Fisher-rate rainforest song lights deluxe gymnasium amazon specific, multicolor

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  • frustration loose packaging: smooth to open, 100% recyclable, and much less packaging waste
  • deluxe new child fitness center with 10+ toys and activities and a detachable, take-alongside toucan with song and dancing lighting
  • 3 methods to play: lay & play, tummy time and take-along
  • responds to infant’s movement with tune and lighting in short-play setting
  • up to twenty minutes of track in lengthy-play setting!
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  • what length and how many batteries does this take?
  • query: what size and how many batteries does this take? Solution: two aa batteries via moises garcia landeros on june 2, 2019 disintegrate all answers

  • where are the lighting fixtures placed? I need a play mat that my young baby can see without problems while she is laying on the mat.
  • query: in which are the lights positioned? I need a play mat that my young baby can see effortlessly whilst she is laying at the mat. Answer: the birds beak lighting up but the tune has to be playing. I’ve had the rainforest playmat and want i might have went with that one again. The lighting fixtures can easily be seen through child and it has a small mobile that spun through itself which my son loved!! By means of amazon customer on november 4, 2016 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (1) crumble all solutions

  • cuanto pesa el producto?
  • question: cuanto pesa el producto? Answer: el producto pesa aproximadamente 4 libras. With the aid of mattel patron services producer on april 29, 2021 crumble all solutions

  • what’s the total weight with packaging?
  • question: what’s the full weight with packaging? Answer: the bundle is about four. Forty one lbs. By way of mattel customer services manufacturer on march 2, 2021 fall apart all answers


    Frustration Free Packaging, Standard Version

    7 reviews for Fisher-rate rainforest song lights deluxe gymnasium amazon specific, multicolor

    1. mpnease

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Purchased as a Christmas Gift for 2 month old Great-Niece had it deliver, it was a hit, better than expected the family had only wonderful things to say about the toy, perfect gift for new baby. Read more

    2. Drew

      This item is exactly as pictured and includes 5 small hanging toys: monkey, snail, zebra, lion, and a plastic mirror (not pictured because ours was cracked on arrival). There is also a larger stuffed giraffe, and the electronic Toucan with light-up beak and sounds. Pros: – Our son likes it, whether he is on his back, or his tummy, you can move the toys around so that your child can see and play with them. There is also lots to see on the colorful mat. – There are two sets of loops on each of the crossbars, so you can either hand toys high or low. There are also loops around the mat so that you can hook them in on the mat if you want. – The toucan on the top has a beak that lights up, and sits in a nest on top of the structure. This means that you child can see his beak light up from their back – The toucan also plays music and makes sounds, and I like that there are two volume settings. I hate when the toys are too loud. – The included toys are cute and each of them has some sort of interactive feature (i.e. a rattle, spinning ball, little bell inside) – The tag says that the mat is machine washable, but I haven’t confirmed this Cons: – As others have said, you really can’t pack this up and put it away. The ends of the crossbars go into the mat like a button on a shirt. They are easy to remove, but once you do, you are stuck with a giant x-shaped-pool noodle with a plastic bird on it (You can’t detach the two bars from each other at the top). We have another gym like this at my in-laws, and on that one, you can remove the crossbars, and they can be detached from each other, plus they have hooks on the ends so that you can connect the ends and make two loops with the foam bars, saving some space. – Two of the toys, the zebra and the snail, are made of a hard plastic. I wish that they were plush, so that I wouldn’t worry about them bumping into my son’s head, or if he hits or kicks them too hard for his own good. – There is a psuedo-mobile on the top. I wish that it was an actual mobile that could spin on its own. Conclusion: While it isn’t perfect, and you can’t stow it away at the end of the day, I think that this play mat is great. There is lots to see and do even without the lights and noise from the toucan. There are subtle details that are great here, for one, the crinkly leaf is a nice touch, and there is a bit of ribbon on the elephant’s trunk for your child to find. While I might shop around if I need another one of these, I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking. Read more

    3. Jessica Davidson

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Got this for my niece when she was almost 3 months old, and she loved it! Her favorite was the little flower mirror. This gym was the very first thing that really got her interested and engaged, and we loved watching her play with all the different interactive toys. She learned to swat at the hanging butterfly and grab the toy lion between her fingers and make the music play by kicking her legs. Absolutely love this gym, worth every penny. Read more

    4. Leah

      When this arrived in the easy open packaging, each of the arches were incorrectly connected to an adjacent corner, and this caused the bird to droop down. I saw another person note that their bird drooped in another review and I thought they had just got unlucky, then ours arrived and I thought these products were defective. But it turns out I just needed to switch the ends of the arches so that they are opposite each other and the bird sits up just fine. I feel quite silly, it took us about a month to figure this out. Otherwise, this product is great. Our little guy is just now grabbing for the dangling toys and this causes the bird to light up. He seems to like it fine. Read more

    5. Jessica

      I thought this was like the older version… it’s not. My kids loved the lights right above them. Now there is a parrot that is on top that she can’t even see. It also spring loads back open making storage a pain Read more

    6. Rachel

      So this was not the first activity mat I bought my baby. The first one was a skip hop brand and it was SO cute, and I loved the neutral color palette. However, I soon learned how lame the toys it came with were. But that’s not too big of a deal, I just hung other toys. But what made me search for a new one was when I discovered that our old mat was HANG DRY ONLY. Nope. Don’t have time to hang dry a mat 5 times a week after spit up and pee. My mom had an older version of this one at her house for my daughter, and my girl loved it, and so when I found this one, I ordered right away and it did not disappoint! The mat is machine washable, can go in the dryer, and the toys are FUN! It was worth the cost! Hours and hours of fun, and she tolerated tummy time much better on it too! Read more

    7. Kelly20

      My daughter is 61/2 months old and has had this for four months. I really can’t get over how much she loves this and she has since day one. This hasn’t gotten old to her at all and its been fun to see how she uses it differently and notices different things as she continues to develop. She has been rolling over from tummy to back since she got this, but it is now helping to encourage her to roll from back to tummy so she can reach objects. Equally importantly, the music is not annoying to the adults! It is pleasant and even though it repeats, its fun. The mat is very durable–my daughter spits up a lot so I wipe it clean and wash and air dry often. No fading of colors–it looks as good as it did day one. I am very pleased with this purchase and so is the little one! Read more

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