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  • ensure this fits
  • through getting into your model wide variety.
  • child paper is a superb alternative of paper napkins. Child paper does now not tear and it has a crinkle sound that continues toddlers occupied
  • 6 inches via 6 inches of crinkly fun and small enough for tiny palms to comprehend
  • infant paper is washer-friendly by hand or system wash in warm water with like shades
  • babies simply can not hold from grabbing chewing crinkling and crunching toddler paper
  • ideal first toy for a child and it is simple however effective and you can take it anywhere

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8 reviews for Child paper – crinkly baby toy – flower print

  1. Denise

    A very simple you, and yet extremely innovative at the same time. As parents, we buy all these toys that require batteries, elaborate toys so different than what we played with. But inevitably, the babys would much rather bang on a pop… Or play with measuring spoons… Or just crinkle some paper! Basic, simple, and nearly always something that makes interesting sounds! That is what this toy is! Crinkly sounding paper that doesn’t tear, doesn’t disintegrate if it were to get wet! And let’s face it, if a baby likes how it looks and sounds… they will also explore with their mouth as well! “Baby Paper” has it all figured out! Bravo!! Great job! Simple, reasonably priced, and bright colors! I first saw these in a baby store and it was only a long line at the cash register and lack of time to wait that I didn’t buy it then and there! I was thrilled to find it on Amazon!! I woud definitely buy it again!Read more

  2. Shnanzabar

    My 7 month old daughter loves this toy! We bought it when she was 5 months old and she still loves it. It is super durable and easy to clean! I just washed it in the laundry with her burp rags & washcloths but I could also see washing it in the sink with dish soap while I wash her other toys. The image pictured made it look like more of a tan or beige but this one is white (which is cuter). Super cute and fun!! 😃🌼Read more

  3. Heather C

    Cute print and my 7 month old baby loves this product! I use this a lot to keep her occupied while changing her diaper.Read more

  4. Brie

    My 4-month old granddaughter loved the baby paper I found at a museum. I was delighted to find the same brand on Amazon for the next grandchild. The size is perfect for chubby little baby hands.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    My baby absolutely loves her crinkle paper! Super easy to take anywhere and keeps her entertained and she teeth’s on it!Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    My baby loves this! I take it along with me whenever we leave the house. There’s just something about that crinkly sound babies love!Read more

  7. Melissa

    My daughter LOVES crinkle paper! I have one for the diaper bag, for the grandparents house, for her room. It’s so simple but she just loves the crinkly noise and fun patterns!Read more

  8. FloridaUser

    Bought this for my granddaughter. One of her favorite toys.Read more

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