Cumbor 51. 6-inch toddler gate extra wide, smooth stroll through canine gate for the house, vehicle near child gates for stairs, doors, includes 2. 75″, five. 5″ and 11″ extension package, mounting package

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  • metal
  • 👼【no more toddler gate escapes】 the cumbor extra extensive toddler gate is 30. 5 inch tall and 29. Five inch- 51. 6 inch huge. Once closed, it’s miles difficult to your kids to climb over it. Fabricated from heavy-duty metal, it could resist affects and bites from large pets. Meanwhile, this canine gate also can prevent your children and pets from squeezing through because the size among the bars is most effective 2. 3 inch.
  • 👼【shield your little monkey】 are you continue to concerned that your little monkey may also get hurt even as mountain climbing up and down the stairs or coming into the kitchen? Cumbor protection gate could be your children’s safety mother or father and free up mother’s arms with the aid of maintaining the infant in a secure vicinity.
  • 👼【vehicle close & one-passed operation】 you could, of route, preserve the toddler in one hand and open the gate with the other hand, due to the fact we adopted a completely unique car close design. Meanwhile, the opening of the gate is 23. 6 inch, extensive enough to get via with laundry bag or groceries in your hand.
  • 👼【clean to install & wall pleasant】stress mount permits easy meeting and disassembly, is convenient and sturdy, and protects your wall from damage, leaving it smooth and intact, even after the child gate is eliminated. You may take away it anytime while it is not in use. Reuse is sincerely viable while you pass to a new location.(be make sure to measure the set up distance of the top and decrease partitions is within 29. 5-fifty one. 6 inch if your wall isn’t flush or have baseboards)
  • 👼【adjustable size & more wide】aside from the gate, we additionally have three extensions (2. Seventy five inch, 5. 5 inch & eleven inch) to go together with it. The maximum width is 51. 6 inch, even as the minimal is 29. 5 inch (without extension), perfect for wide openings as well as stairs and doorways. The pet gate fits the wall flawlessly and is fashionable and beautiful, a should-have decor for your property.
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  • how extensive is the distance among the bars? Can a chihuahua healthy via?
  • question: how huge is the distance between the bars? Can a chihuahua suit via? Solution: works top notch for our puppies and infants. Our smallest dog is a five lbs runt and she or he cannot fit between the bars. Desire it helps. Via zaina ross on january 17, 2020 crumble all answers

  • how extensive is the swing door?
  • query: how wide is the swing door? Answer: it’s miles 21. 6″ according to the manufacturer, huge sufficient to get via effortlessly, better than the regalo gates. By way of jeannie andrews on january 16, 2020 collapse all solutions

  • how huge is gate opening
  • question: how extensive is gate beginning solution: hello! Thanks in your q, the gate opening is 21. 6″. By way of cumbor vendor on april 26, 2020 did not get answers. See extra solutions (1) fall apart all answers

  • will it work for a 36-inch establishing? 29. Five” with three extensions (2. Seventy five”, five. Five” & 11′) come what may doesn’t do the maths. Thanks!
  • question: will it paintings for a 36-inch establishing? 29. 5″ with 3 extensions (2. Seventy five”, five. Five” & eleven’) one way or the other doesn’t do the mathematics. Thanks! Solution: simply! The 5. 5″ extension is wanted. Through cumbor seller on january sixteen, 2020 crumble all solutions


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    6 reviews for Cumbor 51. 6-inch toddler gate extra wide, smooth stroll through canine gate for the house, vehicle near child gates for stairs, doors, includes 2. 75″, five. 5″ and 11″ extension package, mounting package

    1. MH

      I have a 51″ opening in my hallway, which seems to be in between the sizes most baby gates offer. I’ve tried 4 Gates and they were always too wobbly, too difficult to open, or just plain didn’t fit. This gate is fantastic – it’s extremely sturdy and won’t be able to be destroyed by my dogs (they chewed through our old fashioned wooden one). I was convinced I was going to have to go up to the $100+ price range if this last one didn’t fit – I’m so happy it worked. Read more

    2. Subvet

      Firstly, my wife and I are thrilled with this gate because it met our needs and more! I’m always very skeptical of any product made in China simply because of being overpriced as well as poor quality. Well, surprise, surprise, this had to be (and was) the exception. The package arrived a day early and looked beaten up thanks to UPS. However, nothing was damaged and all the parts were included. The installation instructions were clear and precise and the video on the vendors’ site was very helpful. That said, my wife (bless her heart), is by her own admission not a very handy person when it comes to assembly and that’s why she has me! Image my astonishment when she INSISTED on installing the gate herself………. with me monitoring. Well, having read the instructions and watched the video she performed this project from start to finish with no assistance from me! In our case we used all three extensions but still needed to fill in some gaps because our opening was a little wider. No problem. I milled some fill-in pieces of lumber and that resolved the issue. The look of satisfaction on her face after she finished was memorable! The gate is sturdy and perfect for our needs! The only downside was her breaking a fingernail during the installation process so since she blamed me for it (go figure), it will cost me $35 to have all ten fingers redone at the local “Claws on Paws.” That said, FIVE STARS and more for this product! Read more

    3. Sara

      UPDATE 12/7/20: My 16 month old son has figured out how to open the gate. Ugh. BUT once readjusted we haven’t had any more problems. Once set up correctly, these gates are great! I’ve bought 3 because I like them so much and if we hadn’t bought a gate of a different brand prior to knowing how great these ones are – we’d have 4! I love how wide the door is and the fact that you can open it with one hand easily. At first, my 14 month old twins were able to pop the door open and pull the gate down but once they were tight enough we haven’t had any more problems. Because of those initial problems I probably wouldn’t trust these gates near stairs but they might be better if drilled into walls instead of just pressure mounted. I highly recommend these gates if you’ve got a few extra pounds since the door is wider than other gates. Also, if you’ll be carrying children, laundry, groceries, etc the ability to open it easily with one hand is great! Only problem is that with the pressure mounting it WILL damage walls/paint if you aren’t careful. Read more

    4. K.C.

      We bought two of these white gates, this wider one and the other a bit narrower. I was able to install them myself pretty easily after first reviewing the instructions (repeat, first read the instructions and if you follow them you should not have any issues with installation). We placed them on our deck, which has between four to six steps on two sides of it, to contain our puppy and adult dog when we don’t want them loose in the yard. They are sturdy and look really nice, blending in with the white deck rails. I especially like how the gate can be opened in either direction with one hand and will automatically close and latch, but the gate can also be fully opened to a point where it catches to remain open. Being that ours are exposed to weather, we’ll periodically need to touch up areas where rust can develop, basically at the bottom areas of where the rails are welded, but I’ve been impressed with how they have held up to what has been a lot of varying temperatures and rain here in northern Virginia. I don’t take the time to write reviews on many of my purchases, but because this product exceeded my expectations I wanted others considering it to know it’s worth the money. Read more


      This gate was a great solution for my 2 small dogs. It was easy to assemble and install. I have a 46” wide opening between my kitchen and family room. I had to use all three extensions that came with it which gives it a slight wobble. However if it’s not handled aggressively it will do the job for my small dogs. I wouldn’t recommend using all three extensions for large dogs. There is only 1/8” gap on both sides which is about what I expected when I bought it. I needed help to slide the bottom in place because of the tight fit. The gate door opens and closes easily in two directions and will stay open in the 90 degree position. Open or closed this gate looks nice where I installed it. Read more

    6. KrisZ.

      Bought this for our puppy and placed it in the wide hallway between our kitchen and living room. Perfect fit. She’s not much of a jumper but it has been quite sturdy when other dogs are visiting and they bump into it while wrestling. I’ve also walked right into it a few times while carrying items that didn’t fit through the open gate. Hasn’t budged a bit and I particularly like that it swings shut on it’s own! It’s also just low enough that I can hop over it without having to open the gate (I’m 5’2) which makes it convenient. It does need readjusting over time as the poles become loose. I’m taking away one star because we took it off for the first time in 3 months and it took part of our wall with it, as has been the case with most baby gates that Ive used long term. I’m going to repaint the wall before re-installing it again. This is useful even for a non-puppy and will be useful again when there are children in the house. Read more

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