Lovable child taggy safety blanket colourful tags toy tender infant appease towel inexperienced frog – memento new child toddler lady&boy perfect bathe present


  • amazing for infants who love tags! Irresistible satin ribbon tags round its border, the cotton safety blanket affords a tactile experience for curious little palms.
  • splendid child sleep helper! A tender soothing towels ought to deliver the toddler a sturdy feel of safety and ease the baby into sleep quickly. Supply a smash for parents. Best for toddler difficult to go to sleep.
  • exquisite for child! This comfort tags toy is thirteen” x 13”, it is the proper size for a new child size three – 36 months antique to comprehend. Clean to tour with ideal for the automobile.
  • extremely good for stimulate toddler’s sensory: this taggies blanket has excessive comparison hues and colourful the tags, exact unisex toy to help toddlers eyes!
  • smooth as much as keep! This smooth blanket is system washable,cold water at the mild cycle.
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upalupa – a brand new logo changed into created by using skilled mother

  • for most women, pregnancy and new motherhood is a pleasure — as a minimum a number of the time. But most moms additionally revel in worry, disappointment, guilt, competition, frustration, and even anger and worry. Jessica – emblem founder of upalupa additionally skilled these, so upalupa become born.
  • upalupa recognition on growing and offering baby toys. We insist on presenting premium merchandise for babies to make them satisfied and permit mother and father feel relieved.
  • little arms live energetic with this colorful man or woman as baby explores styles, textures and sounds. Perfect for a laugh at home or on-the pass, this cute associate plush toy for multi-sensory play.
  • whether there is a demanding situation to your baby or it’s far worn-out and desires to sleep- with this cuddly plush toy, your child will robotically feel a lot more secure and greater cozy! Snuggle this soft blanket and sleep brief
  • how vital of this safety blanket to baby?

  • this lovable & tender blanket can assist baby fall again to sleep speedy or feel secure irrespective of wherein they are.
  • non-toxic food grade silicone teether toy and secure herbal beech, trustworthy teether toys to satisfy the needs of infant enamel molar.
  • it’ll additionally do an excellent activity when the baby chunk fingers, crying, gambling, drooling or emotional instability
  • embellished with interactive and soothing textured loop colorful tags babies like to explore
  • adorable animal design to draw toddlers interest to calm the infant’s feelings.
  • as a growth partner for babies

    upalupa infant lovey is an essential growth partner to promote babies’ sensory capabilities. The collacation of various coloured fabrics and the aggregate of various materials allow babies to understand a different international from an early age. Cautiously selected substances can’t only assist babies to develop, however additionally prevent and enhance toddlers’ pores and skin eczema. It may also be used to wipe off saliva, sweat, milk stains and workout infants’ small fingers.


    interactive and soothing satin loop tags toddlers love to discover.

    lovable animal shape to attract toddlers attention and sensitive embroidery craft

    remarkable gentle cloth with cotton pp,the cotton protection blanket offers a tactile experience for curious little hands


    A- Monkey, B- Cat, C- Frog


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