Eco-toddler cupboard locks for toddlers – 20 childproof safety latches, three keys – magnetic baby proof lock for shelves, doorways, drawers – smooth to install child proofing

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  • comprehensive child proofing kit. This set of 20 baby safety locks for cabinets and drawers continue to be invisible to maintain the splendor of your property at the same time as being smooth to put in and use, ultimately supplying the extent of security you want for your toddler.
  • no drilling, no screws. Every infant proofing cupboard lock is simple to put in and use. No equipment are required! With a simple magnetic setup and an “on/off” transfer, the child protection cabinet locks permit for problem-free installation and launch.
  • aesthetic and out of sight. No muddle or eyesores! These child safety locks for shelves and drawers are designed to remain hidden. Their concealed placement also makes them tamper-proof from children, improving their stage of protection!
  • toddler protection you could expect. Those child locks for cabinets and drawers use a strong 3m adhesive tape so that it will withstand the pulling and tugging of the most determined toddler. These locks are well suited with maximum cabinets and cabinet doors.
  • childproof doorways, cabinets and drawers. Tested for power, protection and sturdiness, the child evidence locks for cupboard doors are ideal latches for babyproofing. The set of 20 locks and three keys presents all of the materials you want to protect your own home.

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  • will the adhesive damage my shelves after i put off those?
  • certainly, i’ve yet to install them so i individually can’t answer that. I can but proportion with you our daughters enjoy. Recognize we purchased those across the identical time. In keeping with her, not like the packaging commands, she determined them very difficult to install. But, once set up they worked terrific. The bad turned into our granddaughter saved tugging at one cupboard. Sadly she finally were given in. It appears the adhesive caught well but the foam broke in the middle (gave the look of 2 portions of bread). Our daughter eliminated the adhesive with rubbing alcohol then a mr easy eraser. Her cabinets appear to nevertheless appearance appropriate with no damage that we may want to discover. Fortunately her % had 2 xtra adhesive strips which she redid. Up to now it’s conserving. See much less

  • is there a listing for new adhesive? We are shifting and could want to area them on our new shelves.
  • whats up adam, thanks for your purchase of our eco-toddler protection locks! We surely admire you and your enterprise! We do not sell 3m tapes on our save, but we might be satisfied to ship you extra 3m tapes. Please electronic mail us thru the “touch seller feature for your amazon account. Thank you, julia eco-toddler see much less

  • my husband misplaced the alignment cradle, is there any way to reserve a brand new one? Im having a hard time putting in the rest with out it
  • we do now not offer alternative cradle as a part of our shop, but; we might gladly ship you a replacement cradle and some more 3m tapes freed from price to you, as part of our ongoing customer service. ***please email us through “contact dealer” feature in your amazon account. Searching ahead to listening to from you. Thank you in your query. Heat regards, julia, eco-infant see less

  • i lost the installation cradle, i’m having a few hassle putting in the magnets within the cabinets is there any way i may want to order just the cradle?
  • question: i misplaced the installation cradle, i’m having a few trouble putting in the magnets within the shelves is there any way i ought to order just the cradle? Solution: good day erica, simply e mail us at ecobrandsusa@gmail. Com along with your order range and we will send it to you for free of charge. By way of eco infant supplier on september 25, 2020 collapse all solutions

    7 reviews for Eco-toddler cupboard locks for toddlers – 20 childproof safety latches, three keys – magnetic baby proof lock for shelves, doorways, drawers – smooth to install child proofing

    1. Priscilla

      Never thought I’d say this but I bought them for a 30 year old male who won’t move out,and likes to dirty dishes for others to clean. I wish I would have bought these a long time ago!!! Read more

    2. Claire A.

      I love these locks! They don’t require power tools to put them on (so they’d be safe for rented or leased housing or apartments) and instead use a no-odor heavy duty sticker adhesive. The magnets are very strong and do work for every kind of cabinet or drawer. We have indented cabinets and smooth faced cabinets that we’ve put these locks on and they work and hold like a charm. Our baby is about 8 months old, so she will be testing them out soon enough, but they are strong enough to stop me and my husband from opening the doors. If I notice any issues, I’ll be sure to update my review, but so far these have secured my kitchen and bathroom cabinets very well. As a side note, you definitely can’t beat the price and the item was very well packaged. Read more

    3. Beckey Lee

      I bought these to keep my cats and 2 yr old out of cupboards. They are easy to install and work really well. The sticky tape is not as strong as it sounds like it would be and a few hard tugs would allow the toddler into the cabinets. So we chose to use the tape as a holding guide for where the locks should go then used the screws to attach them very securely. These have worked really well in the time we have had them. The toddler has not been able to open any of the cupboards anymore and neither has the cats, which is great. Those little brat cats were jumping into the cupboards and knocking things every which way, then would get themselves “stuck” and would start yowling at the top of their lungs until you “let them out.” These are going to save me from dealing with that as well as stopping the toddler from playing in the cupboards too. Read more

    4. Alex Soper

      No drilling or tools required. These are installed using an already installed 3M tape. The instructions on the packaging are a little confusing. I stood there looking stupid for around 5 minutes trying to figure out how these things worked. A quick YouTube search showed me how to do it — and I think the video was less than 30 seconds. Once I knew how to properly install, I was able to install them on each cabinet door in around 20 seconds each. TEST: Brought our 1 year old daughter (whose new trick is opening the cabinets and pulling things out) to give them a try… she pulled and pulled and pulled at the bottom of a door — nothing (except screams from her failure). I would definitely recommend. No holes, no ruining your cupboards, and best of all they still work with our soft close cabinets (which was a concern of mine). Read more

    5. Michael Calabrese

      These work great. This was by far the largest quantity of locks for the best value for similar products that I saw The locks come with a template that helps you position them. Test fit each side by very gently attaching to the cabinet. Make sure everything lines up before firmly attaching them. Read more

    6. K33P_B@rking

      We tried all the other types of cabinet locks. This wasn’t for a child or baby, but our Cats had figured out how to open cabinets and drawers. I attached a picture of the first options we tried. We first tried the type to screw in both sides and push the clip on the top to open. After a while, the plastic wore down and the cabinets wouldn’t stay locked. We also tried the outside the door type that was held on by tape, then swung over a knob and clicked. The lock button was on the piece that swung around and all the lock mechanisms eventually broke or came apart. These new locks are far superior and the tape supplied is much better than with the other two cabinet lock sets. Because this is activated by a magnetic there is no problem of having the plastic break apart. My pack came with three “keys”. Two have become refrigerator magnets while the third has a separate plate to mount it where we can easily retrieve it. These are great child / pet safety locks. Read more

    7. MandyAnn

      Overall, I’m very satisfied with these locks. My mom had purchased a similar set and they installed easily onto all her cabinets and drawers. She loves the fact they can easily be turned off when her grand babies aren’t over. I bought this set after installing hers and these are nearly identical but seem to be a better quality plastic. They don’t work quite as well in my kitchen however. Because of the way my drawers are made, the most shallow ones aren’t compatible with these locks and because our lazy Susan door is hinged in the middle, I had to install the lock on the panel that is hinged to the cabinet vs the panel with the handle. (Making is impossible to open one handed.) I’ve attached picture of both. The 3M tape seems strong, and we installed my moms locks using only tape. I plan on mine lasting even with daily use for multiple children, so I attempted to install with screws. The screws that’s came with are pretty cheesy and stripped easily. I want to be able to remove them eventually, so I didn’t want 80 stripped screws to deal with at that point, so I replaced the screw with #4 screws from the hardware store. This set comes with 1/4” screw but I used 1/2” because that’s what available and it worked fine. I would recommend this product and would use it again in the future. The magnet is strong and with the latch installed directly above the handles I am able to open all my cabinets one handed by simply holding the key in my palm. We’ve only had them installed for a few days but they’ve held up well to my husband and I forgetting about them & attending to open the drawers/cabinets. I’ll update if any issues arise. Read more

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