Infant nail kit, children’s day present blue 6 in 1 toddler nail care clipper set for newborn, convenient silicone nostril tweezer ear pick all with light

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  • 【high-quality-bb】great-bb is a brand that makes a speciality of learning and designing infant care equipment. Our new child nail package, the maximum suitable for newborns, babies, children’s hand, foot and nail care, ear and nose cleaning care.
  • 【environmental first-rate】baby nail trimming package makes use of remarkable stainless-steel, glass, silicone, pp and different environmentally pleasant materials. Acquired cpc certification. Wholesome and sturdy.
  • 【protection】little one nail clippers follow the precept of leverage, with a tendency angle of forty five, which is straightforward to cut; newborn nail clippers can be locked with a protection lock whilst not in use; the inverted triangle form of the nose clip prevents unintentional entry into the nasal cavity.
  • 【visual silicone ear pick out and nose clip】toddler nail clippers when using the obvious ear select and nose clip with mild, you could truly see the scenario within the ear cavity and nasal hollow space. The ear pick out and nostril clamp are made of smooth silicone, that could defend the pores and skin of the ear and nasal cavity.
  • 【baby’s gift】little one nail clippers consists of a transportable silicone present container, which may be without problems carried when traveling or going out, and can also be used as a present for kids.
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product description

toddler nail clippers

baby nail clippers

at ease the nails, open at forty five degrees.

booger clip

booger clip

inverted triangle form, more secure and extra handy to apply.

glass document

glass record

babies could have a few drape after reducing their nails. After sprucing with this product, they may be smoother. A silicone sleeve is used on the cope with to make tt more comfy for mothers to shake palms.

new child nail cut

newborn nail cut

safety lock: which will prevent unintentional damage to the child, the scissors can be locked while now not in use.

glowing booger clip

glowing booger clip

gentle silicone clip, gentler while touching the pores and skin. There is a light at the clip, Which suggests the contents of the nasal cavity.

luminous ear pick

luminous ear select

mold seamless detail processing, gentle silicone sleeve, take care of the child’s ear cavity, visible ears, no blind digging

the lengthened treatment makes it more secure inside the ear hollow space and is shared with the main frame of the mild-emitting eartip.


3-piece Pink, 6 Piece Set, 6-piece Pink

8 reviews for Infant nail kit, children’s day present blue 6 in 1 toddler nail care clipper set for newborn, convenient silicone nostril tweezer ear pick all with light

  1. Cynthia Duarte

    I really liked this product. I gave it four stars because the scissors didn’t really work for my 6 month old. The mail clippers were sturdy and worked well. The flashlight ear pick is amazing and even worked well for my 8 year old. Will definitely recommend.Read more

  2. NND

    We recently purchased this clipper set and have already used it a few times. It’s very practical, easy to store and has what you need to care for your baby.Read more

  3. Adriana Hernandez

    I really like it. The reason im giving 4 stars is because the nail clipper is too small and my fingers barely can hold it.Read more

  4. Parvez N. Shaikh

    Perfect gift for a newborn. It helped meet all our newborn needs which we overlooked. We now realize how important this box is. Very happy with the purchase.Read more

  5. Cristal Carrero

    So easy to use love the lef feature able to see in my baby’s nose obly flow is it twitchesRead more

  6. Krista N.

    Love this product everything works great and packs away nicely to carry in travel bags.Read more

  7. Rios

    I really love this whole set n the price wasn’t bad! Everything gets put to useRead more

  8. Andrea

    Is really nice but still hard for doing feet nail ,Read more

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