Dockatot deluxe+ dock – the all in one portable & light-weight infant lounger – appropriate from zero-8 months (pristine white)

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  • cowl = 100% cotton, tube = one hundred% polyester, pad = a hundred% polyester
  • supervised lounging and playtime
  • enables infant motion and helps tummy time
  • handy area for quick diaper adjustments
  • bonding time with parents and family
  • acquainted spot for toddlers whilst traveling
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Black Marble, Carrara Marble, Celestial Blue, Charcoal Buffalo, Cloud Grey, La Vie en Rose, Mrs. Mighetto (Lovely Day), Natural Buffalo, Pristine White, Silver Lining (Chevron), Strawberry Cream

8 reviews for Dockatot deluxe+ dock – the all in one portable & light-weight infant lounger – appropriate from zero-8 months (pristine white)

  1. Camille

    I, like many people, had heard amazing things about the DockATot. I ordered it and used it for a few nights, but my husband and I felt very nervous about the product. After doing more research on their website, American Academy of Pediatrics’ website, etc. I determined that this isn’t a safe sleeping product. On DAT’s website, it says the DAT is used for “lounging, supervised napping and tummy time, co-sleeping, changing diapers, cuddling and playing.” No where does it say “normal sleeping in a crib,” which is how I intended to use it. It’s too soft and curved where the infant’s head is placed, similar to crib bumpers, which are not approved for safe sleep because of the risk of suffocation. Long story short, I know lots of people that have used the DAT and weren’t concerned about the potential risks (to each their own!), but I didn’t feel comfortable using this product after doing just a little bit of research. Read more

  2. Jessica Coleman

    I considered buying the DockAtot when I was pregnant but decided against it because of the price. My son is two months old now and wouldn’t stay asleep longer than two hours, sometimes he would wake up every 45 minutes and was willing to try anything to get some extra sleep so I ordered the DockAtot. It’s only been two nights but the first night he slept for three hour stretches and the second he slept for five! Before when I would lay him down in his bassinet he would thrash around, grunting for 10-15 minutes but with the DockAtot he settles down right away, falls and stays asleep! It was definitely worth the money and I wish I had bought it sooner! Read more

  3. Caitlin Lopez

    UPDATE!: my baby is now almost 4 mo. He was still in his rock and play off and on and went thru his 4mo sleep regression… we tried to transition him to his crib….he would loose it and not sleep…. put him in the doc a tot in his crib….boom. sleep! He is able to move his head away from things and does not roll so I feel comfortable with him in it in his crib. The sides arent high enough for him to get his face trapped. We love it So, my husband and I went back and forth on whether we wanted the dock a tot. We decided not to get it and see how it goes…. my son is 6 weeks right now. He REFUSED to sleep in anything other than his rock and play no matter how many times we would try his bassinet. He hated being on his back and would toss, turn, cry and mom and dad would get no sleep. We decided to give the dock a tot a try…. so we took the plunge… Its been 3 nights in the dock a tot and he has slept 3hrs at a time (he’s breastfeeding), so he will wake up at the 3hr mark, eat, then right back down in his dock a tot with no fuss. So far we are fans!! 🙂 Dock a Tot for the win!! Read more

  4. Freddy Cashman

    It’s really hard for me to rate this product because we loved it at first we were using it as a co sleeper following all instructions. It made it much easier to feed my baby throughout the night after having a c-section. She is two months now and I noticed one morning that there was hair on the dockatot where her head lays and my baby had a bald spot on the back of her head. No matter if my baby moves her head sometimes I don’t think anything should be so rough to rub her hair off. Especially something so expensive. Read more

  5. Kelsi

    Unless your child is tiny, or a newborn, get the Grand! My baby is 5 months and doesn’t fit in the one I bought him. Ordered the Grand so we will see how it goes when it gets here! He is a fairly big baby, 18 lbs and probably 26 inches now but did not fit at all as you can see haha Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    They say it “reinvents the womb”, its shaped more like a pool float. It’s heavy and expensive. I just found out it’s even banned in Canada. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Amazing. My son started sleeping in this I’m his crib at 2 months and immediately started getting 6 hour stretches of sleep. Now he is 4 months and 17 lbs and still loves it and only wakes once to feed. The cushion is nice and soft which is good because his crib mattress is too firm. Also it’s great for traveling to grandmas he still feels at home . He got too long for the buckled end real quick and I haven’t even attempted to clean it yet. Read more

  8. Glitteranddiamonds

    My first baby was a horrible sleeper, truly horrible. When baby #2 rolled around I was terrified of repeating what we went through the first time around. When my baby was about 3 weeks old I bought the Dock and it was magic. He slept for 5 hours straight the first night and I panicked that something was wrong. Nothing was wrong, he was just comfortable and asleep. Then he slept for 6 hours. He’s 5 months old now and will sleep for 8+ hours in this. I only wish I would have bought the bigger one and that it wasn’t so insanely expensive. Read more

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