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  • amusing toy for toddlers: tremendous soft toddler toy that toddler will love to touch and snuggle
  • infant development: mortimer’s squeaker tummy awakens auditory attention and continues baby entertained; tender teethable antlers soothe baby
  • surprise crinkles: colorful, satin knottie legs and more than one textures on his hooves with fun crinkles and jingles
  • interactive toys: knottie interest legs and crinkle hooves invite baby to explore,stimulating tactile senses
  • clip-on stroller toy: hooks to strollers, companies and diaper luggage for clean amusing anyplace you move
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lamaze mortimer the moose

the lamaze mortimer the moose is a developmental toy that capabilities plenty of fun in your toddler to discover. Mortimer has colorful, satin, knotty legs and a couple of textures on his hooves with amusing crinkles and jingles. Squeeze his tummy to show child how it squeaks! Mortimer also capabilities contrasting patterns and a couple of vivid colours that allows with visible development throughout play time. Toddlers discover using both their hands and mouths, and mortimer’s antlers are superb for chewing! The lamaze on-the-pass clip helps you to hook this lovable toddler toy to strollers, carriers and diaper baggage for fun in which ever you cross.

product description

product description

mortimer the moose has colorful knottie legs and multiple textures on his hooves with fun crinkles and jingles. His huge, textured antlers are ideal for teething and his frame is product of top notch soft fabric that infant will love to the touch. Mortimer’s squeaker tummy and clacking tail earrings upload more a laugh and exploration for child that stimulate the senses. The lamaze clip helps you to hook mortimer to strollers, vendors and diaper bags to take him alongside for on-the-pass amusing.

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mortimer the moose will maintain infant amused for hours with his many colors, textures, and sounds. His antlers are teethers, his toes are colorfully patterned and make a diffusion of sounds, and he squeaks while you squeeze him. From birth on up, mortimer is a adorable toy a good way to hold your toddler’s attention.

this well-constructed moose will stand up to the maximum enthusiastic play. Mortimer measures 11. Five x 5. 3 x 2. Eight (lxhxw) inches and comes with a ninety-day restricted assurance.

lamaze offers developmental toys that engage kids, and offer mother and father with peace of thoughts, understanding their children are being inspired and enlightened with the aid of safe and fantastic playthings. Lamaze created the infant improvement machine working in tandem with early life developmental professionals. Lamaze guarantees your toddler will develop, discover, and study with the proper toy at the proper time.

from the manufacturer

mortimer the moose will keep toddler amused for hours with his many colors, textures, and sounds. His antlers are teethers, his toes are colorfully patterned and make a spread of sounds, and he chimes when you select him up. From beginning on up, mortimer is a lovely toy that will maintain your baby’s interest.


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8 reviews for Lamaze mortimer the moose, clip on toy

  1. NGM1015

    ‘Morty’, as we call him, has become our 5-month old’s best buddy. I introduced him to her when she was a newborn by hanging him from the mobile above her swing and she would stare at his black and white patterned feet. This helped her with tracking motion right from the start. Then as she got a little older and became able to grab things, she gravitated toward his crunchy feet, especially the one with the bell in it. Now that she’s teething, she frequently munches on his antlers and teething ‘butt rings’. She also finds his soft fur very comforting and will often burrow her face in it when she’s upset. This is an all-around amazing toy, as simple as he seems, and I’ll definitely be purchasing him for anyone I know who’s having a child in the future. Bonus: moose are my absolute favorite animal, so it makes me silly-happy that she loves him so much! Read more

  2. AngelaB

    My daughter love love LOVES this moose. It entertains her through just about anything. When in her car seat she used to cry seat each time the car stopped. That is gone. The moment I put her in I give her Moosey and she is good to go until we get home, and even after we get there. This includes being stuck in hour long traffic. It also worked for a 4+ hour road trip. At home Moosey gives me the time I need to get chores done, or have a bath. She keeps her company for HUGE stretches of time. She loves the many colors and sounds from different parts of the body. When she was still very tiny (she was less than 4 pounds when born) Moosey’s body parts were small enough to fit into her tiny hands and mouth. The antlers are bendable and that is now her favorite part to munch on. That and one of the feet that crinkles. I love that the moose has so many features. The ears and some of the feet crinkles. There are also bells in the feet that make different sounds. The fabric holding the car seat attachment has a spring action and the fur has a great, soft texture. The scarf also crinkles, and the different colors of the entire toy are very bright and vibrant. At almost 6 months old Moosey is just about the only toy that she plays with. Every other toy she may play with it for a few minutes and then she is looking for something else to do. Not so with the moose. She is her Moosey. Read more

  3. lisa doss

    I have been buying Mortimer moose for baby showers for years & every mom sings praises that he is their baby favorite toy & they don’t leave the house with out him. He’s not too heavy ( perfect for baby to hold onto) & is easily washable. Babies love the crinkle sound of his legs & biting his antlers. I think I’ve bought 5 or 6 over the years. Boys or girls Read more

  4. Skb

    We’ve had this toy since my daughter was 2 months old and she loves it! She is now 5 months and it’s been so fun watching her become more coordinated in the way she plays. This moose has soft teething antlers, hard teething rings, crinkle feet, jingle feet and a soft fuzzy body. It really has everything my daughter wants to play with in one toy! It also has a squeaker in the body but we don’t really use that feature because we don’t want to confuse the dog into thinking its one of her toys. Read more

  5. Bookworm4Life

    My son is just shy of being three months. We gave him Morty a few weeks ago, so he was a little over two months. He loves it. He talks to it, hugs it, yells at me and my husband if we take it from him. He’s satisfied to just have it wrapped around his chest/neck as he squeezes it to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. And he does all of this with his fists because he hasn’t figured out how to hold anything with this hand. We did buy other teething toys and had other stuffed animals. He likes those, but they’re really big and/or heavy and/or require him to open his hand and wrap his fingers around them. So Morty is perfect because it’s not bigger than my son, is light enough that my son can pick Morty up and move him around, and my son can hold it around the body or crackling legs and feet or the antlers. He has even managed to get his fists through the rings from time to time. So why the 1 start deduction? The antler’s edged curves are long/wide, which makes it difficult for my son to actually get his mouth on both sides and gnaw/gum it down, so he usually just goes through the motions of gumming along one flat side (looks like he’s kissing it) rather than putting sections of the antler in his mouth, or he just gums and sucks on Morty’s body. That results in me having to monitor my son so that I can pull Morty’s fur from my son’s mouth from time to time, and to be a toy made for a baby, I don’t think I should have to watch him while he plays, teeths, and uses it. Nevertheless, he loves Morty enough that we’re getting a second one because we need to rotate them – clean one use the other and vice versa. Read more

  6. DShirck

    This was my son’s favorite toy when he was a baby. Being my 2nd child, I was not as sentimental with him as I was with my first and I foolishly gave this toy to someone else when he outgrew it. His older sister still has her favorite baby toy and he wanted to know why he didn’t have his. Every year for Christmas we give our kids a gift of meaning, so I went ahead and snatched this up before they stop making it so we can give it to him for Christmas next year. He loved chewing on this and playing with all the nifty feet when he was a baby. The sweet boy we gave his original to loved it as well. It’s a great toy! Read more

  7. Katie

    My 3 stars is nothing against the product itself. It is actually great! I bought this to replace my 8mo old’s moose (2nd photo) that we got at a baby shower. She loved it and would play, chew, and sleep with it. Well the dog ate it and she’s been crabby so I went searching for a new one. I was delighted to see it was on Amazon because other major retailers are sold out. I was sent a purple one and she won’t even touch it. My 3 stars is because the listing showed pink and did not say colors varied. Otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased. Read more

  8. Amanda

    A great little toy for my infant. So many different sensory spots with different textures and sounds on one little toy. Seeing how most of it is fabric it’s not exactly the easiest to clean but we just kept this one inside so it never really got too dirty. Also has a convenient hook so you can hook it to some thing and not worry about it getting dirty. Read more

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