Munchkin bluetooth enabled lightweight baby swing with natural sway in five speeds and far flung manipulate

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  • emulates dad and mom’ natural side-to-facet sway in five awesome speeds
  • bluetooth enabled to play your infant’s favourite music out of your telephone
  • touchscreen show is wise, intuitive and smooth to apply
  • light-weight and portable – clean to put together and p. C. Down in seconds for simple garage or transport
  • for babies among five-20 lbs who can’t sit up or climb out of swing unassisted seat pad and head help are device washable and reversible for convenience
  • includes remote manipulate to operate swing velocity, sounds and timer
  • ac adapter covered, no batteries required

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  • do you need to plug the swing in or is it battery operated? Can it swing for more than half-hour?
  • query: do you have to plug the swing in or is it battery operated? Can it swing for greater than half-hour? Answer: exact afternoon rhonda, the munchkin bluetooth enabled light-weight infant swing is not battery operated. The unit does consist of an ac adapter and usb energy supply in order for the infant swing to characteristic properly and is not able to swing for more than half-hour. By way of a manufacturer manufacturer on january 18, 2021 fall apart all answers

  • are you able to adjust the perspective? I’ve seen new research that announces infants shouldn’t sleep in a swing, rocker, and so forth. With a slumbering function of >10 levels.
  • query: are you able to modify the attitude? I’ve visible new studies that says babies shouldn’t sleep in a swing, rocker, and so forth. With a drowsing role of >10 tiers. Answer: right afternoon john, please be aware that the munchkin bluetooth enabled infant swing isn’t suggested for use with prolong durations of drowsing. As well, the angle on the infant swing cannot be adjusted from its 25 degree attitude. By using a producer manufacturer on april 27, 2021 did not get answers. See greater answers (1) crumble all answers

  • is it strong? I’ve a five yo and dont want it toppled over too effortlessly
  • in case you want the swing to your 5yo, sincerely it’s no longer strong sufficient on account that it is made for infants. Now, if it’s for a toddler and feature a 5yo, that is exactly my case too, it truely doesn’t topple over however i’m afraid it is able to snap or brake whilst my 5yo leans on it due to the extra weight. So, i would say it’s a extraordinary alternative, comfortable, mild weigh and very strong so long as you don’t put greater weight than what it become made for. See less

  • does this swing include a removable netting for outside use? Additionally, does it must be plugged in to work or can it run off a charge/batteries?
  • query: does this swing include a removable netting for outside use? Also, does it must be plugged in to work or can it run off a fee/batteries? Solution: good afternoon brittany, the munchkin bluetooth enabled light-weight child swing does must be plugged in the use of the ac adapter or usb power supply in order for the infant swing to characteristic nicely. As properly, the baby swing does not come with a netting for outdoor use. By means of a producer manufacturer on december 17, 2020 fall apart all solutions

    8 reviews for Munchkin bluetooth enabled lightweight baby swing with natural sway in five speeds and far flung manipulate

    1. Lauren Shea

      We are first time parents and we were looking for a reliable swing that might assist with soothing / sleep assist for our newborn. We did some research on the Mama Roo, Baby Bjorn, and a couple others and saw that the Munchkin Swing had a competitive price with similar features as the others. After purchasing we tried our 5 week old in the swing and she absolutely loves it. We’ve been mostly using for our morning nap routine or when the baby finishes tummy time and not tired enough for nap. The swing has 5 levels, comes with built in white noise along with other soothing music/sounds, and you can easily pair with blue tooth to play your own music! I didn’t think I’d need this feature, but after trying it out, realized it would be fun for baby to listen to tunes that we enjoy as well. Set up and take down is super easy, pretty much sets up in one click, and the swing can be stored flat so can be put away and out of sight when not in use, which is necessary in our small apartment. Highly recommend this product – it’s an item we are getting almost daily use out of! Read more

    2. Stephany Jones

      Haven’t used this on the baby it is intended for yet because baby hasn’t been born yet but my 1 year old is obsessed with this swing. It is super lightweight, super easy to put together. The remote works great. Sounds actually sound like they are supposed too. I like how the colors are so neutral. I think the side to side motion is great, I feel like that’s more like mom. I have a mamaroo and a rockaroo and I think that this particular swing will get the most use. Excited to finally be able to use it on my newborn. Read more

    3. Marie L

      Absolutely love this baby swing!! It has a soft natural swinging motion that really soothes and calms our baby and he absolutely loves it! And it plays different calming sounds, even heartbeat sounds and classical music! I’m really impressed with the sound quality too. I can adjust the settings with the remote which is super convenient when I’m doing dishes or something else. It’s comfortable and safe for our little one and has head support. I love how light weight it is so I can easily move it from room to room which I need or even to my parent’s house. I tried the MamaRoo and it was way too heavy and bulky and had bumpy motions. This is also easy to clean and machine washable and was super easy to set up (came with only 2 pieces!). Highly highly recommend! This made our lives as first time parents so much easier and our baby loves it! Must have! Read more

    4. Daniel

      As first-time parents, we hadn’t realized how important having a good swing is! We love the baby Munchkin swing, but more importantly, our 3-month-old son loves it too! The swing is light and really easy to assemble, it took less than a minute to put it together. It has a sleek and modern design that fits nicely in the living room. The swaying motion is smooth and mimics how we swing our baby, with a nice gentle rhythm. What we love the most is the sitting angle and cushion which gives ideal support- our baby can sit comfortably without sinking into an awkward position and is able to move his head from side to side. It also has a mesh back which keeps him from getting sweaty and overheated. The swing comes with a variety of relaxing sounds and music and a big plus is you can connect your phone with Bluetooth and control volume and speed with remote control. The sound quality is really good. We’ve tried other brands (Mamaroo, Fisher-Price) and this is by far the best! Highly recommend! Read more

    5. Lauren

      This is the best baby swing on the market by FAR. We had tried that mamaroo product, but that was more expensive, harder to work, less baby friendly and uglier. Basically a more expensive garbage product. This swing is a better price, very easy to assemble and reassemble, swings and soothes my baby perfectly, has many different settings that help him, and makes our lives easier. If you are going to get a swing get this one. Easy choice. Read more

    6. NancyG42

      My baby loves this way more than the graco swing. The graco swing stopped working after a month. This swing is nice because it’s light weight portable and has Bluetooth and has nice soothing noises for the baby to fall asleep too. I wish it had a vibrating mode. The look is nice a sleek this swing doesn’t take up much room which is nice! Read more

    7. Amanda

      Having used a baby swing with my first child, I opened the box expecting to need time to assemble this swing. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how simple it is to put together. It honestly takes less than a minute to put together. And it is so compact, which makes storage so easy. I also absolutely love the simple, neutral colors of the fabric and the design is very sleek overall. And I can play my own music through the bluetooth speaker, which gives me a lot more sound and music options, plus the ability to control it without having to get up and down constantly. It is so nice to not have another colorful baby accessory in my home! I can’t wait to use this with my newborn when she gets here. Having used a much larger baby swing with my first child, I am beyond thrilled to have found a swing that takes up less space, looks great, and functions smartly. I am certainly a happy mama! Read more

    8. Alex

      This swing is really well designed and well made. It’s got a mesh back to the seat portion so it can stay cool while the insert is reversible: fleecy on one side for warmth and cooler fabric on the other when it’s hot. The whole thing is removable for washing, too. The control interface is sleek but intuitive. It’s all touch screen but blends nicely with the base. Not what I expected to find on a baby swing. The bluetooth speaker is also a nice touch. It’s great for soothing baby with calming music or white noise. The actual motion of the swing is really gentle. Even at the highest setting, it doesn’t fly around faster like other swings, it’s just a slightly wider arc. This is the new standard for baby swings! Read more

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