Klean kanteen recreation cap three. Zero alternative cap

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  • new layout has a 25% higher glide rate than the preceding model
  • valve won’t chirp or whistle even as you sip
  • cap fits all slender-mouth klean kanteen conventional bottle sizes
  • clip an accent carabiner (bought separately) to the integrated loop to cling your bottle from a backpack strap
  • 3 p. C.
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product description

the klean kanteen sport cap 3. 0 bottle cap has been completely redesigned with a smooth silicone spout and a brand new valve for higher leak resistance, a better glide fee and quieter overall performance.


2 Pack – Black, 2 Pack – Green, 2 Pack – Green/Black, 3 Pack – Black, 3 Pack – Black 2.0 (Discontinued), 3 Pack – Green

8 reviews for Klean kanteen recreation cap three. Zero alternative cap

  1. MetroMomClub

    We have been using our Klean Kanteen bottle for our little one for almost 2 years. But, we just finally upgraded the cap from the no-spill sippy attachment to this and couldn’t be happier. He loves being strong and opening and closing the tip (it is pretty hard to do) and we love that he doesn’t have pull so hard when he’s drinking. WHen it’s closed it doesn’t spill at all so we’re sure we’ll be taking this to soccer practice and just about every where for years to come. We love our Klean Kanteen.Read more

  2. Redhazard

    I prefer spouts l that popped and close ike this on our kids’ water bottles, as its easiest to drink out of and avoid spills. But this rubber tip catches residue underneath and inside which turns into foul mold. We have only ever used them to drink water out of, so any particles that get trapped in there are strictly from toddler backwash. I’ve tried dishwashing, handwashing, soaking in ACV, to scraping it out with a bobby pin, and no luck! Within 6 months these are no good.Too bad because we love this company!Read more

  3. WMT

    I can no longer buy or recommend these products, as they all eventually leak. We have had 4 of these bottles in our family and keep buying the sport caps, but they have all started to leak. Every. Single. One. Perhaps we’ve just had bad luck, but I doubt it. We won’t be buying any more.Read more

  4. James A. Stillman

    Funny, description says “Valve won’t chirp or whistle while you sip” but that is exactly what both of them do. I have a top just like this on my kleen kanteen so purchased a replacement for my hydro flask. The original one doesn’t leak and doesn’t whistle.Read more

  5. Cassie

    These are much better than the sippy cup tops, which leaked horribly. These are very water tight and more practical for car/backpack use. Definitely would recommend.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use with my hydro flask.Read more

  7. Brandon M.

    Way more convenient than the twist off cap and perfect for ice drinks.Pros-Functionally easier than a twist off-Easy to clean-Great for iced drinks-Also works great for the standard mouth hydroflask (not the narrow mouth)Cons-If it gets hot and pressure builds up, then when you first open it some liquid might shoot out.Read more

  8. Dalek

    My kids had bitten off the tops of their bottle caps (by trying to pull them open) so I got these and pink ones as replacements. They fit perfectly and don’t leak.Read more

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