Maymom duckbill valves for spectra. Designed for spectra s1 spectra s2 spectra 9 plus spectra dew 350 not authentic spectra pump components spectra s2 add-ons replace spectra valve (6 ct white)

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  • duckbill
  • duckbills for spectra s1 s2 pumps. Go around the hollow kind. Incorporates 6 duckbill valves for spectra. Paintings with spectra s2, spectra s1, spectra nine plus, spectra dew 350, spectra s2plus, spectra s1plus
  • made via maymom. Not unique spectra pump parts. Paintings with spectra s2 add-ons.
  • identical suction power as oem valves. Like minded with spectra flange and maymom breastshield.
  • do now not comprise bpa. Sterilize in water steam or boiling water before use. Follow ecu and u. S. Fda regulations for materials that contact meals. Tested by way of unbiased labs for fine and safety.
  • update spectra valve.
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  • how do i realize while those need to be replaced?
  • question: how do i recognise while those need to get replaced? Answer: attempt them and if they don’t have that strong of a suction as earlier than you want new ones or in the event that they have a rip on the edge through samantha bottary on october 16, 2020 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • do you need to wash these after each use?
  • question: do you have to wash these after every use? Solution: yes you do you have to wash your pump after each use to save you micro organism. I have positioned all my pumping element inside the refrigerator at paintings but nonetheless wash after my 8 hour day. Through christina hasbrouck on january 6, 2020 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (7) crumble all solutions

  • are the color differences purely aesthetic or are they unique designs?
  • query: are the colour differences simply aesthetic or are they one of a kind designs? Solution: as far as i’m able to tell the shade distinction is only for looks. By way of molly on july 16, 2020 did not get answers. See extra solutions (1) disintegrate all answers

  • the package deal says now not to put within the dishwasher but i am lazy. Has absolutely everyone used a dishwasher for some time and determined their valves nevertheless paintings?
  • query: the package says not to put inside the dishwasher but i’m lazy. Has absolutely everyone used a dishwasher for a while and observed their valves still work? Answer: i use a bottle parts basket in the pinnacle rack of the dishwasher for all my pump parts. I completely pump though so i also update my elements quite regularly to maintain efficacy (every couple weeks for valves) so i will’t communicate to how it influences their toughness. However within the brief term, no problems. By means of amazonreviews on november 18, 2020 failed to get answers. See more solutions (2) disintegrate all answers


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    6 ct White, Blue, Mix Color, Orange, Pink, White

    8 reviews for Maymom duckbill valves for spectra. Designed for spectra s1 spectra s2 spectra 9 plus spectra dew 350 not authentic spectra pump components spectra s2 add-ons replace spectra valve (6 ct white)

    1. Amazing Nugget

      This is smaller than the original spectra. It is made of a somewhat the same material but thinner, cheaper and more crude than the original. One thing that bugs me is that it’s not as a perfect fit than the original. I always struggle to remove it for cleaning. I always worry I am gonna gonna tear it in half. The spectra one pops off real easy. UPDATE: After 2 months of light/minimal use, I only pump once a day, and use my pump parts every other day. The valve is now torn the same way the spectra did but weirdly enough it gaping open unlike the spectra that retained it shape. There is 4 other spares so I wasnt too heart broken about it. Read more

    2. Brittany

      I bought the BLUE duckbills to replace both my Spectra duckbills and older Maymom white duckbills. These are designed slightly differently and made of a softer silicone material than the previous Maymom version I had. They feel more like the original spectra duckbills. Suction is GREAT. I thought I was doing something wrong as I lost a lot of suction over the past few weeks, which is a huge deal as I’m a pump almost all of baby’s feedings when I’m not with her to breastfeed her. I’m also a “just enough-er”, so losing any of my supply is reason to panic. I popped these on in place of my old ones, and holy moly! I had to turn the suction on my pump down. I’ve been getting about an ounce more per session than before which adds up! These are also easier to remove from the flange. I have a hard time getting the Spectra and old Maymom duckbills off, and these are much easier, so I don’t have to worry as much about damaging them trying to yank them off. I cannot attest to durability yet, though I am hopeful as I’ve been using Maymom products for a couple months now with no issues. TL,DR – I like these even better than the Spectra duckbills that came with my pump, and my output is better than before. Softer silicone, easier to remove, great suction. After this review, I’m buying more! Read more

    3. M Wallace

      I watched my milk supply dip quickly when using these for slightly less than a week. If you want to lose milk supply because these aren’t emptying your breasts adequately, these are a good deal, otherwise avoid these at all costs! After using these for the last time today there was markedly less milk than ever. I put a Spectra brand set back on my pump and immediately pumped again. I got almost double the milk immediately. That shows these don’t remove all the milk. And everyone knows breast milk is a supply and demand situation so not removing it all will result in less and less milk each feeding or pumping. I am rebuilding my milk supply via pumping so any loss is devastating to me and baby. Maybe if you have robust supply these will not make a big difference but for anyone rebuilding supply or struggling to pump, they just don’t remove enough milk and your supply will go down. Read more

    4. Kolin Zimmer

      First time purchase and will be using in the future. I love the color option just to mix it up. Feel thick and tough material. The pictures are comparing to close to three months used motif Luna pump valves. The maymom fit more snug than the originals did(probably due to use). Seems to function as normal even with these parts added Read more

    5. Bugart

      I learned real quick with my first kiddo that these are the way to go. Now, with kid 2, I again, pump exclusively and I prefer these to the ones that come with the medela pump. They’re very durable, just don’t pull on the bill part as that’ll weaken the suction and lead to blogged ducts if you’re not careful. I replace mine every 3 months, and have no complaints. I pumped for a whole year with kid one and am going on 6 months with kid 2. Read more

    6. Antonette

      So far, including OEM valves from spectra these are my very favorite! They have awesome suction and a slightly different design than the white ones I’ve gotten from maymom. They fit my OEM spectra parts PERFECT and they’re long enough and the right material that I can just pull them off with no issues or worries of damaging them. I’ve actually been getting one ounce more off my left side with these which I think is a testimate to how much better the suction. I only rated durability lower now because I’ve only been using them for like a week. Read more

    7. Sydney

      These works fine with the Spectra. I’m exclusively pumping so have to replace parts often. The Spectra ones are just too expensive! These work just fine. I do have one that initially didn’t work and backed up milk to the flange but it never happened again. Suction is still going strong after a month. Read more

    8. xBella0385

      The auction power/milk output that I get with these seems the same as with my original Spectra ones (and I track my output VERY closely due to being a low-supply mom) They are easier to put on and take off than the original ones. I know some people have had issues with them popping off while pumping, but I have never had that issue as long as they were cleaned well and put on securely. They don’t seem to wear out any faster than the Spectra original ones either. Overall, these are pretty great. The only downside I see is that you have to make sure to clean the ridge where they attach to the flange well otherwise milk fat builds up there. I find that a simple few second scrub with the bottle brush works well. Read more

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