. If I had to do it all over again I definitely would’ve purchased this sooner, but somehow convinced myself I didn’t need it. What I could’ve used it for PRIOR to 6 months: -feeding my daughter and avoiding the back pain I had from leaning over to feed her without this pillow -tummy time; instead I used the Boppy lounger which we didn’t end up using after 3 months -supporting my daughter in sitting up Even though my daughter is just about 10 months it’s still with her on her play mat and I believe contributed to helping her to sit up when she did. Now she likes using it to lean her head back on it and play with her toys or to roll around on it. Even though I’m sure we won’t be using it for that much longer, it was definitely worth the money for the short period of time we did use it for. Read more

    3. MargaritaMomDays

      Works great for my premature baby! Bought this because I had to stack about 5 of the hospital pillows and they kept slipping and breaking her latch. Fit perfectly around me (I’m a fairly average build/height 5”8 & 140) and holds her in place while feeding. Replaced all the pillows! Pros: > Fits perfectly for me and baby > Offers hands free support for the baby (cradles her against my breast without assistance) > Portable & comfortable Cons: > Does NOT come with a pillow cover (you must buy it separately) – also may want to invest in the waterproof cover AND traditional cover to keep from getting ruined > A little on the pricey side (but worth it!) All in all the pros outweigh the cons for me. Definitely would but again 9/10! Read more

    4. Alondra Guillen

      This is my second nursing pillow. The first one I got from target. My husband went and got it the day the baby was born and brought it to the hospital. The second one was purchased through Amazon. BOTH pillows didn’t last me 2 moths!!! The threading started to come apart and the stuffing/cotton started to fall out. Ha! I won’t be buying a third one thats for sure ! Very upset after my huge investment. I expected more from these pillows. My son just turned months !!! And the pillow already falling apart Really !??? Ugh Read more

    5. Todd

      The Boppy is great in quality, but the design is not ideal for nursing an infant. There is a gap between your stomach and the pillow when you put it around you, which I had to “stuff” with receiving blankets to make comfortable and prevent baby from falling in the gap. I ended up buying MyBrestFriend after 5 days of nursing with the Boppy, and I am very glad I switched! Read more

    6. Katherine Lynne

      This is good for support for only maybe family holding the baby…. that’s it. This doesn’t stay in place, it just slides away from you when you really need it to stay and support your newborn while they are nursing. I was in the hospital, immediately post cesarean and could not for the life of me get this d*mn thing to stay. It was infuriating between that, being in pain, and stuck in the hospital. What I do recommend: My Brest Friend nursing pillow. That thing was a lifesaver! It starts around you and stays! If I ever have a second child, I will have this in the hospital with me. This boppy might be great for my child later on for sitting support and whatnot when he’s at that stage. I’m open to that seeing as though the money is spent and I’m way past the return window. Read more

    7. R-E-N

      This thing is expensive and not a need! You NEED a cover for it! Nice but not a necessity! Any pillow works at home. I wish I would have waited and read those coupons the hospital gives and got an off brand one for free 😑 Read more

    8. 🥀Mary🥀

      Honestly not that great it looks like it’s about to come apart and I haven’t even opened it I’m disappointed I will keep it and use it because I need it but it’s not good quality like my other sons boppy that we have had for almost 5 years tossed it out because I thought a fresh one would be best and the other one was used and abused lol Update: now that I had my son and I’m using it… it’s horrible it’s flimsy not firm not supportive it’s one of my worse purchases please make this pillow better or make a whole new one that actually works I have to lean my upper body/my chest forward & down to my baby even in this Boppy pillow & it hurts my upper back for what I paid and I have to buy a cover this is basically a pricy piece of trash the baby falls into it between me and the pillow and I have to constantly adjust it … don’t buy this look else where Read more

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