Bumkins water-resistant moist bag, washer-friendly, reusable for journey, seashore, pool, stroller, diapers, dirty gymnasium clothes, moist swimsuits, toiletries, 12×14 – xoxo

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  • reuse and reduce waste – the better opportunity to unmarried-use plastic luggage. Bumkins moist baggage with unmarried ply production manner no demanding about icky stuff growing among layers of fabric. With out a cotton layer, stains and scents do not stick with your bag. A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess. System cleanable – use again and again again!
  • water-resistant – bumkins signature fabric is a hundred% polyester with water-proof tpu embedded into the fabric and our warmness-sealed seams keep the mess in which it belongs – in the bag.
  • lab examined – at bumkins, we take delight in our rigorous product trying out to ensure you’ve got the safest feasible merchandise. Our baggage are bpa-unfastened, %-loose, vinyl-free, phthalate-loose and lead-unfastened.
  • clean-to-smooth – our fabric is wipeable and system washable. Turn inner-out to scrub. To increase the existence of our reusable bags, we advise air drying our quick-dry cloth.
  • lots of makes use of – no longer only for wet stuff – those baggage make terrific organizers for toys, add-ons, toiletries, electronics, journey and extra! With a snap manage, snap your bag anyplace you want it – stroller, converting desk or suitcase.
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us owned and primarily based in arizona since 1989

based totally in phoenix, arizona on account that 1989, bumkins’ product strains consist of bibs, smocks and reusable baggage crafted from our signature water resistant cloth. Bumkins also offers silicone dishware, utensils and teethers. We create amusing and colorful originals, at the side of designs offering favored characters from dc comics, disney, nintendo, harry potter, and sanrio.

bumkins waterproof zippered moist bag

the better opportunity to unmarried-use plastic baggage. Our luggage function heat-sealed seams for real water-proof protection. A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess and unmarried-ply construction method no annoying about icky stuff developing between layers of cloth. Moist luggage are splendid for carrying diapers, grimy health club clothes and moist swimsuits. No longer just for wet stuff – these luggage make tremendous organizers for toys, accessories, toiletries, electronics, travel and extra!

  • snap your bag wherever you need it – stroller, converting table or suitcase
  • gadget wash, cling or tumble dry low
  • measures 12”x14” – suits approximately 6 fabric diapers
  • bags are unmarried compartment, non-gusseted, non-insulated and non-stretch
  • designed in arizona, responsibly made in china
  • unmarried-ply creation way no disturbing about icky stuff developing among layers of cloth. Without a cotton layer, this indicates stains and scents don’t persist with your bag.

    bumkins’ signature material is 100% polyester with tpu embedded into the fabric. Our warmness sealed seams do not allow the water get away; preserving the mess where it belongs – inside bag.

    with a snap handle, snap the wet bag wherever you want it – stroller, converting desk or suitcase.

    bumkins wet luggage are easy to smooth. Flip bag internal out and toss it into the washing machine. Dangle or tumble dry low, and use over and over.

    extra from bumkins:

    the higher opportunity to single-use plastic luggage, our reusable snack bags are crafted from clean-wipe water resistant and stain-resistant cloth. Super for food and a laugh, snack luggage help prepare snacks, lunches, toys, electronics and more.

    bumkins bibs prevent from the mess! We offer bibs sized for ages 3 months to 24 months. Made from bumkins lightweight, waterproof, clean-wipe, stain and smell resistant material. Our bibs are wipeable and system washer-friendly for smooth cleansing so that you can use it again and again again.

    our clean front three-percent airline travel luggage are tsa compliant, making it smooth to head from your daily after which thru security. Now not just for aircraft tour – those travel bags make brilliant organizers for toys, add-ons, cosmetics, electronics, and greater. *meets tsa requirement – length restrict of one quart (fifty seven. 8 cubic inches).

    bumkins splat mats have you ever blanketed! Generously sized and made from bumkins signature, easy wipe, water-resistant cloth, those mats protect flooring, tables and extra from spills and stains. Wipe clean or gadget wash and the mat dries in mins.

    product description

    the higher alternative to single-use plastic luggage, our reusable wet luggage are crafted from the equal easy-wipe water-proof fabric as bumkins award-prevailing superbib. Our bags characteristic warmth-sealed seams for actual waterproof safety. A easy zipper closure locks away the mess and unmarried-ply production approach no disturbing approximately icky stuff growing among layers of fabric. Wet baggage are notable for wearing diapers, dirty fitness center clothes and moist swimsuits. Not just for wet stuff – these baggage make great organizers for toys, accessories, toiletries, electronics, journey and greater! With a snap deal with, snap your bag wherever you need it – stroller, converting desk or suitcase. Plus, they’re secure to use. Bpa-unfastened, percent-free, vinyl-unfastened, phthalate-unfastened and lead-unfastened. Gadget washer-friendly. Measures 12”x14”. Fits approximately 6 cloth diapers. Luggage are unmarried compartment, non-gusseted, non-insulated and non-stretch. Designed in arizona, responsibly made in china.


    Wet Bag


    Ariel, Arrows, Black Hearts, Blue Tropics, Cactus, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Icon, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse Icon, Nintendo, Outdoors, Quidditch 2pk, Rainbows, Watercolors, XOXO


    Disney, Bumkins, Sanrio, Nintendo, Harry Potter

    8 reviews for Bumkins water-resistant moist bag, washer-friendly, reusable for journey, seashore, pool, stroller, diapers, dirty gymnasium clothes, moist swimsuits, toiletries, 12×14 – xoxo

    1. AnnieR

      I love this bag! It super light weight but durable that I shove a wet pair of water sneakers and a wet swimsuit and a wet sun guard shirt in it every day after my pool time and it never leaks! I’ve done this ever day for about 2 months now and the wet bag looks like it’s brand new. When I get home, I empty the bag, rinse it with soap and water and hang it to dry inside out from the attached strap and it’s ready to go the next day. I tried a bunch of different bags before this one – double lined, supposedly extra durable, etc but they all leaked after awhile. This bag is thin and lightweight but I stuff it full and it’s never ripped or torn or leaked! I highly recommend! Read more

    2. Nic

      Loved the nostalgic pattern and the price. Pretty bummed by the washability and durability of this product. I’ve used this bag plus a couple others with cloth diapering. I have washed the following the instructions on the label and the waterproof liner is completely falling apart. Read more

    3. zoomlittlewing

      Inspired by a blog post, I bought this to store our used homemade cleaning cloths that replaced our Clorox wipes- going green. Before this we threw them in the corner of the kitchen or bathroom so they could dry out before I put them in the hamper. I couldn’t stand the sight of them after awhile, needed a better solution. This bag works wonders, holds almost 50 cleaning wipes and they dry out just fine in the bag so they don’t smell before putting in the wash. It’s hangs flat and flush in limited storage spaces and it’s gosh darn cute too with the cactus print! Read more

    4. riasupermomma

      This Bumkins wet bag leaked. We used this once a week to put our toddler’s swimsuit in after her swim class. We put her swimsuit in the wet bag then get home after 20 mins and we empty the bag. This past weekend, we put her swimsuit in as usual and put the wet bag in our pool tote, when we got home, the bottom of the tote had a pool of water. The wet bag was the only item that had wet stuff in it that was put in the tote. Note that we only hand wash this wet bag and air dry on a drying rack, and never put through a washing machine or dryer. Very disappointed because we love Bumkins products and this particular wet bag by Bumkins is a fail. In fact, I bought this wet bag specifically because the print matched with our other Bumkins snack pouches and others. Buy a different wet bag. This one leaks. Read more

    5. Gretchen L.

      This product is very disappointing. We cloth diaper and this bag has been washed appropriately for a PLU fabrics (not too hot of a wash cycle) and the inside lining is peeling off after less than 15 washes since purchased. Buyer beware. Adorable print… Useless garbage after only a handful of uses. Less than helpful for a cloth diapering family. Read more

    6. Lindsay

      This is a really nice, thick quality. Actually larger than I expected. I purchased this to store my breast pump parts in the refrigerator in between uses, as I was tired of wasting ziplocs and I hate silicone storage bags. This works great for this purpose, and it is large enough for 2 flanges still connected to bottles (I use Spectra parts). Also, super easy to wash in between uses. I either throw it in the sink while washing bottles or throw it in the washing machine with the baby’s clothes. Either way, super easy and effective. Read more

    7. Courtney L

      I pump at work and I do not want to store my milk in the work fridge for various reasons. I had previously been bringing ziploc bags to work, filling them with ice, put the milk bottles into the bag WITH the ice, and then storing them in a lunchbag cooler. I would try to reuse the plastic bags, but ultimately they would leak and didn’t hold up to being re-used every day. I bought this bag in hopes that it would hold ice (not keep it cold) just so that my lunchbag cooler would not be soaking full of water. These bags worked perfectly! Yes, there is some condensation that is in the bag, but it holds in all the water from 8am to 6pm. When I take it out at the end of the day, some ice chips from 8am still remain, the milk is cold, and I can dump out the bumkin and set it to dry for tomorrow 🙂 This is certainly not a cooler bag, but if you fill it with ice, it will rein in the mess (Note, I put the bumkin in the cooler bag upright. I have not tested with zipper side down all day) Read more

    8. Charlene

      This bag was awesome! Very durable and the quality was great! The interior had a slight coating to prevent water from soaking through onto the outside if you’re using it as a wet bag I personally used it as a bag to store and transport art supplies and it was the perfect size for what I was looking to do! Overall a great sturdy bag that should last a long time! It’s a great multipurpose bag for sure 🙂 Read more

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