Fisher-rate deluxe kick ‘n play piano gymnasium, inexperienced, gender impartial (frustration loose packaging)

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  • object arrives in frustration loose, smooth to open packaging that’s one hundred% recyclable; for a gift prepared field, pick out “ship in amazon packaging” at checkout
  • 4 methods to play as your infant grows
  • learning content material adjustments with infant’s age & degree with three clever stages learning degrees, plus a bonus piano play mode with real tune notes
  • large keyboard with five light up keys, eliminates for take along play;
  • five repositionable toys: self-discovery replicate, elephant teether, crinkle panda, lion rattle & monkey cymbal clackers
  • extraordinary smooth & thick, machine washer-friendly play mat features loops to connect toys
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music, lighting fixtures, and gaining knowledge of—oh my!

this musical health club is the correct play time spot for your growing mini-mozart. The big and colourful play mat and repositionable toy bar with 5 hobby toys take infant from laying and playing to sitting and interacting! Hold the mastering and music fun going and growing with the removable light-up piano, which includes three clever stages degrees and one bonus freestyle piano play mode-time to rock, toddler!

4 methods to play as your baby grows

lay & play

tummy time

sit & play

take alongside


removable keyboard with five light-up keys

five repositionable toys for child to teethe, contact, rattle, and clack!

tender, device-cleanable play mat with loops to connect toys

learning content material adjustments with your infant’s age & level

with smart ranges technology, the gaining knowledge of amusing can preserve going as your baby continues growing. Each stage is filled with extraordinary songs, sounds, tunes, and terms in your mini tune lover to discover!

stage 1: feel – teeny-tiny ones can enjoy up to twenty minutes of non-stop playful tune, lighting, and sounds to interact and stimulate their senses.

degree 2: find out studying animals and the sounds they make, along with short instrumental tunes, is well worth sitting up for on this level!

level three: discover playful songs and terms introduce your little mover and shaker to colours, shapes, and numbers.

  • sensory: lots of bright colors, an expansion of textures, and all those thrilling songs, sounds and terms stimulate and have interaction your child’s developing senses.
  • gross motor: with all that kicking, accomplishing, and pushing up, the ones little muscle groups have become ready for big matters!
  • curiosity & marvel: worthwhile activities like pushing on the piano keys and hearing a laugh tunes will keep your baby coming lower back to this gymnasium over and over.
  • early lecturers: as your little lively learner kicks and performs away, they will hear terms and songs that strengthen what they see, introducing them to colours, shapes, numbers and animals.
  • product description

    kick play time up a notch with this deluxe gymnasium featuring 5 mild up piano keys, a repositionable toy arch, and 4 musical settings that keep your toddler rocking out for years. As your baby grows from lay and play to tummy time to sitting up at the piano, you can exchange up the track and learning, too. Smart tiers generation lets you change the gaining knowledge of content material to high-quality healthy your child’s age and level, whilst real piano notes inspire your little mozart to create a track of their very own. You can even detach the keyboard for musical fun at the cross. Wherein development comes into play sensory: masses of vibrant colorings, a spread of textures, and all the ones interesting songs, sounds and phrases stimulate and have interaction your child’s growing senses. Gross motor: with all that kicking, reaching, and pushing up, those little muscle mass are getting equipped for massive things. Curiosity & wonder: worthwhile sports like pushing at the piano keys and hearing fun tunes will hold your baby coming lower back to this gymnasium time and again. Early lecturers: as your little lively learner kicks and performs away, they will listen terms and songs that reinforce what they see, introducing them to colours, shapes, numbers and animals.



    6 reviews for Fisher-rate deluxe kick ‘n play piano gymnasium, inexperienced, gender impartial (frustration loose packaging)

    1. LoganK

      If you’re like me, you look for neutral baby items that look nice in your house. I have specifically chosen nearly every baby thing to make sure it doesn’t completely ruin the decor and that my house isn’t totally baby-fied. Unfortunately, this will not fit that criteria. I have seen many people’s pictures with this toy, people requesting this for showers, on Facebook garage sale sites, etc. and I really tried to avoid buying it because of the colors (silly, sure, but I know there are other moms like me!) HOWEVER, I’m here to tell you it is so totally worth the primary color nightmares. Your baby will love this! My son interacts with this play mat so much more than he did with my beautiful, white Skip Hop cloud mat that I paid double for (and then ended up buying this anyway). The piano is great, he loves kicking around down there, and the bright toys catch his attention so much more than the white/pastel colored ones. I’m not sure how I became the person who would allow such a thing in my living room but here I am, and I definitely recommend this mat. Read more

    2. Shasten Hildebrand

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. First things first, the base was difficult to assemble. Two of the pieces that are supposed to slide together took about as much muscle as I have. The other half slid together like they are supposed to. I could have just gotten a couple bad pieces, I don’t know. I actually emailed Fisher Price customer support because I couldn’t get them to go together, but I did finally get it. I took off a star for that. My 3 month old seems to really enjoy the music and hanging toys. Pros: -Very colorful and engaging toys -Great music -it can grow with your baby. There are three stages for the piano. The first stage plays music on its own and will make additional piano key music when your baby kicks the keys. The second stage will say what animal is pictured on the key that your baby kicks. The third stage is just piano key music. You can also position the piano and mat for sitting up play instead of laying down. The piano can also just be taken off and used as a small piano toy. Cons: -Mat is pretty tiny. My three month old is pretty tall, but I can’t see this mat fitting his body length past 6 months. This could be someone else’s pro if you have limited space. -Assembly wasn’t easy Overall a great mat. I bought a more expensive mat that is more visually appealing to an adult’s eye so that it isn’t so “the baby took over the living room” but he doesn’t like it because it’s not fun for him. The toys aren’t bright enough. He really loves this mat and attached toys and I feel that it is a great value! He actually just fell asleep on the mat while I wrote this review! Read more

    3. LIK

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This thing is great. I didn’t want to go overboard with toys for my little one since they really don’t need much but this was a great purchase. Started using it at about 6 weeks and my baby who otherwise needs quite a bit of attention was able to entertain himself for 15+ minutes! I even drug it with me into the bathroom so I could shower 😂 and he stayed entertained the whole time. You can easily add different hanging items to make sure your kid doesn’t get bored but the stuff that comes with it is great. My son is only 14 weeks so I can’t speak to the “grow with you” parts but I have a feeling this will be great. Read more

    4. R. Davuluri

      We’ve initially purchased the Lovevery play gym, really liking it’s developmental focus and it had amazing reviews. It still may be a great play mat, but our infant hasn’t really shown interest (yet?). This Kick and Play Piano Gym is 1/3 the cost and our 1 month old has been so engaged! He smiles and is beginning to kick the piano keys (they are easy to push and he doesn’t need help to get a sound to come out). Also, the hanging toys are easily reachable for him. We added a few of our own that make sounds — the maracas don’t hang obviously and there’s only one hanging that makes a rattles sound. Also, haven’t had to yet, but this mat material seems to be water resistant and wipeable. Another plus! It’s also compact and light enough to be easily carried throughout the house, but at this price, you could even just get 2 and be well under the price of other play mats. We were comparing this to the Baby Einstein mat that had piano keys — was worried that the Einstein mats’ keys were too hard to push due to some reviews. So glad we got this mat. Read more

    5. VPz

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We love this little play gym so far. It entertains my LO for a while with the music and hanging objects. We did add some toys we had to make them longer because he could not reach the ones that came with it just yet. The one thing that would make this play gym a 5 star perfect is if it were wider. My LO is 4 months so we are working on tummy time and rolling over. There is hardly any room for that on here. He has to be either on his back or once he can sit up and play to use. I’d still recommend it for all else it offers and the ability to grow with our LO. We all here love the songs played as well! They are all such fun, cute songs. Read more

    6. florg29

      I honestly feel like i love this more than my baby. This is great to keep the little one distracted. I especially love the fact you can detach the piano my baby loves to play with it while sitting and i would definitely say its worth the money. Read more

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