Fisher-rate rattle ‘n rock maracas, blue/orange [amazon exclusive]

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  • consists of 2 toy maracas
  • sized simply proper for little palms to understand and shake
  • colourful beads make a laugh rattle sounds whilst shaken
  • gentle, colorful pom poms
  • all that grasping and damn offers your infant’s gross motor competencies a notable exercising
  • suitable for kids 3 months & up
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  • is fee for 1 or 2?
  • query: is charge for 1 or 2? Answer: for two. One yellow and 1 green. With the aid of katya on july 6, 2014 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (five) collapse all solutions

  • is the smooth part crinkly or simply squishy cotton?
  • question: is the smooth part crinkly or just squishy cotton? Solution: the tender component isn’t always crinkly just soft and squishy. Through km team seller on july 25, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (6) disintegrate all answers

  • turned into this product made in china?
  • query: changed into this product made in china? Solution: sure by r. Gallucci on may 11, 2017 fall apart all solutions

  • do those sound like actual maracas or extra like an ordinary plastic rattle?
  • question: do these sound like actual maracas or extra like an regular plastic rattle? Solution: these have a completely smooth rattle noise. I used to be searching out a greater musical sound, and ended up buying a set of egg-footwear shakers as a substitute. By means of m. Schultz on october 19, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (4) fall apart all answers


    Blue/Orange, Green/Yellow [Frustration Free Packaging], Green/Yellow [Standard Packaging], Pink/Purple

    8 reviews for Fisher-rate rattle ‘n rock maracas, blue/orange [amazon exclusive]

    1. Heather DeAtley

      My 4 month old daughter loves these. But the yellow one has a sharp edge (the elephant design on the plastic end – the bubbles look warped and bent) this caused her to cut her mouth on the toy. This is a baby toy, obviously going to end up in the mouth, sharp edges should be a quality control catch in manufacturing. Because of the bleeding mouth cut this caused my daughter, 1 star. Read more

    2. Amazonian86

      Some people complain it has a pathetic rattle. Well let me tell you, the rattle is actually perfect. Its the perfect sound for any baby! Its not really loud, but that’s the point! It wont startle your baby who is learning to play and grab but it makes an enticing sound that is pleasant for both baby and parent. I don’t know about your baby but mine doesn’t need a marching band to get excited or interested. I mean, do you really think Fischer Price would put out the same toy for so long that babies didn’t love? My son instantly grabbed this, it was the first toy that got him to hold something with success and he was so excited to shake it! He chews on the soft end and hits the rattle end on things to make even more noise! They never get old for him either. Honestly I was skeptical because they were so simple and people left negative reviews but I highly recommend these rattles for your baby’s first toy. Read more

    3. K. Thomas

      My girls adore their little rattle lol. It’s baby proofed with a soft end to prevent injury. And the other end has bals inside to make sounds like a maraca! Read more

    4. Y. Segura

      Purchased these and was disappointed at the size (pretty big & bulky for 4 month old) and the sound they make is not at all like a maraca. I gave them to my 4 month baby and she was ok with them, not her favorite. I reintroduced at 6 months and they quickly went to the top of her list. Now at almost 8 months she still loves them and always has one when playing. She loves to bang and shake them. They have really held up but I found it difficult to wash the soft side, i would imagine the clear dome would be left with some kind of condensation if I submerged it to wash or out then in the washer, so washing is quite difficult. Also like i said before they do not sound like a maraca at all. The balls in the dome are too big and don’t make a satisfying sound at all. Other than that, they are a great little Inexpensive toy for baby. Read more

    5. Erica

      These are perfect for a baby’s first rattle. My daughter is 15-weeks old and doesn’t know how to shake a rattle yet, but she can easily grab it. I can put it in her hand and not worry about her hitting her face with a hard object because I just put the cushioned side of the rattle towards her face when in her hand. So when she jerks her little arms around, only soft cushion touches her face, however, she’s still able to safely learn that when she moves it, it makes noise like a real rattle. The rattles also look just like the photo. These are also great toys to use when slowly moving a toy side to side and up and down while rattling them to improve motor skills like eye movement and focus. I like how the cushion side isn’t too dense with material, so if it were to get wet, wouldn’t take long to dry. Read more

    6. Rachel D.

      To me, these seem very unexciting. They barely rattle, I was just disappointed looking at them. HOWEVER my 3 month old loves them. Way more than other rattles. He loves bashing his head with the soft tops, and eating them, and he’s more than happy with the small sound from the three balls. They’re also perfectly sized handles for his tiny hands, so they are now a favorite shower gift! Read more

    7. Glamazon Ash

      Do NOT buy this for your baby! The rattle sound is so miniscule. I hate it. The Fisher-Price tags take up way too much space, I cut them off. I ended up buying a better one from Rite Aid up the street that actually has a good rattle sound and is easy to grasp. This was just a waste of money. Two thumbs down, all the way down. Read more

    8. Olga Chapman

      Nothing special but for the first time rattle they are perfect. Good size for those little curious hands and soft part is smth that safely goes in the mouth. If baby is more then four months, I wouldn’t recommend it. They are better options to get)) Read more

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