Choomee softsip food pouch top child led weaning defend childs mouth, one hundred% silicone, bpa loose 2ct orange aqua

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  • one hundred% all silicone hygienic layout drift manipulate valve prevents spills gentle silicone protects mouth
  • suits all meals securely locks and covers plastic spout form weaning/teething friendly 88% of children choose to hold their pouch nutrients
  • ideal in shape with our snakpack reusable pouches (sold one by one dishwasher, freezer and boil safe
  • bpa, percent, lead and phthalate unfastened. Meets and exceeds us and ecu take a look at requirements
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  • can you squeeze the meals out of it with out sucking on it?
  • query: can you squeeze the food out of it with out sucking on it? Solution: no, the kid has to suck the meals out. We love these… No spills, no squeezed meals everywhere! By awamazon consumer on january 1, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (four) collapse all solutions

  • this can sound stupid however, can my four yr antique use these?
  • query: this can sound silly however, can my four year vintage use these? Solution: thats a incredible question surely. Yes, they without a doubt can use them however you have to check for tears if their large sharper more potent enamel are chomping too tough on the softer silicone. Through choomee seller on january 27, 2021 did not get answers. See more answers (1) collapse all answers

  • it says a hundred% silicone – is it 100% meals grade silicone?
  • question: it says a hundred% silicone – is it one hundred% meals grade silicone? Solution: yes, it’s miles 100% food grade silicone. Through parent faves supplier on may additionally 7, 2017 disintegrate all solutions

  • do these healthy kirkland apple sauce and fruit & veggie pouches?
  • query: do those match kirkland apple sauce and fruit & veggie pouches? Solution: yes our softsip pouch tops work with the kirkland apple sauce brand. Through choomee dealer on june 2, 2020 did not get solutions. See greater answers (3) fall apart all answers


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    7 reviews for Choomee softsip food pouch top child led weaning defend childs mouth, one hundred% silicone, bpa loose 2ct orange aqua

    1. Lte

      FIRST, WHAT I DON’T LIKE: The picture on the package is completely deceiving because it shows that the cap can be removed from the mouthpiece. In reality, they’re attached. Your child has to try to move a big cap out of the way in order to suck out the food. My 7-month-old doesn’t understand which piece to put his mouth on when they look the same. The good news is you can fix this. WHAT I DO LIKE: I took scissors to the mouthpiece and cut off the cap. It’s perfect that way. You can still use the cap, but it doesn’t get in the way while baby is eating. (I’m honestly surprised that more people are not complaining about the cap. Everyone would agree I think. It’s ridiculous.) Anyway, I love that the cap is made of silicone. My baby likes to chew on it, but he understands it’s food and his objective is to eat. He just likes the way it feels on his gums as well. These do not leak or spill. The only way food is coming out of this thing is if your baby spits it out of his/her mouth while biting down on the mouthpiece AND squeezing the pouch. Read more

    2. Polly

      UPDATE: After using these 5-6 times, my 13-month-old has already figured out how to remove the cap from the pouch. These are now useless. How frustrating!! My kid just hit the classic toddler stage – into everything, asserting independence, and testing all boundaries. So suddenly my sweet daughter who would happily suck down a veggie pouch is discovering that she can squeeze it all over herself – and then screaming when I wrench it out of her little hands. For this reason I was about to give up on all pouch-based snacks–until I found these. OMG. It’s like a magical toddler-proof valve. She squeezed and squeezed but finally had to give up and just consume the pouch as intended. I am VERY impressed, and I just bought a second set to give to another mom for Christmas! Read more

    3. Michael Knight

      first i had really high hopes for these but returned them immediately. the silicone is perfect food grade top of the line no smell or taste. that is the only good thing about these other than there looks. what you need to know these do not fit all pouches and are not that hard to remove so you almost certainly will have kids who will know how to take them off. the lid is attached to the cap which also makes it a real pain gets in the way and makes it extremely easy to pull off the cap. now the absolutely worst what they hide from you in the listing these have a flow control valve meaning a thick piece of silicone over the opening this would be fine if they cut it 4 ways you know in a plus shape but instead they make one tiny vertical slit in the opening making it impossible for your child to get any food out in fact they have to squeeze so hard that the pouch will explode like a bomb and get every wear i thought the ones i received were defective and tried it with an apple sauce pouch it was so hard to get even a drop of food out and then it exploded sending apple sauce all over even on the walls and I’m a adult so imagine a toddler trying. good idea bad product Read more

    4. Holly Andreasen

      Hands down the best baby product I’ve ever bought for feeding. My little one is VERY independent so she never liked me helping her with the pouches. Well as we all know the first thing babies do is squeeze the crap out of them so the food goes shooting everywhere. Not with these! They have fit on every pouch we have tried and my 8 month old figured out how to use them on the first try. These have made meal time so much easier for us!! 200% recommend to anyone with a baby or toddler that eats pouch food! Read more

    5. Melissa Cox

      I had tried many times to get on the pouch bandwagon with my little boy. He hated eating directly from the pouch so we usually ended up squirting it onto a spoon to eat which defeats some of the reasoning behind the pouch. In a social media group, this was mentioned as working for another baby. I figured why not, it isn’t going to break the bank of it doesn’t work. Totally worth it! No more having your baby/kid give a good squeeze on the pouch and having the food go everywhere. The little crotch goblin has to be actively sucking on the topper for anything to come out. The material to me feels nice and whereas my kiddo hated biting down on the hard pouch nozzle, chewing on the topper seems to be soothing during the neverending teething phase. The color options were nice too … glad to see colors that aren’t obnoxiously bright pink, boring grey, or baby blue. Cleanup was a breeze. I have one of those bins that go in the top rack of the dishwasher for bottle nipples and other baby items. Just tossed in there and came out perfectly clean. Read more

    6. KHB

      I went back and fourth about getting these. I wasn’t sure my daughter (who just turned one) would use it so I didn’t want to waste my money. They’re amazing! She loves that she can feed herself and they don’t come off. The first few times I didn’t realize you push them down and then screw it on a time or two but once I did, she wasn’t able to pull them off. The quality is great and I love the cap bc I can pop it right in the fridge. They’re easy to clean and super durable. Read more

    7. Sarah Anne

      I purchased these because my 16 month old (13 months adjusted) really loves pouches – has no issue with the spouts in his mouth or anything – but of course can’t control how much he squeezes. The spouts on these do a great job of limiting explosions because the child does have to squeeze and suck to get anything out. HOWEVER, the caps on these are SO BIG and they just flop around and my child found it so, so distracting. I went ahead and snipped off the cap and from there, everything went great, until he got the whole thing in his mouth. So, the caps really serve no other purpose, in my opinion, than keeping the child from choking in the spout. Which is important, but there has to be a better way. I’m going to search for a different product. Read more

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