Childproof door knob covers babyproof (4 %) infant door locks door handle toddler proofing door protection for kids by way of ailuoqi

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  • ★hold your toddler accurately interior★ infant door knob safety cover help preserve your children secure with the aid of stopping little ones from starting doorways or getting locked in a room and get injured. Deter infant from getting into or out of the house with out adults’ supervision. Prevent children from gambling with the door and pinching their palms. Secure is first.
  • ★easy & clean to put in★ baby door lock spins in child’s hand. Adults can draw close thru holes and open without difficulty. No drill and equipment want,no damage to the door. Take off the infant evidence door knob covers then set it at the door knob and close the two covers,the toddler door knob cowl is in lock. It is able to be without difficulty released by means of a screwdriver. Sturdy snaps and double protection lock are hard for infant to dispose of.
  • ★new era & eco-friendly★ allows limit get admission to to out-of-certain & dangerous areas like the lavatory, bathroom, storeroom, kitchen, garages, stove, oven and gas, outlet. It is straightforward for parents to at ease doors with infant safety door lock. Polypropylene fiber material, which is odorless, non-poisonous, non-polluting and stronger to prevent children from getting hurt.
  • ★new & efficient design★ this door knob safety cover for children of latest shape & form layout which makes this go together with all your doorways. Design blends in with domestic decor. It appears natural whilst installed on doors. You can loosen up understanding your property is actually infant proof to cast off worrisome accidents.
  • ★fits most door knobs★ like minded with preferred round doorknobs. The snap-on structure makes it difficult for kids to break apart. We recommend that adults avoid disassembling the product after installation. Because disassembling the baby protection merchandise may additionally purpose harm to the product interface. However although the interface is broken, so long as the screw cap is screwed on, it could nonetheless be used commonly. Perfect for homes, families, kindergartens, day care, and schools.
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  • might these in shape larger than normal doorknobs? Seeking out a length.
  • query: could those in shape larger than ordinary doorknobs? Seeking out a size. Answer: they’re pretty massive they appearance type of floppy on my doorknobs so they’re now not snug via aislinn cuvi on january 20, 2021 disintegrate all solutions

  • can those be eliminated by using the kid easily? My 12 months olds pull on the snap collectively ones and get them off.
  • question: can these be eliminated with the aid of the kid without problems? My yr olds pull on the snap collectively ones and get them off. Answer: no, never… My yr antique used to drag off the snap on ones as properly, those he cannot pull off at all. Via amazon customer on january 20, 2021 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (2) collapse all solutions


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    8 reviews for Childproof door knob covers babyproof (4 %) infant door locks door handle toddler proofing door protection for kids by way of ailuoqi

    1. Kacie

      This was what we needed for our little Houdini. She isn’t able to pop off these knob covers like the traditional ones. These are the best I have tried. Read more

    2. Angela A

      I installed the Safety 1st door knob cover on our door knobs and, somehow, our kid removed it. The two-piece Safety 1st door knob cover was laying on the ground and our kid was getting into mischief. Since we’ve installed these new three-piece door knob covers, our kid has been unable to defeat them. These door knob covers are made from a rigid plastic, so they feel very solid. They were easy to install and they ensure our kid is safe. Best of all, it doesn’t require drilling into a wall, door, or door frame, and it won’t prevent you from entering from the other side of the door (or getting locked out). Read more

    3. Jami & JT Vokral

      Im a mom of 2 toddlers, I went down a rabbit hole searching for a doorknob cover that my kids couldn’t destroy. this is the only one they can’t break off. its been 2 weeks now and no issues whatsoever 10/10 would recommend only issue is im worried I may not be able to get them off the doorknobs when I don’t need them anymore lol but at that point ill just break them off if I have too. Read more

    4. Angel M. Cox

      I recently purchased a new home and was worried about the safety of my children going outdoors without me. When I mention this, we do not live in a bad neighborhood. I wanted to make sure that my doors were secure. I can testify that these safety knob locks work very well. It gives me as a mom piece of mind. The knobs are very easy to install. I will mention though, it may take a few tries for you to get used to opening doors with them. My first experience was with a delivery. I couldn’t get my door open. But as I mentioned, it may take a few tries. As another tip is that if you have large fingers, it may make it difficult for you to unlock your door if there is lock on your door knob. Read more

    5. Chef Steve

      To big and flop around on door knobs. The biggest problem is being able to reach around the knob and pinch it on the inside with one hand. Almost impossible for my wife to use. Read more

    6. Polka dots n daisies

      I Love these! why did it take so long for someone to invent these?! My only qualm is once you put them on you have leave them on pretty much so its going to make cleaning the knobs from messy hands more difficult. No just take it off to wash and then ziptie back on. but i honestly would take these over the old ones anyday for a permanent solution. Do not recommend for a grandparents home or anywhere they want to be able to remove easily once the visiting child is gone. you have to pretty much break them to get them off. not suitable for old, weak, or feable hands. would need to help an elderly person get them on. Read more

    7. Kathleen Cress

      These are large. They did not fit the interior door knobs in my manufactured home. Once I got one on, it was difficult to take it off without breaking it. Since I broke one removing it, I feel dishonest in returning it for a eefund. Read more

    8. Kj

      They work well for stopping a toddler from opening a door. I do have to tighten the piece on the end if my daughter loosens it. And she does every so often. It’s not too big of a deal. What I don’t like is that they’re huge on my door handles. You can’t pull them off when installed but they slide all the way forward and look like they’re hanging off the handle. I wish there were two different sizes. One for larger handles and one for smaller handles. They’re a hard plastic and they look nicer than other brands. Read more

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