Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream for breastfeeding, 3 mini tubes of 0. 25 oz.

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  • brilliant portable: comes with three small lanolin cream tubes for clean transport in your handbag, diaper bag, or another transportable carrier
  • no 1 endorsed emblem: our hpa lanolin cream for breastfeeding is clinically examined and most recommended by way of doctors.
  • for nursing moms: thick, wealthy lanolin nipple cream soothes and protects sore nipples
  • safe for infant: made from simply lanolin, so there’s no need to put off this nipple nursing cream before breastfeeding
  • 100% herbal: no petroleum, parabens, or preservatives. Our lansinoh nipple cream is made from a unmarried, hypoallergenic component

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  • does lanolin expire? Is there an expiration date on this product?
  • query: does lanolin expire? Is there an expiration date on this product? Answer: expensive bojangles. Thanks for your question. The expiration is 3 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is printed on the crimped stop of every tube. By way of lansinoh manufacturer on september 19, 2017 failed to get solutions. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions

  • anyone genuinely use this on their nipples? All of the reviews are approximately it as a lip balm.
  • query: everybody surely use this on their nipples? All the reviews are about it as a lip balm. Solution: i use it on my nipples. It works as advertised. I bought it at a time while my nipples had gotten very sore. I felt comfort inside 24 hours. It is very thick so i exploit another, lighter balm before each pump and use this preventatively, approximately 3-4 instances in keeping with week. I’ve no longer experienced the identical discomfort. Via amazon patron on may additionally 12, 2018 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (four) fall apart all solutions

  • the packaging changed. Is this nevertheless one hundred% lanolin without a added components?
  • question: the packaging changed. Is that this still a hundred% lanolin with out a added components? Solution: hello wisewoman. Thanks on your query. You’re absolutely right! We referred to that on the second one image of the product web page. We just went thru a emblem overhaul and our product remain the exact same a hundred% pure lanolin through lansinoh producer on march 25, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (1) disintegrate all solutions

  • does it have a sturdy scent?
  • query: does it have a sturdy scent? Solution: howdy amazon consumer. Thanks for your question. No, lansinoh lanolin is going through a proprietary filtration system to dispose of color, taste, and odor to make certain the product is secure for child and does no longer intrude with breastfeeding. By means of lansinoh manufacturer on august 27, 2018 failed to get answers. See extra answers (7) collapse all solutions

    8 reviews for Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream for breastfeeding, 3 mini tubes of 0. 25 oz.

    1. Joyfulmama

      Excellent product for chapped lips for myself and also for my son who gets an eczema type rash on his face and very dry lips. There is no odor and no taste, which is great for kids with SPD or sensory issues. When I can get him to apply it at night, a difference is notable even by the first morning! Two mornings later it looked to be 70% healed. These tubes are very small, but great for using as lip balm, and i just squeeze it up a bit and apply to lips straight from the tube. Read more

    2. CarlyAnne

      Love this stuff! Have been using it since my 4.5 year old was born and in between needing it for it’s intended purposes. I have used it for chapped lips, cold sores (helps heal them amazingly fast and without drying out/cracking), dry knuckles & cuticles. I bought the 3 pack knowing they were smaller than the regular tube but thinking they were larger than what I received. This is my own misconception though so just pay attention to size! I included a photo next to a pen for reference. Nonetheless, these will be great for keeping one in the diaper bag, along with several places at home. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I actually used this product for severely chapped lips – hello wintertime! I wanted to love this product but continued use caused me to get tiny whitehead-like bumps around my lips, which disappeared after I discontinued use. My body probably doesn’t like lanolin, the active ingredient. Ultimately, it did un-chap my lips and provide relief in a time of need, but it made the top layer of skin sort of slough off the morning after a night-time application…not necessarily the worst, but then the new top layer of skin was, again, chapped (at which point I used a different product). It is a thick, translucently glossy product that isn’t sticky, per se, but denser than Vasoline and not great for daytime use. If you already love this product or its active ingredient, lanolin, you will love the portability of this 3-pack. Read more

    4. Smurphette

      My oldest and youngest are 10 years apart. One winter, the oldest had very chapped lips and I didn’t have anything for her, to told her to try some of this. She stole the entire tube, and has kept herself stocked with it ever since. Now she has her own baby, and uses it for breastfeeding as well as on her lips. Her husband has some allergies, and can’t use most skin products, but he can use this on his lips. The small tubes are great to carry in your purse for your lips. Read more

    5. Sassy and Oliver

      I’ve been suffering for months with horribly chapped lips. They were so bad they were actually painful, and the corners of my mouth kept splitting open. I’ve “constantly” and I do mean CONSTANTLY kept lip salves, balms, medicated and non medicated on them, trying at least a dozen different brands. Even when I’d wake up in the middle of the night I’d re-apply it. NOTHING HELPED! . . . Nothing worked until I discovered this product and it’s been “a miracle cure” for me. In only 2 days my lips have healed, are moist, and no longer cracking. I just apply a really teeny-tiny amount, and reapply whenever it wears thin. If it’s safe for the baby to nurse without removing it then it’s certainly safe if you lick your lips. Unlike petroleum lip balms, or bees wax, it ATTRACTS MOISTURE, instead of sealing moisture out. Product: Lansinoh HPA Lanolin The tubes are tiny, (note the ballpoint pen beside them) but it only takes a teeny-tiny dab to coat the lips. Read more

    6. R. Eldredge

      This is probably the one thing I purchased in advance of baby being born that was the best thing EVER! 3 months post partum & I still use these- two are still untouched because you don’t need much! Never had a problem with staining fabric like other people mention, but I don’t use much, maybe a pea size? they really help your nipples from feeling sore, painful & cracked and is baby friendly. Used it after every feeding for the first month… Now I still use them after showers, but have also found a new use- my sad rough feet! I’ll put this on them after a shower & put some socks over my feet & they are super soft again in a day or two! Read more

    7. Amy Helfenbein

      I have severe issues with my lips getting chapped in the wintertime. They get so chapped that they crack and bleed and most lip balms don’t even begin to help. A friend recommended that I try this and man, does it work a miracle. I really wish I had some before and after pics, but suffice to say the result is night and day. I also love that it is in a three pack. I keep one in my desk at work, one in my purse and one at home. Read more

    8. Cassidy M.

      I was totally addicted to chap stick. I had a tube in my car, in my desk drawer, in my purse, in my pocket… I HAD to have my lips covered at all times or they felt like I had been lost in the desert for days. In an effort to break my addiction, and after some internet research, I started using this nipple cream on my lips. It worked! I was able to wean myself off the chapstick in a few weeks without the discomfort of dry lips. It has no taste and feels really silky and smooth, not sticky at all. Only a tiny amount is needed. I usually use this once in the morning and once at night, my lips don’t feel dry during the day. Read more

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