Comezy toddler nasal aspirator – electric nose suction for infant – automated snot sucker for infants – battery powered booger sucker for toddlers – mucus remover for children with three suction levels

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  • suck the cussed snot away: we exceedingly recommend using saline answer such as nosefrida saline snot spray to soften or dilute the boogers and cussed mucus. Please wait 30 seconds to a minutes after the usage of spray after which suck the snot away with your comezy infant nasal aspirator.
  • smooth baby’s nostril without difficulty and efficiently: superior water pump motor as opposed to the motor that generates strength through exhaust, which generates a strain of as much as 65 pa. It has a more potent suction capacity and might in no way prevent running due to water ingress with the aid of the lowest seal layout.
  • adjustable operation settings: the child booger sucker is prepared with 3 modes of suction at the display, sufficient suction without problems help you to resolve all styles of snot(for stubborn boogers and mucus, melt with ordinary saline first. You can gently press the nasal alar with your hand at the side that placing the pointers in, that could shape a closed environment inside the nasal hollow space to better suck mucus)
  • reusable safety non-poisonous guidelines:the package comes with 2 reusable nasal suction hints of various sizes for infants of various a long time and situations. Guidelines are made of clinical-grade substances, are non-poisonous and innocent to babies, and feature exceeded fda certification and conformed to ce/rohs wellknown.
  • lcd screen show & soothing track. The baby nostril sucker comes with an liquid crystal display show display and music to consolation babies who may additionally experience tension with electric powered items. Portable. When the state of affairs wishes for a snot sucker, you could constantly offer the answer to the problem with the aid of bringing the device anywhere and on every occasion. The child nose suction can healthy small purses and baggage with its small dimensions.

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mothers must cope with the grossest matters, don’t they? The general public realize they’ll have to address diapers and spit-up, but they forget about the 1/3 most commonplace physical fluid: snot.

if there may be one aspect that may smash any child’s day it’s a blocked nose. The mere onset can turn your flawlessly high-quality baby into an sad snot monster.

whether or not they’re sick, stricken by allergic reactions, or have a runny nostril because of teething, infants’ noses are continually going for walks. And to hold them secure (and happy), you’re going to have to do something to clear those nasal passages. That’s where the comezy nasal aspirator come in.

one-hand operation that clean to suck out the snot, and there may be no want for moms to hurry to take care of their toddlers.

the guidelines and mucus cup are detachable for boiled sterilization and additionally can be wiped clean with soap and water.

the snot remover may be modified the power of suction to satisfy children’s age and the thickness of mucus.

a awesome way of distracting the attention of the little patients from aspirating their noses.

comes with alkaline dry cells batteries from maxell provide the quality service lifestyles. And you could check remaining battery existence via display.

this computerized nasal aspirator suits without problems right into a diaper bag, and also comes with a transportable drawstring bag, making it a top notch preference to take whilst traveling with a unwell kid.

Product Dimensions

8, x, 1.9, x, 1.5, inches

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2, AA, batteries, required., (included)

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BPA, Free

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Clean, after, Use, Keep, in, a, Dry, Place, Hand, Washable

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Battery life

5, years

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7.2, ounces



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8 reviews for Comezy toddler nasal aspirator – electric nose suction for infant – automated snot sucker for infants – battery powered booger sucker for toddlers – mucus remover for children with three suction levels

  1. Jess Pete

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This nasal aspirator is awesome! It arrived packaged nicely with 2 aa batteries included. It was easy to insert batteries and begin use. It comes with two nose stems with 2 different size circular openings. They were easy to apply to the aspirator. There are 3 strengths of suction, a nice child friendly song to play during use, an led screen and the suction button. The suction begins & stops with a pressing the “s”. This tool is a must have for every mom and would make a great baby shower gift. Price is very reasonable and quality is great! Read more

  2. -T

    11 June 2020 This little power house has three suction levels and it can clean a nose out quickly and efficiently. The two included silicon tips snap on very easy and are super soft. The clear plastic area where the fluid gathers can be turned counter clockwise and removed so the whole thing can be washed out. The music is nice and a good way to distract a child. I suggest you place a piece of tape over it to reduce the volume. My wife and me are happy with this and it is more effective and easier than a blue rubber bulb. Read more

  3. Kim L

    We’ve been using frida baby nose sucker thing to clean my toddler’s nose. It always took 2 people to do the job since it takes one hand to hold it at the nose, the other hand for the suction part and one person to pin her down because she hates having her nose cleaned. This device makes it easier since it pretty much does the work for you. The suction is great but works best with wet boogers Read more

  4. Shannon

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. So I used this on a different type of baby… (this is also not meant to sound sad by any means) My 102 lb pitbull, Bambino, was just recently diagnosed with an aggressive, cancerous nasal tumor; Destructing all the bones/ structures in the nasal cavity. They gave him a life expectancy of 3 months at most, all I want to do is keep my sweet boy as comfortable as possible! The tumor causes lots of mucous and random nosebleeds. Until now, I’ve been suctioning him daily with Florence Nightingale‘s bulb syringe…. BEST PURCHASE IVE EVER MADE! I tell you from the 1-day shipping to the impressive packaging (they even include the batteries!) it’s SUPER EASY to use & gets ALL OF THE THAAAANGS! It’s literally improving Bambino’s QUALITY OF LIFE! Bambino & I couldn’t be more thankful to have found this!!! Happy Boogers!! Read more

  5. Christina Cheney

    I got this for my almost 4 month old daughter. It works great for her runny/stuffy nose. There are two things that I wish were a little different about it. 1. the music that it plays, I wish was turned down a little. Its a little too loud for our liking. However, it is nice to have music play because it distracts her just a little bit while I am trying to get the bad stuff out. 2. I wish there was a slightly smaller silicon top because her little nose is still a little to small for the ones that came with it. But that is just for a short time since they grow so fast! But the suction of this machine is good for babies. its sleek and nice to use. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’m a grandma and babysit often so I decided to get one of these ‘nose suckers’ for myself. My daughters have the manual mouth sucking ones which work well, but my husband literally gagged just watching me use it and no way would do that himself. I saw this one on Amazon and bought one right away because my 1 year old granddaughter currently has a cold. I received it today (very quickly) and got to try it immediately as I am babysitting. I had literally just used the one my daughter lent me with the mouth sucking so I was able to compare the two right away. I absolutely love this electric one. It’s gentle, simple and more sanitary. I found the music wasn’t really necessary because the child isn’t going to enjoy getting their nose sucked out no matter what way you do it, so I found the music a little loud and annoying, so from now on I just won’t turn the music on. But as far as ease and usefulness I will say 5 stars. Sure wish I had this when my kids were little. Read more

  7. MegWilk

    So my baby is really boogie and I am always afraid she won’t be able to breathe through her nose. I have used the bulb nasal aspirators for 10 months and finally caved to buy one of these and I am so happy I did! I tried it on myself first to test the sections and didn’t feel like it would do much but on a baby it is magical and I don’t feel like I am going to suck her brains out. lol The nozzle is a little hard to clean but I run hot water through it blow out any left over boogies in there with my mouth..easy enough. I would recommend to anyone..parents who don’t even have boogie babies because eventually you need to suck out boogie and this makes it so simple. Read more

  8. Ashley

    I was skeptical about this product, but I was willing to give it a fair shot. I am so happy I did! This gadget is wonderful! I no longer have to chase my 2 year old son around the house and have him throw a fit when his nose needs to be suctioned. He actually gets a kick out of using this and stands still with no fuss. My 6 month old daughter isn’t quite sure what to think about it, but I can have her boogers sucked out before she has time to protest. The music on the gadget is loud and pointless, in my opinion. I can see where music could be soothing for some kids during this process, but the music on this is just one line of Yankee Doodle and it isn’t good. I didn’t buy it for this feature though, and I don’t turn on the music. Honestly, the whole snot sucking process goes so fast with this thing. I wish the snot reservoir was a little bigger. I think I might have to empty it in between nostrils when I have to deal with the bigger jobs (when the kids have a cold), but it still holds a good amount. The only thing that makes me really mad…. is that I didn’t buy it 2 years ago when I had my first baby. I definitely recommend this electric snot sucker! Read more

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