Db dinosaur infant mini backpack with leash,youngsters youngsters toddler harness bookbag

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  • appealing dinosaur sample: the children backpack is with cute dinosaur sample which in reality make it appealing. Children will love to take. Best gifts or birthday items or christmas items for women and boys.
  • the detachable anti-misplaced rein assist mom avoid kids from getting lost, strolling approximately and falling. Best mother helper.
  • anti-lost leash design: the bookbag is designed with a detachable leash that is beneficial to keep infants close and safe in crowds or at some stage in own family outings. But for safe, do now not pull the leash too hard
  • length: approximate 18cmx11cmx26cm (7. 09inx4. 33inx10. 24in). Awesome little backpack, ideal to suit your children’ essentials in as nappy, wipes, bottle, alternate of garments, snack, toys and so forth.
  • incredible after-income service: we make certain 1 yr loose alternative or full refund with any quality hassle. When you have any question about items, please contact us.
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  • how long are the leashes
  • it’s miles about three feet. I just acquired a replacement as my daughter’s dog “ate” the other bag. And fantastic information! They’ve modified in which the leash attaches to the bottom of the bag in preference to the top. At the top, whilst the child pulled away it might pull the bag up under the chin and almost tip him over. I have not tried this on my grandson yet, but i suppose this may be plenty better. This is a lifesaver whilst out in public and in busy locations. See less

  • how approximately this bag for a five year antique?
  • question: how approximately this bag for a five 12 months vintage? Answer: it suits my two 12 months perfectly so it is probably small for a five yr antique. By courtney weck on july 18, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See extra solutions (1) collapse all solutions

  • how do i thread the straps
  • query: how do i thread the straps solution: you don’t with the aid of hello on december 2, 2019 fall apart all solutions

  • the age is one to three. My grandson is nearly 3. Is that this too younger or too small for him?
  • query: the age is one to a few. My grandson is nearly 3. Is this too younger or too small for him? Answer: i suppose it might be manner too small (the real bag, not the straps) for a 3 year antique. I use it for my 12 months antique and it’s perfect for that age. If you are the use of it for school or toys, i might go with a larger bag. By way of brandi on may also 24, 2018 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (2) collapse all answers


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    8 reviews for Db dinosaur infant mini backpack with leash,youngsters youngsters toddler harness bookbag

    1. M. Leach

      It’s a cute little back pack and it fits out 1 year old just fine. My biggest problem, and why we are looking for something else, is that when he takes off and there’s no slack in the leash the chest strap then goes up and becomes a possible choking hazard. The leash is at the top of the back pack and I guess maybe it should be at the bottom? But that chest strap will ride right up to his neck. Not good. So we are looking for something different. Read more

    2. Graciela

      These backpacks are super cute! A little smaller than what i expected but perfect for a diaper a little bit of wipes 2 snacks and a juice cup. I would give them 5 starts but I got this bagpack yesterday and one of the straps started to fall apart already. I had to cut a chunck and burn it with a lighter before it all became undone. I am very dissapointed! If this happend one day after i wonder how long this bag is going to last…… Read more

    3. KLOVE

      Bought for my 1.5 year old at Sea World. He’s quick and this will be our first major outting where he won’t be in a stroller the whole time. The backpack is cute, but not at all safe. Even when you thread the adjustable arm straps, they fall out due to them not being finished. The cross strap is super low and rides up towards his throat while walking. I likedthat the design had changed for the leash hook, from the top to the bottom, but the plastic clasp broke not even 10 minutes into our first time trying it out! We havent even made it to Florida and I’m already looking for something new. With some alterations to the straps, this would make a cute little backpack. I dont think it should be used as a safety anti-loss backpack though. Read more

    4. Giovanni Beltran

      just got it in mail. this is very cute for my 17 month old twins. i got this for the purpose of having my kids carry some of their things. i do not plan on using the leash and suggest others not as well. upon slight hand tugging i could see it pull my kids head and neck back a little. this could have been avoided if it was made at the core body. the company should have tested this out first. no one should yank a child near their neck and head. but i give this 4 stars because i have no intension of using that like i said. i havent used it yet so i dont know the durability. it is lightweight and a good price. i wish they had the light blue available… Read more

    5. CR Douglas

      This backpack is cute and roomy, but I am giving it 2 stars because it is being marketed as a child anti loss backpack and leaves much to be desired as far as quality and safety go. Design & Construction: The color and general construction appear as shown on the site. The dinosaur “spine” points are soft thin and cotton filled. The back of the pack is covered in a soft breathable mesh. The adjustment straps for the shoulder straps are unfinished (see picture) and could easily become unthreaded allowing the back pack to fall off. One strap is already frayed. After turning the bag inside out I can see the obvious rushed sewing job and more loose ends than normally expected. The chest clip for the harness is sturdy but the adjustment strap for it is threaded and finished to the underside putting the bulk between the chest and the shoulder straps which seems counter intuitive and could irritate a toddler with sensory sensitivity. Aside from that the chest adjustment slips easily doesn’t stay tight. Safety: I was disappointed to see a plastic leash clip & D-ring rather than steel (my fault for shopping in a hurry.) The plastic clip on the leash appears adaquate while the ring looks like it could easily be broken. Luckily if you have some sewing skills the adjustment straps can be folded and sewn to prevent unthreading and can you replace the D-ring and clip with metal ones. Over all I’d give it a passing C. Its an OK buy for only $14 but if your toddler is a runner and Houdini like mine I would A) keep shopping around or B) Be prepared to make several alterations to better meet safety and comfort needs. I will be returning this backpack. Read more

    6. Steph Steech

      It sure is cute. I got it for my mom (grandma) so that she could be able to keep a hold on him more confidently when she took him outside. And my 2 year old immediately turned for me to put it on him and will wear it without complaint for quite sometime. It sits kinda high on his back and is sorta rough fabric so I imagine if he were to wear it a long while it would get irritating on his neck. Just a note: The ‘leash’ strap clips on at the bottom so that is kind of awkward. I would like to be able to clip it on and then off again while he’s wearing it more easily. It’s a pain trying to reach underneath the backpack of a squirming stubborn toddler to clip onto the ring there. If the ring were near top somewhere I feel like I could get it on before he noticed that I’m fooling with it. He’s now realized that when I’m reaching underneath his packI’m trying to clip on the holding strap and he does his best to prevent that from happening. Read more

    7. Chrissy

      Cheap, plastic hardware. My kid is a runner, I bought this backpack with that in mind. However, it broke very easily and is made of flimsy plastic on the second outing. I replaced it with a metal piece instead, and i haven’t had a problem since. I bought this for a big two year old and the straps fit him, almost, but adjusting it is a pain because the plastic hardware doesn’t keep the straps in place, never making a secure fit. He can squeeze out of it pretty easily, as he’s discovered, nearly rendering the purpose of this purchase useless. It looks cool and he loves it but I wish it were more secure and the straps stayed in place when adjusted. Read more

    8. Brittany & Seth Brott

      This backpack is SUPER cute and we’ve received a lot of comments on it. It’s just the perfect size for my 1.5 year old son and I like that I don’t have to tote around his diaper bag and can fit a snack, a diaper & wipes and a drink in this bag that he can carry around. The leash part works okay, since the leash hooks up at the top of the backpack it tends to pull the backpack up around the neck of the child if they aren’t leash trained and pull (like my wild son who just takes off and doesn’t listen). If the leash attached on the bottom this would be an easy 5 stars. Read more

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