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  • 1st trimester being pregnant gift box- best being pregnant items for mom to be
  • bumplife “feelin’ fly as a mom” water bottle: bpa unfastened, this water bottle is designed with a turn straw top to keep away from spills and make ingesting simpler!
  • pearhead mommy belly stickers : those adorable stomach stickers are embellished with end result and vegetables to show off how massive toddler is getting!
  • no mo nausea band : this band uses acupressure and aromatherapy in a strength packed punch to knock out nausea and morning illness.
  • glow nine organics energize bath bomb : a clean combination of lemon, white grapefruit, and orange natural essential oils will wake you up better than any cup of coffee

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  • what number of oz. Is the bottle?
  • question: how many oz is the bottle? Solution: maybe 24 oz. Widespread water bottle size by way of max tratar on may also 7, 2018 failed to get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • i need a toddler size wrist band? Please help!
  • question: i want a baby length wrist band? Please assist! Answer: we do not deliver the kid length nomo nausea bands presently. By using bump boxes seller on february eleven, 2019 disintegrate all solutions

  • this is my first being pregnant and i used to be informed no longer use a warm tub or take baths so i am careworn approximately why there’s a bath bomb blanketed on this?
  • query: this is my first pregnancy and i used to be told now not use a hot tub or take baths so i am stressed approximately why there may be a bathtub bomb included in this? Answer: do now not take my recommendation with out consulting doctor first!!! Cooler tepid baths can be adequate to apply bath bomb with, no longer warm, but again, seek advice from your doctor first, i have no medical training whatsoever. Through dmm on may 5, 2021 didn’t get solutions. See extra answers (2) fall apart all solutions

  • is the packaging of this discreet? If i dont need the whole own family to recognize yet will the box it comes in destroy the surprise?
  • question: is the packaging of this discreet? If i dont need the complete circle of relatives to know yet will the container it comes in smash the wonder? Answer: we offer discreet packaging if needed! We can constantly ship our signature warm pink container internal a brown shipper so the momma-to-be can nonetheless experience the entire revel in of bump packing containers without sharing the marvel to everybody! Just allow us to recognize while ordering and we will deal with the relaxation! Via bump bins dealer on august 29, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (1) crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Bump containers 1st trimester being pregnant present field

    1. Kit Mac

      This is the only baby related item I purchased or even searched for (my gf emailed me the link) in the last year and now I am receiving samples and coupons of Similac congratulating me on Motherhood. If I had known beforehand that my information would be sold/shared with advertisers I would’ve shopped elsewhere.. Read more

    2. AMP83

      I bought this for a friend who’s extremely nauseous during her 1st trimester and for the price, this felt like a rip off. The bath bomb was missing. The elixir was smaller than imagined. Thankfully my friend is small and the wristband fits her. It’s just a lot of fancy packaging but you can probably get all the things present for much cheaper if bought individually and placed in a gift basket. Read more

    3. Sherri Lee

      Being extremely miserable in the first trimester it was nice to get a little gift! My favorite item is the preggie pop drops. I have been getting really nauseous throughout the day on and off. Its miserable enough but then I have to sit in cubicle land while my coworkers do things like heat up fish in microwaves. Safe to say these have been a savior for me as well as them (Im much nicer been I dont feel like I am going to vomit in my trash can) The bump stickers are adorable. I like taking the pictures with them. Luckily I got my box at 8 weeks just in time for the first sticker! The pressure band is okay. I find the mintyness feels like vapo rub on my wrist after 10 minutes of wearing it. The bath bomb is great to relax and the water bottle is pretty cute. Read more

    4. Karen K Crites

      Got this for my daughter and she loved it. The only down fall is that it doesn’t ask for a size for bracket so it was to big for her. Read more

    5. Traveler

      This gift was the perfect way to say Congrats on your pregnancy! She loved it! Read more

    6. LvScotland

      Sent as a congratulations gift, and she loved it. I also included what to expect when expecting book Read more

    7. Patrice

      My daughter loved it Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      My coworker loved it Read more

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