Fisher-price see and soothe deluxe bouncer – starry wonders, soothing toddler seat

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  • soar-help pedal for palms-loose soothing
  • deep papasan-style seat, calming vibrations, and overhead cellular with 2 striking toys
  • up to 20 mins of tune & sounds, plus quantity control
  • machine-washable, plush seat pad and head aid feature moon & stars
  • improved seat makes it easier to put child in or take them out
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soothe your infant palms-free

the see & soothe deluxe bouncer from fisher-charge is perfect for busy multitaskers…so, essentially, all mother and father! Its convenient foot pedal helps you to deliver your toddler the soothing bounce they love whilst leaving your fingers free for the whole lot else to your to-do list, like that glass of coffee you poured hours ago. And the bouncer is higher off the floor than most infant seats, so placing your child inside the cozy chair and choosing them up is easier, too!

multiplied seat for less complicated loading & unloading

bounce-help pedal frees up your hands

deep seat with calming vibrations (max weight 20 lb/9 kg)


removable cell with smooth moon & celebrity

20 mins of music & sounds with volume manipulate

dreamily smooth and system-washable seat pad

  • sensory: the bouncer’s cozy fabrics, soothing sounds, and overhead cellular with toys have interaction your baby’s tactile, auditory and visible talents.
  • protection & happiness: the deep seat, relaxed fabrics, mild tune, and calming vibrations assist your infant feel relaxed and glad.
  • the bouncer’s plush, gadget-washable fabric and calming vibrations help your baby feel first-rate comfy and relaxed. While they are chilling out, the soothing song and nature sounds interact their auditory abilities. And those tender moon and big name toys swaying above characteristic high-evaluation patterns to assist your toddler’s growing visible competencies.

    product description

    the fisher-fee see & soothe deluxe bouncer is the coziest seat in the residence on your favored little character. The multiplied seat makes it less difficult to region your infant within the papasan-style seat, and the convenient leap-help pedal helps you to electricity the soothing arms-free! And with its extremely good-adorable (and oh-so-cozy) seat pad and head aid, an overhead mobile with 2 smooth toys, calming vibrations, and up to twenty mins of gentle track and sounds, this deluxe bouncer has the whole lot your child wishes to dance, play, and soothe most of the stars. In which development comes into play sensory: the bouncer’s secure fabric, soothing sounds, and overhead mobile with toys interact your toddler’s tactile, auditory and visual abilties. Safety & happiness: the deep seat, comfy fabric, gentle song, and calming vibrations help your toddler experience cozy and glad. Use from delivery until toddler starts trying to sit up or has reached 20 lb (nine kg), whichever comes first.


    Climbing Leaves, Gray Tweed, Kernel Pop, Stary Night

    7 reviews for Fisher-price see and soothe deluxe bouncer – starry wonders, soothing toddler seat

    1. Amazon Customer

      Seemed like a simple bouncer with nice height to it but if your baby plans on bouncing at all DO NOT BUY THIS. The hard plastic around the battery and mechanisms is right where baby kicks. I’ve contacted Fisher Price about the injury. UPDATE**** Fisher price refunded purchase amount and paid shipping to send it back to them. They treated it like a normal return and did not seem to take the injury seriously. From correspondence I don’t see them even investigating the cause of injury. Please be very aware of the risk to your baby in using this product. We used as directed, assembled as instructed and the injury still happened. Read more

    2. shawn syed

      Boy let me bring you a Realistic review from a. Fellow dad here. it’s ridiculous to put together. The pieces that your supposed to put together don’t even fit properly. I tried explaining to my wife that if a product like this one has barely any reviews to not get it since there’s a reason why it has such small reviews. I haven’t put my newborn in it yet but I did finally get it together. I had to put extra screws together as well as hammer down some parts to fit. Will it fit your newborn? Yes Will it be stable after some extra hard work on your end? Yes Is it easy to put together? Hell no Do I recommend this? Not even to my enemies would I recommend this. Very disappointed. I’ll be selling this the second my son doesn’t use it anymore or just throw it away. Read more

    3. Grace

      I think everyone needs a baby bouncer. I have an expensive swing and a mamaroo and hands down my baby prefers her bouncer. It is her favorite place to be besides my arms. We started out with the standard fisher price bouncer and it’s great. I have no complaints. We love it so much that I decided to purchase a second bouncer so we can leave one at grandma and grandpa’s house. This time around I decided to purchase this slightly upgraded model because I like the idea of it sitting higher off the ground. I do indeed like that it sits higher off the ground, but I’m not sure it’s worth paying double the price for that feature. I also like the pedal for bouncing. It’s totally not necessary, but a nice little extra. This bouncer seat is softer and more padded than the standard one which seems more comfortable. My baby doesn’t seem to prefer one over the other so the extra padding doesn’t seem like a huge selling feature to me. What I don’t love about this bouncer is the mobile. It’s at an awkward height and it isn’t very engaging for baby. My baby MUCH prefers the toy bar that comes on the standard model. If this bouncer came with a toy bar instead of the mobile I could whole heartedly recommend it. Not having the toy bar is a big negative to me as my baby really enjoys looking at and playing with the toys. If I were only going to purchase one I’d by the standard, bare bones bouncer with the toy bar. It’s half the price, more light weight and compact and it has the toy bar. If the toy bar isn’t a big deal to you this one is great. I hope this helps someone trying to decide between the two. If you’re on the fence about buying a bouncer just do it! You won’t regret it. The bouncing and vibrating has some magical calming and sleep inducing effect on my baby. I can’t recommend it enough. Read more

    4. Moser Family

      I really wanted to love this bouncer but the sound/vibration box does not work. I had called Fisher Price and the lady told me it was such a new product, that they don’t have replacement parts yet. She told me she would instead send me an entire new seat! We just received the new seat to have the same defective device. We had all brand new batteries in it and for some reason, the green light on it flashes. I couldn’t find in the instructions what that meant. I’m giving it 2 stars for the seat being nice overall. I like that it is higher up than most bouncers. It is roomy and I like the step pedal feature to bounce your baby gently. My baby is 2 1/2 months old. Read more

    5. Heather Braswell

      This is my sweet girl’s favorite spot in the whole house. I’ve tried other bouncers when my 90lbs son sat in the first one we got her and broke it… she hated them so I got this one to replace our original and shes been a happy bird ever since. BIGGEST SUGGESTION: if you get this bouncer and plan to utilize the vibrations and/or music features, stock up on type c batteries. The bouncer does not turn off after the vibrations or music does and it tends to drain the battery unless you stay on top of it and turn off the bouncer! Read more

    6. Bekpeeps

      I mean… it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever bought. But there’s nothing really special about this bouncy seat, either. The sound/vibrate feature goes in and out, randomly deciding when to work. We ended up purchasing a Graco swing and are much happier with it. Read more

    7. Kaitlyn Moore

      This bouncer is an absolute godsend. My grandma had told me about how when she had kids you put them in the bouncer and bounced with your feet while you got to eat. I followed her advice and she was so right. My little one (5 weeks old) will finally quiet down, no matter if she had been crying before, and stay quiet while she enjoys looking at us but enjoying the bouncing sensation. The bounce mechanism is super easy with the for pedal, giving plenty of bounce for little effort. We can bounce her between us while she sits with us at the kitchen table. It’s also lightweight enough to move between rooms, if awkward. Also what a previous review said – the mobile is terrible (though cute) because the birds just about hit her in the face when down. I’m looking for ways to alter it but for now we just keep it up. Seems like the mobile arm should just be made to not fold as low as it does. We love love love this bouncer for our baby who insists on being sat up to look around but needs to be moving. The swing doesn’t cut it. I haven’t used any of the electronic features because the bouncing just works so well, and because it takes C batteries which are awkward and I had to order (who stocks C batteries?) So I haven’t installed them yet, because it requires turning it upside down and sideways and unscrewing the compartment. Read more

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