Dr. Brown’s deluxe bottle sterilizer

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  • smooth-to-use operation
  • electronic controls with cycle signs plus an automobile shut-off when cycle is entire
  • removable tray is designed to position bottles so steam is directed in every bottle
  • built-in accessory tray holds bottle parts, nipples, and even pacifiers. Product dimensions: thirteen. 3 x 12. 8 x 10 inches
  • additionally consists of tongs and measuring cup. Functions attractive new gray and white design.
  • dr. Brown’s bottles are made of bpa-free polypropylene plastic or bpa-unfastened borosilicate glass

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  • this can sound like a silly ?. However do u clean the bottles first and then put in sterilizer? Or direct to sterilizer?
  • question: this can sound like a stupid ?. However do u smooth the bottles first after which installed sterilizer? Or direct to sterilizer? Solution: this isn’t a dishwasher…. Only a sterlizer. So clearly easy the bottles first after which positioned them inside the sterlizer. With the aid of bean260 on august 26, 2017 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (5) fall apart all answers

  • can the dr brown’s wide neck bottles in shape? In that case how many?
  • query: can the dr brown’s wide neck bottles suit? If so how many? Solution: 6 by betelhem w. On november 7, 2016 crumble all answers

  • wil it paintings on a 220-240v ?
  • query: wil it work on a 220-240v ? Solution: this model is 110v. However i am certain you may look for a 220v. So this simply won’t work on 220v by means of navin p. On july 30, 2016 failed to get answers. See more solutions (1) fall apart all answers

  • do the medela elements suit on this sterilizer?
  • query: do the medela parts fit in this sterilizer? Solution: yes! I placed all the elements in it weekly – the whole thing from the bottle to the shields. Just wash them first with soap and water after which pile them in! The bottles in shape within the backside section like a ordinary bottle. By means of the koeps! On november 3, 2018 failed to get answers. See greater answers (1) disintegrate all solutions

    7 reviews for Dr. Brown’s deluxe bottle sterilizer

    1. Michael

      After killing our last Dr. Brown’s Bottle Sterliizer after almost 4 months of use (bottles for triplets! So, that’s like a year for a single baby) we ordered this one. The improvements are amazing! The heating element at the bottom is no longer an open area where water can get in and cause deposits to build up. The sides are no longer indented for the tongs and water cup, necessitating the bulky bottle rack insert. The buttons on the front have to be pushed in instead of pulled down (which once pulled down the cycle could NOT be stopped). Way, way, way better! I am betting this unit will last much longer for us! The design improvements make this unit a much smarter purchase than before. Read more

    2. Alex Gindin

      We have been using this thing for 7 months. The heating plate is all rusty and pitted. We wash out the bottles before putting them in this sterilizer but any formula residue collects at the bottom, makes the bottles come out smelling terrible. It is incredibly hard to clean because the top doesn’t come off and the cord doesn’t come out. I tried doing the vinegar cleaning method that they suggested but it just made everything smell worse, for a week…no matter how many times we ran it with just water. Pouring the water in for regular sterilization is hard too when it is loaded with bottles…which is when you usually need to put the water in if you aggregate the bottles there over the course of a day, and don’t want water just sitting at the bottom of the unit. This is a great unit if you thoroughly wash each bottle and piece by hand, let it dry, and then use the sterilizer. Anything short of that makes this thing useless. Overall this provides a terrible user experience and seems dirty and unsanitary…which is the one thing a sterilizer shouldn’t be. Read more

    3. Rajalakshmi Ramesh

      Well, the product does what is advertised. However, it does not provide the best experience for new moms. The whole point of a sterilizer is to sterilize and keep the bottles clean, DRY and ready for the next feeding in the middle of the night. This item does not dry the bottles. Infact it dries them slower than placing them in a drying rack when they are inside the sterilizer due to the moisture build up. I found this product much better. It gives you clean and dry bottles in an hour with single push of a button. Totally worth the extra 20 bucks. Read more

    4. alona

      The sterilization cycle is fast but it takes some time to cool down everything. It kinda takes up space in the kitchen but it’s not as big as I first thought. 7 bottles and my breast pump fits there perfectly. i really liked in the beginning and was about to give to 5 stars … But after 1 week the metal panel inside turned rusty and plastik turns brown. I through away box so I wasn’t able to return or exchange … I was using it for another 2 weeks and it’s just was getting worse. Read more

    5. The Koeps!

      Fantastic product. It’s so simple and easy to use! They provide a cup with a fill line, use distilled water (1 gallon will last you months, so it’s not that big of a deal) and pour into the bottom – then pack it up and turn it on. Once the blue check mark is lit, you’re good to go. Sterilizing takes about 7 minutes and it’s very lightweight. I’ve used this for 7 weeks now (baby is 7 weeks old). I sterilize all Dr. Browns bottle parts, a Haaka, pacifiers, and pump parts. It can hold up to 6 bottles and a bunch of the small items – see photos. This may feel like a luxury item, but it’s SO easy, it’s totally worth the money. Only complaint is that it is very large, but they made it as small as they could while still providing enough room so you don’t need to use it daily. We usually keep it in the pantry along with a gallon of distilled water and only pull it out when we need it, though it looks nice enough that you could leave it out on the counter if you wanted. Read more

    6. Casey M Sandow

      I have twins and we recently switched to the larger Dr. Brown’s bottles. I was using the Medela microwave steam bags for sterilization. They work great but I can only sterilize 2 of the larger bottles at once in the bags. With 8 bottles a day and pump parts I was spending an hour+ running things through the microwave. Boiling wasn’t much better. This sterilizer has cut my sterilization time down to 24 minutes! I can run a full days bottles and pump parts through in just 3 cycles. Really wishing I would have bought this a month ago when I returned to work because this essentially equals an extra 30 minutes of sleep for me! Read more

    7. Nnahh

      UPDATE- The heating element started growing mold after rightly two months of using. I cleaned it after ever use and mold would still grow overnight. I tried cleaning with vinager, it didn’t work. Tried drying several times after use, didn’t work. The mold still came back no matter what and I was rally concerned with making my child ill. The picture I’ve included is mold growth from overnight. I got much worse at times than this photograph. Fortunately I was able to return and replaced it with Avent sterilizer which is a much easier to use setup and had a metal heating element which is much easier to clean with confidence. Original review- Gets the job done well. Holds a good deal of stuff and is easy to use. I’m unsure if the issue is with the actual machine or not, but one dislike I have is that bottles and some other items will not air dry after coming of the sterilizer. A foggy, wet precipitation is left once the process is done. I have to re-rinse each bottle after pulling out of the sterizler to get them to dry on the rack, which is annoying. Read more

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