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  • make bath time bump-loose and fun for baby with the moby tap cowl, our satisfactory-promoting whale.
  • the sleek spout cover layout consists of an adjustable strap that suits snugly on maximum bath spouts, and a tail that is additionally a handy hook, so moby can hang around after baby’s bath.
  • tender, tough rubber protects child at some point of bath time. Bpa-loose, %-unfastened, phthalate-loose bathtub spout cover for kids
  • moby bathtub spout cover is dishwasher-secure and mildew- and mould-resistant
  • note-if moby does no longer experience comfy, pull fin on some distance aspect taut while protecting moby in location. If moby does now not absolutely cowl cease of spout do now not use. Item length is 6 lengthy x 3 huge x 4. Five excessive in inches

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  • have you had any troubles with leaving it on and it getting moldy? (or taking it off and still getting moldy)?
  • moldy. Particularly moldy. I took it off and approximately half of the inside changed into pure black mildew. I wiped clean it, and there are a few spots that simply may not come off. However, none of the mildew is actually touching where the water comes out. So i didn’t have a freak out second. I did throw it away even though, but simplest due to the fact my son is now 20 months and i am now not involved about him hitting his head. The rest room conditions: it become on for 19 months with out ever being taken off. We live in miami, wherein black mould grows on everything (plants, roofs, partitions, the entirety). The toilets best have home windows, not enthusiasts, so they stay humid for a while. And subsequently, our a/c can in no way get the house cooler than 75 degrees in the ‘winter’ and inside the summer, we are fortunate if it is able to drop it underneath eighty. So we’ve got some primo conditions for mould. Bottom line: i’d purchase it again if i wanted it. But when you have conditions as a way to permit mildew to grow, i’d check it extra regularly and clean it, as as soon as it does get moldy, it’s not possible to fully dispose of. See less

  • does it protect your child from hiting the bottom of the faucet… It looks open at backside
  • query: does it defend your infant from hiting the bottom of the tap… It seems open at backside answer: yes. It needs to be open at the bottom for the water to fill the tub. However, the whale comes down below the faucet about a half inch to an inch. That greater coverage approach the metal of the faucet is covered. It has stored us from hitting the lowest two times. Through pa mother of 2 on july 1, 2014 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • would this healthy on a spout in which the diverter is the bottom of the faucet that pull down?
  • question: would this healthy on a spout where the diverter is the bottom of the tap that pull down? Answer: we use ours on a spout with a pull down diverter. It really works great. It is a touch extra hard to drag the spout down as it’s far barely covered, but it really works great! By smele on september 15, 2015 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (2) fall apart all answers

  • does this fit a curved spout — an old style one for a claw foot bath?
  • query: does this in shape a curved spout — an old style one for a claw foot bath? Solution: my guess is that it would “match” however it won’t live on well. It is remarkable lovable but we additionally have an older spout and it simply rests loosely on it. If your child is keen to take it off or play with it than it won’t be a great guess. My youngsters do not in reality care approximately it so it works. By using confident consumer on january 21, 2014 fall apart all solutions

    8 reviews for Bypass hop moby bath spout cowl everyday match, blue

    1. David

      As a dad, I thought this was a really silly buy made by my wife. Its silly looking, seems unnecessary, and appears to be just another waste of money in the great emptying of your wallet through silly baby purchases. But I installed it anyway and cringed as it looked up at my naked body while showing on its first day in our home. That evening, I gave my 9 month old son a bath. He was splashing and experimenting with crawling and standing when he slipped and bumped his head into the bath spout. Its the kind of crack on the head that makes even a dads stomach turn. If the Moby was not installed, he would have REALLY hurt himself. He is a tough guy and just splashed away with no tears and little fuss. As a Dad and as a penny pinching scrooge, I can testify that although the Moby may seem like superfluous spending, its is NOT. Def. get one….just remove it when you shower…… Read more

    2. AprilKat

      I have 2 daughters ages 1 and 3 that love to take bathes but the thing that always scares me that they will stand up and hit their head or something off the bath tub faucet. So I looked into finding something to cover it and found many different ones but they love aquatic stuff so when I had the chance to review this I took advantage of it and they LOVE this whale! Please note this might be a one size fits most but its not a one size fits all please see cons to get more information…… Pros: Rubber is sturdy yet gentle if a child bumps into it Easy to hang up to store in the bathroom if you don’t want it on the spigot 24/7 3 year old cannot easily take it off so no worries about it being removed by a child Its BPA free so you can feel safe about using it plus I’ve put it in the dishwasher to clean (kids and soap equal messy whale sometimes) without using bathroom chemicals to clean it Cons: Ok now for the fun part… this will not work on a spigot without a shower pull it will fall off so if you don’t have one or have a separate knob then its probably not going to work Second….. It will not fit every spigot so if it is under I would say approximately 8″ then it should fit Lastly…. the strap does hold tight but you really have to put a LOT of effort into making sure it is really tight. While it works well to prevent kids from pulling it off it can be difficult for parents to remove too. Recommendation: Yes – I bought it for my kids for Easter Please note I paid full price for this item and did not receive a discount. If you have found this review helpful please let me know by pressing the yes button below. Thank you for reading my review! Read more

    3. MSP

      Why do over 2,000 people love this thing? Not only did it absolutely NOT fit on my faucet, but the strap used to adjust it isnt anchored in any way- so as you attempt to adjust it to fit the strap just silides out from one side or the other rather than being able to tighten. It was such a poor fit on our faucet and the strap so useless that we couldn’t even BALANCE it on our faucet. It was also a brittle plastic and not a maleable silicone like I thought it would be. Not a fan and can’t recommend. Read more

    4. S. Barry

      This fits my tub perfectly! Super cute and functional. It easily went on and the spout still functions no issues! I definitely feel more confident my little one’s head is safe from bumps with this. I would recommend this product to anyone! If my review was helpful please let me know! Read more

    5. Illumin8tedAngel

      I was rather disappointed to find that the whale will not fit my spigot, so I decided (since not finding any reviews with measurement reports) that I would relay measurements (my spigot is 9-1/4″ circumference, which is just too big): The internal-clearance measurement of the whale (from the strap slots) is right at 5″. The strap (directly inside of the whale) is just over 2-3/4″. I don’t believe a spigot measuring in excess of 7-3/4″ (total circumference) will accommodate this whale. I hope this helps to prevent anyone from making the same mistake that I did! Read more

    6. craig smith

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I attached a video for you guys to see. Now as a plumber I know that standard spouts are almost of universal size. The spout cover has straps that from the moment you tighten them they reopen and loosen themselves. It cannot stay on the tub for longer than 30 seconds before sliding off of the spout. I literally had to squeeze it to death and wrap electric tape around the spout cover to make it hold. It would be in your best interest to not purchase this product. Read more

    7. Lore

      It did not fit properly, kept slipping off. Even my two year old said “Mom, it’s broken” Read more

    8. Morganmime

      Pointless. It comes right off. Child can just pull it off and play with it. Impossible to adjust strap tight enough to keep it on Read more

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