Insen being pregnant pillow, maternity frame pillow for pregnant girls,c fashioned pillow with jersey body pillow cover

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your model number.
  • jersey knit cover /complete size
  • comfortable being pregnant c fashioned. Fifty eight x 28 x 7. 8 in. Insen pregnancy c fashioned pillow comfort and follow the contour and form of your body and facilitates you relieve returned ache, neck stiff, decrease returned pain. C formed is ideal for pregnant girls with a full body surrounding help along with again, decrease back, hip, leg and feet aid. This pregnancy c fashioned maternity help can relieve your pregnancy ache and stress and improve sleeping.
  • top rate fiber filling. Excessive density gentle fiber fillings is not like other filling. We use lengthy silk fiber fillings that it will live smooth and solid inside the pillow offers consolation for aspect drowsing. Soft and complete support pregnancy body pillow is primarily based on a premium fiber filling. Breathable cloth cowl is straightforward smooth and gadget washable.
  • maternity multifunctional pillow. Bendy shape is adjustable when you are reading, watching television/film, gambling games. You can fold it right into a wedge pillow that enables you loosen up and increase your leg to improve blood stream. Relieving pregnancy swelling is so important for pregnant ladies.
  • full frame help pillow for your family. This c formed pillow isn’t only for pregnancy mom or girls. It could be broadly used. Guy or children who has experienced a whole day paintings or who can’t sleep stably. They need a fully loosen up and frame support. Surrounding guide is exceptional for their napping to loosen up their work or take a look at strain
  • warmly guidelines: both outer and lining case have independent zipper for you comfortably to unpick and wash.
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  • is the pillow free from any chemicals, pfas, fire retardants, or other dangerous factors that might be required by using ca law?
  • question: is the pillow unfastened from any chemical substances, pfas, hearth retardants, or other dangerous factors that might be required with the aid of ca regulation? Solution: i’ve the identical issue. I am afraid, if the manufacturer did now not answer your question as yet, i’d safely anticipate that it outgassing retardants and formaldehyde, bedding may be the worst indoor air pollutants. Through zmolm on april 14, 2020 fall apart all answers

  • is it clean to place the duvet back after washing?
  • question: is it easy to put the duvet returned after washing? Answer: sure. The duvet is product of jersey cotton. It’s miles tender and has long zippers. Via cynthia erickson on can also 16, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (1) crumble all answers

  • is it at ease while you sleep?
  • query: is it cozy while you sleep? Solution: yes. I think it’s miles very supportive. With the aid of wolf chad on july 9, 2019 failed to get answers. See extra answers (1) crumble all solutions

  • is this only for women?
  • question: is that this only for girls? Answer: no, i purchased this product for male. Splendid drowsing pillow, permits every person to put themselves for a better nights sleep. Through mandymayz on july 20, 2019 did not get solutions. See greater answers (2) collapse all answers


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    8 reviews for Insen being pregnant pillow, maternity frame pillow for pregnant girls,c fashioned pillow with jersey body pillow cover

    1. Carmen

      Definitely not worth the money. It is so lumpy and there is no filling in some spots. Horrible support. I would return if I could. Do more research and pass on this one. Ps. Sorry for the messy bed but I want to show when it looks like when I wake up. Read more

    2. PiSeesU

      I wish that I bought one of these pillows sooner. I sleep on my side, but have to have back support, also. I used to line the bed with pillows— behind my back, between my legs, under my head, and in front of me, as an arm rest! Since this arrived, I literally have done away with my mass of pillows, as this provides me with the support I need, everywhere. One of my favorite purchases, and I only regret not buying one sooner! Read more

    3. Amae92

      I’m barely 5 weeks pregnant and before I been found out we were expecting again, I was having trouble sleeping. I had a body pillow with my first pregnancy but it didn’t compare and it didn’t come with a cover, it got so worn down my last pregnancy because I was on bedrest and couldn’t wash the cover. It was horrible. I knew I needed I c shaped pillow this time to help keep me on my left side because I tend to roll to my back or sometimes stomach after I fall asleep. This way I’ll be rolling right back to my side! I love that it’s so versatile and that I can use it to help with nursing later- I can already tell it’s going to be a huge help with comfort especially during those late night feedings. I’m obsessed with this thing. I got it today and have used it all evening, from sitting on the couch folding laundry to laying in bed. I’m in love! It supports my back soooo well. My hips are aching less already. I highly recommend this product especially if you’re pregnant! ☺️ Read more

    4. Merle

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Absolutely love this pillow! I can use it in so many ways and get amazing sleep. The whole household is jealous.. might need to get more haha Read more

    5. M.Serrano

      oh. my. goodness. this pillow is so insanely comfortable, i’ve slept through my alarms twice this week. it came suuuuuuuuper vacuum packed, and needed fluffing upon unpacking. i’m glad i read the description/other reviews, the pillow does take a couple days of use to fluff up to it’s true size and density. i’m not a pregnant woman, so i can’t attest to how the pillow works under that circumstance, but i will say that it has been very supportive with my back and for use between my knees. it hasn’t bunched up either. great buy, very pleased. Read more

    6. Ann

      This pillow was great for the first couple weeks. However, in less than a month of use it has holes in both ends. All it has been used for is sleep, nothing rough, there is no reason it should have holes in it. I was very excited about this pillow but in the end it was a waste of money. Read more

    7. LisaD

      The pillow is really soft & bigger then i thought am 5’11 its about to my knees… So a few things yes the stuffing isn’t not a fulled as u might want it, But its a $40 dollar pillow so it u want tight & firm u can stuff it urself.. It wasnt a big deal for me.. As soon as I layed in it i felt a difference in comfort..I wasnt turning as much when i was sleeping. Yes it can b hot its a velvet pillow not a cooling pillow..yes u can feel trapped cuz its a C shaped so u snuggled in but thats the purpose i bought it just have the open side facing out the bed… Overall it was worth the $40 i sleep better i feel bettwr3 and thats all that matters Read more

    8. Vanessa

      I’ve never ever written a review but this pillow is so worth the review! I’m almost 6 months pregnant and my body ACHES, constantly. It’s been difficult to get comfortable when I lay down to sleep or nap because I have nothing to support my belly. I went on the hunt to find the perfect pregnancy pillow and O.M.G. It’s worth the buy. It came vacuumed sucked in THREE bags, as soon as I cut open the last bag the pillow instantly fluffed up. It’s WAY bigger than I anticipated, it fits my whole entire body from head to toe. I love that it’s flexible so you can really shape it however you want, it’s not set completely in the C shape it sort of appears to be in the description. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because I wish it was a little more over stuffed like it appears in the pictures online, but that may just be because I literally JUST opened it and tried it out. Maybe it’ll take some time to fluff up a bit more. I also haven’t tried sleeping on it yet but I can already tell by testing it out, I’m going to sleep MUCH much better with it. If you’re like me and your back is constantly aching, and your belly needs some serious support while you sleep, this pillow is definitely worth it. Read more

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