Infant head guide for automobile seat-automobile seat head guide for toddler-head band strap headrest, stroller carseat drowsing child carseat head help for infant kids youngsters child little one

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  • 💕💕christmas presents choice💕 💕no nods child child automobile seat pillow aid head band
  • material: cotton, nylon, plastic; size: eight. 4 x four x 1. 1 inches in general.
  • very helpfull to your child’s drowsing at pram stroller or automobile
  • continues your infant cozy and no more neck traces even as naps in his or her infant provider, automobile seat, or stroller
  • adjustable little one vehicle seat neck comfort and head guide for automobile seats, stroller, high back booster seats, convertible seats, toddler seats
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product description

luckyiren headrest for automobile seat will resolve one of mothers’worries, but additionally eases the tires hands of parents trying to cradle heavy heads. It gives top notch neck support and head support in your sleepy toddler and children.


dimension: 8. 4 x four x 1. 1 inches/piece.

the product is designed very soft on the way to make it secure for use.

it offers great neck help and head guide in your sleepy child and child. It without difficulty saves the pinnacle from moving round and locks it in location without any pain.

lovely cartoon layout – the owl. Children will love this design.

adjustable design, suitable for children of various a long time.

children in use, secure and calm, a good assistant in trips.

blue shade, lovely owl patterns, appropriate for boys or ladies.

a way to use

1. Unclick the buckle and regulate the black elastic strap to healthy the kid’s head whilst supported.

2. Area the padded cloth segment on the kid’s head and thread the black straps across the toddler provider, car seat, or stroller’s backing for aid.

3. Reset the buckle and recheck how the scarf rests on the kid’s head.

preserve the sleep toddler secure and relaxed

the head help head holder is appropriate for any child seats, car seats, pram strollers, and many others, even person can use it. The fine automobile seat neck relief and head guide band.

1 x vehicle seat head help belt

buckle up and snuggle up, move! It’s family time.


1 Pack; Blue, 1 Pack; Elphant, 1 Pack; Gray, 1 Pack; Pink, 1 Pack; Pink Owl, 2 Pack; Blue, 2 Pack; Elphant+Owl, 2 Pack; Gray, Pink-2Pack, Pink-Owl-2 Pack

8 reviews for Infant head guide for automobile seat-automobile seat head guide for toddler-head band strap headrest, stroller carseat drowsing child carseat head help for infant kids youngsters child little one

  1. Danny T

    Great idea, doesn’t work. Don’t strap your kids’ head to the car seat. They weren’t designed for this add-on. Could even slip down over the neck and create a very dangerous situation. Can’t believe a lawsuit didn’t put them out of business already. Read more

  2. AJWheeley

    My 3 year old needs this – when she falls asleep her head is always falling forward. It’s a great product in theory but it doesnt stay put. I can’t put it on her when she’s awake because she just messes with it but I can’t wait until she falls asleep because it’s too hard to get hooked up while they’re asleep and car is moving. Doesn’t secure very well either. Wish this worked but just doesn’t Read more

  3. Jessica

    Im so glad someone invented this. It’s very useful. My daughters head is no longer wobbling around when she falls asleep. The material is nice and soft. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and it has came in handy. Definitely recommend to all the mommies out there. Read more

  4. Katylynn

    I had spent a long time searching for the perfect thing to keep my sons head from falling over while asleep and hurting his neck. I ended up on this due to reviews and lack of time to keep pondering. We had a huge road trip coming up and I wanted him to be able to nap without needing chiropractic care for months after lol. This works wonderfully. Once he fell asleep my daughter wrapped it around the back of his bulky Graco 4ever car seat and put it around his head. It was still stretchy and lose enough to go even further and if he really wanted to push with his head, he could’ve. It kept his head up and it was soft and comfy. I was worried he’d notice and freak out and wake up. He didn’t care one bit. When he started waking up we just unclipped it and let it fall back. I keep this in our center console now for any times he falls asleep while driving. Read more

  5. Sofia’s mom

    Amazing invention. My son is four and still in a carseat (not booster) so I just leave this buckled behind his head. When he is realyl to sleep he pulls it over his head and covers his eyes. His head stays back and no more sore neck when waking up. I loves this!!! Read more

  6. Stacy

    My daughter falls asleep in the car quite often. So once I saw this I thought maybe it would help her cause when she falls asleep her head is every which way but straight back. I’m always stretching myself to the back seat to put her head back so she won’t have a sore neck. I got this and her head isn’t all over anymore. My daughter is very picky about things on her head and she loves it. When she knows she’s getting tired she will pull it down over her forehead so she can fall asleep. The front of it has a little cusion for the head. It stretches all the ways around the headrest of her car seat and it’s kinda wide. Over all very good product. Thank you whoever came up with this idea. You saved my daughter from future sore necks.. Read more

  7. Marcy

    It works, but I took two stars off bec it can be kind of dangerous. If you’re going to use this, make sure you have a mirror to see your child so you can make sure it stays in place. It’s soft and nice material. Read more

  8. Ruben

    Worked perfect! Very happy with the stretch to it and comfort for her. Plus it matched her seat perfectly. Read more

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