Evereden golden belly serum, 1. 7 fl oz. Smooth ladies’s bodycare for being pregnant herbal and plant based totally being pregnant skincare non-toxic

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  • plant primarily based & smooth: made from 13 nutrient-rich botanical actives, which include marula, rosehip and centella, to provide a multi-reparative treatment to obviously help skin regain comfort, elasticity, and glow.
  • reduces stretch marks: reduces the appearance of stretch marks with centella asiatica extract and stimulates collagen boom with activated passionfruit oil, which goes like a peptide.
  • preganacy secure: perfect for pores and skin for the duration of pregnancy and postpartum. The final step in our ultimate stomach care ritual that starts with our soothing belly mask to prep, soothe and hydrate, observed by means of nourishing stretch mark cream to comfort and brighten.
  • rich in skin-nourishing vitamin e: sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and rapeseed oil provide a effective dose of vitamin e. Affords identical stage of targeted restore observed in luxurious facial serums via plant-based elements.
  • made within the usa: our merchandise are pediatrician created and dermatologist tested so you can agree with that they are non-poisonous, easy, and natural.

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8 reviews for Evereden golden belly serum, 1. 7 fl oz. Smooth ladies’s bodycare for being pregnant herbal and plant based totally being pregnant skincare non-toxic

  1. Ashley

    I rarely write reviews for products, but this stuff is worth it! I started to have stretch marks pop up around 16 weeks, and I found this lovely stuff. Haven’t had any stretch marks since and I’m 23 weeks now. I’ll do an update by the end of my pregnancy. Read more

  2. Jazmine

    Packaging is beautiful and it smells amazing. I love knowing that I’m putting GOOD ingredients on my skin. I’ve been using this serum for two weeks since having my son. I had PUPPS towards the end of my pregnancy and it has left my postpartum belly a little dry, flaky, and created dark discoloration. This has helped with the itchiness and I can tell my skin looks hydrated after using this. It’s also helped with the dark patches of discoloration and lightened it a bit, along with my stretch marks. I apply it after I shower and rub it in circular motions (particularly focusing on massaging my uterus). Love this!! Definitely a must have for postpartum mamas!! Read more

  3. Desiree Mendoza

    Love that there isn’t a strong fragrance! And very moisturizing. I’ve used it for a few weeks at 7 months pregnant & I have noticed a difference. Read more

  4. Andrea

    The formula looks natural. Read more

  5. Amber sargent

    I’m so glad I found this stuff , it moisturizes amazing . makes my skin feel just absolutely amazing . I would suggest this to anybody ! pregnant or not pregnant . Read more

  6. zoe chace

    This is great. I love the feeling of the oil, so calming and so light. The smell is also nice and light and not too over powering. Also really appreciate that it is non-toxic/plant based. Will definitely buy again! Read more

  7. David kings

    It does at it says it’s smells like roses it’s Devine feels so good on Skin and absorbs quickly. I do put it on three times a day and not even halfway so it will last me until end of pregnancy I’m in my mid 7th month. Read more

  8. Brittany Calhoun

    Love it! Read more

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