Munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag refills, 4 p. C., 48 baggage

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  • includes 12 baggage in each top off; forty eight lavender-scented baggage overall
  • baggage are infused with baking soda for secure, powerful, and natural smell elimination
  • well matched with munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag dispensers
  • baggage are durable and smooth to split
  • first-rate for use at domestic or on-the-move
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it’s now not continually viable or sensible to attend until coming domestic for a diaper trade. Not to worry – munchkin has you included with arm & hammer diaper bag refills. These disposable luggage offer safe, scent-managed diaper disposal at home or at the pass. Well suited with munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag dispensers, each bag is infused with baking soda for natural scent absorption. The baggage are gently scented with lavender as nicely, for a true one- punch in opposition to nasty smells.

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it’s no longer usually feasible or realistic to wait till coming home for a diaper exchange. Now not to fear – munchkin has you protected with arm & hammer diaper bag refills. Those disposable luggage provide safe, odor-controlled diaper disposal at home or at the cross. Well suited with munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag dispensers, every diaper garbage bag is infused with baking soda for herbal odor absorption. The baggage are gently scented with lavender as nicely, for a real one-two punch in opposition to nasty smells.


36 Count, 48 Count, 72 Count

4 reviews for Munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag refills, 4 p. C., 48 baggage

  1. Frederick

    When it comes down to it, a diaper bag needs to fill one basic function: contain a dirty diaper AND its odor. If it can’t do that, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, how easily it closes, or what it’s made of. With that in mind, here’s why I find these bags superior to others we have tried: 1) They are just tough enough. In other words, if they were any thinner they might tear too easily, but if they were any thicker they would be unnecessarily thick and heavy. They strike the right balance between toughness and compactness. 2) They don’t have drawstrings or any other fancy ties. While this may seem like a downside, consider what drawstring trash bags look like when you cinch them shut: no matter how tightly you pull the strings, the bag never really closes completely; there’s always a small hole there, right? Normally that’s not a big deal, but if the bag happens to contain a dirty diaper, even a small hole won’t do — trust me. So if you want to close these bags tightly, you have to tie a simple knot in them, which DOES seal the odor in. 3) They are compact: the roll of 30 bags is very small, making them easy to transport, even inside the plastic dispenser. Lest I get too carried away, here are a few things I DON’T like about these bags: 1) Their smell. It’s billed as “lavendar,” and I suppose that’s what it is, but I’m not a fan. Fortunately it’s not a super strong odor, so it hasn’t been tough to tolerate, and it does smell better than the bags’ contents… 2) The dispenser. It’s simple and compact, but getting a bag out of it can take some fiddling. On the other hand, it’s easy to rotate the roll within the dispenser so that the bags are unlikely to come out on their own. Granted, you can use the bags without the dispenser — in fact, they would take up less room that way — but there’s a good chance the bags could come unrolled. Then there’s the safety issue of having a bunch of unraveled plastic bags around a baby or toddler. 3) The price. But again, I tried less expensive diaper bags from several other brands and kept coming back to this one. This is a case where you do, apparently, get what you pay for. Read more

  2. CA Amazon

    I love these bags. Just like my neighbor does with his dog, when my kid poops on someones else lawn while we are out for a walk, I can quickly scoop it up and throw it away without leaving a trace. It’s always awkward though when we are out and I think I have plenty of bags, but I find myself standing in a stranger’s yard circling the fresh poo searching my pockets and wondering if anyone will notice if I just walk away. Only once have I had to pick up my son and bolt because, unfortunately, the owner of the house caught me. No worries though, even carrying a 24 lb. kid, I was able to outrun the guy. In all seriousness…these bags are great. After changing epic dirty diapers we can seal the stench into one of these bad boys. Our house stays smelling so fresh and so clean. Read more

  3. Joan R Johnson

    I bought extra bags for the dispenser when I was looking for a better solution to the too large bags that come with my Ostomy pouches, 5-6 for a box of 10 pouches. They are more discreet in that they are darkly tinted bags, but are too big for one pouch, too small for 2 pouches, and are not scented so I must take them out to the garbage disposal bin right away. These bags are the perfect size, very portable with the dispenser that clips easily onto my Ostomy supply carrying tote, and because they’re scented, I can empty the bathroom waste basket when it’s full with no fear of odors escaping the bags. I LOVE them, and am so glad I found a solution that works so well for Ostomy bag disposal. Read more

  4. Sailor

    *update to my review!” The second set of bags In this pack I just opened and tried using, but they are half a bag! Literally half the normal size split vertically so that they are only sealed on 2 sides, so completely useless! Every single bag in this set it like this and I can’t return because the return window has closed! There have been so many times I’ve been glad to have this baby diaper bag dispenser in my purse. There are many places I’ve been whether at a studio class, park, etc where you just can’t throw a diaper in the trash straight up. Also great when you’re staying in hotels too. Read more

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