Fisher-fee deluxe take-alongside swing & seat

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  • object arrives in frustration free, easy to open packaging that’s 100 percentage recyclable; for a present equipped field, select “deliver in amazon packaging” at checkout
  • portable infant swing and desk bound little one seat in a single
  • 6 swing speeds, 10 musical tunes and nature sounds, plus volume manage
  • calming vibrations and 2 birdie toys overhead
  • easy fold frame with a take care of for handy grab and pass
  • soft, system washer-friendly seat pad with newborn insert
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2-in-1 receives the task performed!

with all of the bells and whistles of a huge swing, however a smaller footprint and easy conversion to an infant seat, that is baby’s and mom’s new nice friend.

  • two useful products in one – an little one seat and a swing
  • designed with fisher-rate smartswing technology
  • calming vibrations, six swing speeds, 12 songs and soothing sounds
  • deep, relaxed seat
  • smartswing era is simply that. Clever!

    fisher-charge deluxe take-along swing & seat functions smartswing technology, with a huge variety of speeds from low to excessive so that you can discover the best motion to assist soothe toddler. It genuinely senses child’s weight and robotically adjusts so the speeds gained’t sluggish as baby develop. And it starts offevolved with out a push!

    have a seat, baby, and notice what develops!

    the deluxe take-along swing and seat offers infant a sense of soothing comfort and security via movement, calming vibrations, first rate-plush newborn insert and a comfortable padded seat. Plus, the music and nature sounds assist stimulate child’s senses – and the lovely friends overhead inspire toddler to attain and bat, workout motor skills!

    product description

    product description

    the fisher-price deluxe take-along swing & seat has the whole lot to assuage your toddler at home or at the go. From its first-rate-gentle seat pad and swinging motions, to the calming vibrations, gentle track and sounds, and tender birdie buddies, this baby swing and stationary toddler seat is the coziest spot for your favorite tiny human to hang out. And, the seat without difficulty folds, so you can take it alongside anyplace you and your child go! Where development comes into play – sensory: the gentle swinging motions, smooth fabric, soothing music, and at ease vibrations help interact your infant’s growing senses. Safety & happiness: the snuggly fabrics, calming vibrations, and gentle motions help make this a comforting seat to your toddler.

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    Mocha Swirl, Pink Ellipse, Windmill

    7 reviews for Fisher-fee deluxe take-alongside swing & seat

    1. djdaveq`

      This is my first baby and my first baby swing. I saw some of the negative reviews here but I wanted to give it a try. After all how complex can a baby swing be? So I will try and help those who are looking for an inexpense solution to baby crying and to give your arms a rest. Hands down this thing works. It’s not made out of titanium and steel, it’s plastic and aluminum and it snaps togeather in about 10 minutes. Easy to assemble instructions included. This swings and vibrates and plays music. The swing speed is adjustable. The music volume is adjustable. There are 4 sounds for baby. 1 music that has several songs that rotate every 10-15 minutes. I personally like it. It’s not a bose sound system but for the need it’s perfect. It relaxes me and the baby. It has 2 different nature sounds with birds which is the theme since it has hanging little birds for baby to see. It also has a shhh sound which is constant. It runs on 4 C batteries. The battery lasts long enough. It’s better than having a cord because this is foldable and portable. That said it does. Not plug in to the wall. Rechargeable C batteries are a must. I would say you need 8 rechargeable batteries with charger and a small Philip screwdriver to supplement this baby swing. While you have 4 batteries going you have 4 charging so you always have them. The screw driver is to remove the battery holder with 2 screws. People complain about this and I do see why. If the company upgrades this swing it’s the only thing they should change. It should be a door with no screws needed but it’s not a deal breaker. I realized you only need put in the screws very little to hold making the batteries easier to replace. Keep the small screw driver near the swing or atttach it with a string and or Velcro and it will always be handy. If my baby cries in it I will sit in front and talk to him while it swings. It sits low people complained but to me that just makes it safer, if for some reason the planets align and it breaks you baby bottom will fall about 6 inches to the floor. You can place a cushion under if you feel paranoid about that but I doubt that will happen. With higher swings I’d be scared so I see it as a benifit. You can also set it on a table for closer viewing. It don’t stop all crying but it helps a lot for us. After your baby outgrows this which i think is 25 lbs this will be a hand me down or in the recycling bin. It doesn’t pay for most working folks to pay $200 for a swing. This has all you need and more to get the job done. I highly recommend it. Read more

    2. NaturesKid

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This was a gift for my daughter whom just gave birth on November 14th, 2015 to a fussy girl. I sent her this swing and life has returned to normal, at least for the time being. My daughter loves it , and my grand baby sleeps in it, and of course , this is the reason I bought this thing in the first place. Read more

    3. Rae

      I’m one to return many things and I actually was skeptical about this swing especially since the price was out of my range. But, baby goes back and forth to grandparents and Mommy’s home so I needed something portable. I’m so glad I ordered this, it is not like the typical $30-$40 swings you find in Target or Wal-Mart. It senses baby’s weight and folds very compact to put in your car trunk or back seat. The different speeds in my opinion are slow, medium and freakin fast. My baby is 1 month old and could only fall asleep in a human being’s arms but this.. Oh I witnessed droopy eyes and open mouth on a hot humid day in O’ahu and she completely knocked out. My $80 was worth it after all. Read more

    4. Janean

      With 3 kids I still try to maintain my house identity and not have it look like babies r us exploded everywhere. I intentionally look for baby items that are travel size or some sort of design that will blend in. This swing is no exception to my rule, it is small but more sturdy that others. The top bar is very strong that I am able to carry baby in one hand and lift swing with other to move to different areas in the house. Baby seems very pleased with this swing. I’ve had larger swings in the past and am really confused why I felt the need for such a large swing, this one is perfect and has all the same functions. Read more

    5. D. Rowan

      I have owned this swing for a month now and I can say that I love it. There are lots of complaints on here that the swing stopped working after a short time. I wonder how many bothered to change the batteries? I thought the same thing because everything else (songs, vibration) was working fine but the swing would hardly budge after four days of heavy use. I was ready to send it back when my husband swapped out the batteries and then we were back in business. The battery issue is the only reason I give this four stars. But we found a way around that by jury rigging a plug to be able to use wall power. PROS —very compact and folds for easy transport/storage —very soft —cradles baby well —good variety of speeds CONS —gobbles C batteries like you wouldn’t believe Read more

    6. C. Joy

      After thinking I HAD to have the Mamaroo, I spent hundreds on a very attractive swing that my baby HATED! We decided we should try a traditional back and forth swing instead of the side to side/up and down on the Mamaroo. And we are much happier with this one. It has very nice colors and isn’t obnoxious in style like some others are. My son likes to sit up straight in it and look around for awhile, but then slowly his eyes start to close and he ends up asleep in it. I like that it has a vibrate function also and that can be used along with the swinging motion or on its own. The other swings we looked at didn’t have the vibration option. Very happy with our purchase! Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Straps not long enough. So the product claims it’s rated for a child up to 25 pounds. Our child weighs approximately 12 pounds and the straps are already almost too tight. So how cam a product the claims to hold a baby up to 25 pounds supply straps that are barely long enough for a 12 pound baby. We won’t be able to use this for long. It’s either false advertising or they gave us the wrong straps. Read more

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