Infant safety locks -value % (10 straps)- no tools or drilling -adjustable length/bendy -adhesive furniture latches for child proofing cabinets, drawers, appliances, bathroom seat, fridge, oven & extra

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  • safety comes first: when your children begin taking their first steps, you are aware of it’s time to make your house a secure surroundings for them. With those smart safety locks you may effectively guard your baby from having access to some undesirable household items.
  • multi – motive protection straps with dozens makes use of: make certain that your toddler or toddler is secure with the aid of securing shelves, appliances, drawers, fridge, trash bin, lavatory seat and greater. With those baby locks you can additionally hold your stuff smartly prepared as your curious child can not reach it!
  • considerate layout and brilliant adhesion: those protection straps are made to serve the individual that makes use of them! Now not best do they’ve adjustable duration from 7. Five” to four. 5” but they are additionally bendy to maximise their use. They work flawlessly on each flat surfaces and corners.
  • easy to put in and smooth to apply: way to the adhesive strong business grade 3m tape they have got on both sides, you can install and remove them within seconds. No drilling or any special equipment wanted! And don’t fear approximately your fixtures, these straps go away no residue and won’t motive any damage to it!
  • fee % of 10 protection locks: why buying five-6 straps whilst you may have a set of 10 high high-quality locks? With those straps you may at ease 10 distinctive surfaces right now!

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  • when we attempted to dispose of this product, it peels off the wood paint from cabinet and drawers. How to remove with none harm to paint/timber chips?
  • question: when we attempted to remove this product, it peels off the wooden paint from cabinet and drawers. The way to dispose of without any harm to color/wooden chips? Solution: with many adhesive merchandise it facilitates to blast them with a warmness gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive before seeking to put off. By way of nross on june 28, 2016 didn’t get answers. See greater answers (1) disintegrate all answers

  • how do you eliminate the sticky adhesive when you no longer want them?
  • question: how do you remove the sticky adhesive after you no longer need them? Answer: properly, the box says to warm the sticky adhesive to take away the locks and not using a trouble, but i’ve not done that but. Through amazon client on september 20, 2017 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (2) crumble all solutions

  • will they stick with plastic? I want to use them on a garbage pail
  • question: will they stick to plastic? I need to apply them on a garbage pail answer: i accept as true with they’ll. I haven’t tried it but. So long as you clean the rubbish pail wherein it’ll stick it need to work simply excellent. With the aid of r m on november 2, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (2) crumble all answers

  • does the floor you stick it to want to be clean and flat?
  • query: does the surface you stick it to want to be easy and flat? Answer: especially, sure. The adhesive is pretty long lasting, however i can’t consider it might maintain to choppy surfaces. I have had it pop off after i placed it in some thing that become warped through sabrina gibson on october 10, 2019 failed to get answers. See more answers (1) crumble all solutions

    8 reviews for Infant safety locks -value % (10 straps)- no tools or drilling -adjustable length/bendy -adhesive furniture latches for child proofing cabinets, drawers, appliances, bathroom seat, fridge, oven & extra

    1. SMB511

      I have a one and two year old who I think look at baby proofing products at as a puzzle they are determined to solve and I have tried two prior brands of baby proofing straps prior to this purchasing this set. Although all 3 brands are similar to each other,while trying the two prior brands I found some hiccup/negative factors that prevented me from feeling like they were outstanding & worth using in the countless places around the house. After reading others reviews on this product I decided to see if they would withstand the attempts from my boys—& I’m pleased to say that they have! The reasons I like this product better than others is.. -the adjustable side of the strap is easy to use and lock into place(&my boys weren’t able to slid it off) -they wont damage the surface it’s placed on. This factor was essential to me. Because I wanted to put them on dressers; China Cabinets, Doors; and kitchen cabinets I didn’t want to be left with a disaster once they were removed. **but they were not able to be ripped/pulled off if drawer or door was pulled on. I used rubbing alcohol and putty knife to gently remove. -they strap length is long. One of the areas I wanted to put the strap on was on the basement door; but with our cat’s litter box in basement I wanted there to be able to be a gap so that the door could be cracked so the cat could get down to his box. Ive had this product for a week now and I’m definitely impressed–feeling hopeful it will withstand the test of my curious and determined toddlers! Read more

    2. CaffeinatedWithKids

      They’re pretty easy to work. Not the quickest. And not a “one handed” device. Wish it had come with suggestion on how to install them. We put them on our drawers and realized after the fact we should have put them on so the part that unlaches is on the side of the drawer. Bc now every time we close the drawer we have to move it out of the way. I’m hoping I can remove them and reattach. I’m a little nervous they’re gonna pull the paint off the furniture. So well see. My first picture is how not to put them on. The second one we didn’t have a choice as it didn’t fit around the whole drawer but it ended up being easier to use. Read more

    3. Cynthia L.

      If these straps WEREN’T adjustable, I would be totally happy with them. The adhesive is strong, the materials seem plenty durable, they’re easy enough for adults to unlock… However, the adjustability means the whole thing depends on the holding power of some shallow plastic ridges that grab the strap, and our kids have broken every single one the first or second time they tried to open the doors. With a lot of effort, you can remove the piece that holds the strap into place so you can reassemble it, but then the kids can still yank it back out just by opening the door it’s attached to. I’m out of my return window so I’m going to try using gorilla glue or something to keep the straps attached, but so far all I’ve gained is a lot of clean up effort to remove the adhesive. Read more

    4. Big & Momo

      **UPDATE** Ordered a second time to lock more things around the house. Absolutely love these! Make sure you know how locking mechanism works before installing! *Which direction/hand would be best for you to unlock it with Also, make sure sizing is correct before clicking it in. We haven’t been to open and resize already “clicked in” ones. After buying and installing, we’ve realize you could use these to lock and baby proof just about anything. (Cabinets, drawers, toilet or refrigerator) May not be aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job! Read more

    5. Rebecca

      Update: One week into using these and my 18 month old has totally figured out how to open them. These are keeping our 18 month old out of her dresser drawer now that she has transitioned to a toddler bed and has free range of her room overnight. The adhesive seems like it may be strong enough. Our daughter is very curious of these and I do fear it won’t be terribly long before she discovered how to unfasten them. Read more

    6. Jamie Stowers

      I have been very disappointed with how poorly these have held up. I read the instructions carefully, and scoured the placement area with rubbing alcohol, as instructed. I only installed them about three weeks ago, and six of them have already popped off. The adhesive is sticking to the cabinets, and the word just fine. The separation is happening between The adhesive and the child lock. Clearly, not my error. This is very frustrating. I was looking forward to a very simple, but durable by a lot. That is not the case for this piece of merchandise. I now have an extremely active toddler, with access to several cupboards, which should have been off-limits to him. Oh well. Time for something that will actually work. Great concept, poor execution. Read more

    7. F. Long

      I really wanted these to work! They installed easily and stick well but they were no match for my daughter. She just turned 2 and within a week, she’d figured out how to open and close them. She is very considerate and makes sure to lock them again each time after she makes off with her loot. As screwdrivers and steak knives don’t make great toys for small people, we will have to find some new locks for the drawers. Read more

    8. TLawJLaw

      Oh my goodness! These are amazing! I bought these to childproof my toddler’s room because other products that I tried I didn’t like. I used these to keep each drawer on his dresser closed and I also used two to attach to the back of the dresser to the wall to prevent the dresser from falling onto him. I have another product being used to keep the dresser from tipping but I don’t feel it was safe enough so I added these. The closet has sliding doors so I used these to keep him from opening the closet. I attached one to the door and wall so he can’t close the bedroom door. I also attached one to his toy stand with baskets for all his toys and the wall so he doesn’t pull that over. It’s very simple to release the straps to open a drawer, closet or the door so I can close it. I’m getting ready to order more. I completely recommend these! Read more

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