Burt’s bees: infant bee dusting powder, four. 5 oz.

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  • toddler dusting powder: pamper your toddler’s pores and skin from head to toe with this calming baby powder in order to help preserve skin soft, dry and comfortable.
  • gently scented: the moderate, easy scent of this powder continues your toddler smelling clean in-between diaper adjustments at the same time as soothing pores and skin.
  • infant skin care: this herbal toddler care provides mild consolation and calming alleviation for diaper rashes and facilitates soak up dampness after bath time.
  • a hundred% herbal: burt’s bees dusting powder is talc-free with obviously absorbent cornstarch and is formulated with out parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or sls.
  • pediatrician examined: this hypo-allergenic dusting powder is clinically confirmed to be safe, powerful and non-irritating to nurture toddler’s delicate skin.
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natural care for baby and mama

burt’s bees baby and mama bee merchandise are made with best the greatest elements nature has to offer.

a baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than person pores and skin, which is why our infant merchandise are made with more care.

burt’s bees mama bee products help nourish worn-out and harassed pores and skin in the course of and after being pregnant.

product description

why it works: one hundred% talc loose – its more often than not powdered herbs and flora. Our dusting powder makes a infant odor like a baby should. Cornstarch, buttermilk and slippery elm bark soak up wetness and relieve chafing and prickly warmth. For babys bottom, nothing tops it. The way it works: smooth the powder liberally onto infant’s skin, specially on the diaper vicinity. Re-follow as frequently as needed to absorb dampness. Components: cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), kaolin (french crimson clay), bentonite (natural clay), powdered rosebuds, powdered myrrh, powdered slippery elm bark, perfume.


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8 reviews for Burt’s bees: infant bee dusting powder, four. 5 oz.

  1. Mandy D.

    I use this on myself.Working out and the hot summer months can be difficult when you have a large chest and have to wear some hefty gear to keep you comfortable or support you during your work outs. Sometimes it can cause even more sweating which in warm dark places can cause some havoc on your skin..What I love most about this, besides the fact that it’s made of cornstarch, a natural guard against some skin issues….it smells wonderful.I am so relieved to have a product that works but does not make me smell like a baby. I love Baby powder smell but on babies. Not on myself every single day.I can’t explain this scent exactly but it’s lovely. It’s not flowery or strong…I really can’t explain it. It’s a barely there, comforting smell that I truly love.This product is now a permanent fixture in my arsenal for being clean, comfortable and keeping my skin healthy.Read more

  2. Laczko Studio

    Best natural Powder, excellent quality,Excellent packaging and protectionA little pricey Way too expensive. But the Perfection has its priceI would definitely recommend to a friend without hesitation!Read more

  3. PineCoco

    In the case that someone might be looking at this for use in your hair (to absorb oil) this SORTA works. I often use baby powder to keep my hair fresh, and to avoid over washing it/damaging it. Im terrified of all the chemicals and scary info out there on normal baby powder, so hoped to use this as an alternative. It does work alright, however the “grain” is much larger and can clump easily…. not the fine dusting that brushes out with the normal stuff. If you have light hair, especially blonde, you can definitely make this work. It just takes a little more effort and time, and you really have to check for any left over clumps. For me, its worth the effort and occasional mishap to keep the toxic stuff away from my body.Read more

  4. Tina Ngo

    I love the smell of this baby powder. I hate the normal johnston and johnston baby powder smell. Powder is very fine but not too fine to the point where there is a smoke of powder coming out. my son doesn’t get irritated by it. Has helped him to never get a diaper rash, and he’s currently 14months old and this is the only baby powder we use for him. Can’t use anything else.Read more

  5. Honestly…

    I use this on an incontinent adult. Nice that it doesn’t smell like baby powder. Can put it directly on skin or in adult diapers. Helps keep skin dry. I hate barrier creams although I suppose they serve their purpose. For us, this is a better alternative.Read more

  6. Colleen Albert

    Wonderful light fragrance, powder feels very smooth. I am not using for a baby, but rather for myself to keep cool in hot weather, and underarm powder. Works great. Love the container too, looks good on my bathroom shelf. Will purchase again.Read more

  7. Jessica

    I use this as dry shampoo in my hair and it is amazing. I used to use regular baby powder but hated smelling like a baby and talc isn’t that great for you. This kind smells amazing and doesnt have bad ingredients. Give it a try :)Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    If you are wanting the smaller bottle ( like the one pictured ) the one you will get isn’t it.I wanted the smaller 4 oz bottle but received the 7 oz one. Can’t return itRead more

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