Munchkin bubble beak bathtub spout cover protection shield, yellow

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  • duck-fashioned spout guard covers faucet to assist prevent bumps and burns
  • fits most spout kinds and works with bathe diverters
  • built-in bubble tub dispenser
  • spout defend measures 7. Five”in x 4″in (top starting measures 4″in x 1″in)
  • manufactured from durable cloth and no paint, which means that you do now not need to worry approximately chipping!

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  • in which is this made?
  • question: in which is this made? Solution: exact afternoon bill, the munchkin bubble beak tub spout cowl protection guard is made in china. Via a producer manufacturer on february 1, 2021 crumble all solutions

  • does this have latex?
  • query: does this have latex? Solution: accurate morning brittany, the munchkin bubble beak bathtub spout cowl protection defend is latex loose. With the aid of a manufacturer producer on december 9, 2019 crumble all answers

  • i’ve a the front diverted spout. Would it not suit inside the beak? Is that possible?
  • query: i have a the front diverted spout. Would it not suit within the beak? Is that feasible? Solution: probably – there may be a slot on top for that. That worked for us, however our spout was wider toward the bottom and this will not stay in region. By way of jeffrey peterman on october 3, 2020 did not get answers. See greater solutions (1) collapse all answers

  • is it dishwasher secure?
  • query: is it dishwasher secure? Answer: suitable morning giovanna, the munchkin bubble beak tub spout cowl safety guard is not dishwasher safe at the moment. With the aid of a producer manufacturer on february 27, 2020 fall apart all answers

    8 reviews for Munchkin bubble beak bathtub spout cover protection shield, yellow

    1. Daniel

      We spent way too long researching different spout covers for our daughter. We found issues for nearly all the other ones available on Amazon and I can assure you, this one is the best one that fits the most amount of faucets while still covering the underside sharp edges of the spout. However, we pulled it off about 2 months after use and we found the inside covered with mold. We used a bleach and vinegar solution to kill it off and this is probably just something to expect with every rubber spout cover. Just keep an eye out for it! Read more

    2. Breanna

      I like this product. I gave it three stars because it doesn’t work IF you follow the directions because it slips off the faucet soo easily and is more of a hazard. However I improvised and placed one strap under the faucet and one strap over the faucet to hold it in place and it’s very secure.. see photos Read more

    3. Amanda M. Jones

      It’s cute and does the job but I constantly have to adjust it to keep it from sliding off the faucet. I feel like we have a pretty normal, standard-sized tub faucet but this ducky has an awfully hard time staying put, even with the little strappy thing on the bottom that fits over/behind the lip of the faucet spout. My 15 mo old can pretty easily pull this thing off in about 2 seconds, which kinda defeats the purpose. I’m trying to think of a way to modify it so it attaches more securely… Read more

    4. Elizabeth Roe

      So far, this product does exactly what I need it to do. My son (nearly 2 years old) stands up quickly when he decides he is ready to get out of the tub and twice he stood up and scraped his back on the faucet. I decided to go with this cover because it has two straps on the bottom vs the single strap that most other brands had and so far it had worked well. My son has pulled on it some since it does look like a toy but hasn’t yet managed to get it off and I could tell while putting it on that it was a snug fit for my standard Moen faucet. The silicone material feels like it will get moldy easily (like the inside of other bath toys tend to get moldy quickly) so we will definitely be bleaching it every week with his other toys but so far I am pleased with this purchase. Read more

    5. Meghan M Van Ormer

      The ‘stretch’ has so much slack that the duck will not stay on our Moen faucet. Disappointed, but I have enough friends with young kids who kight be able to use it. Read more

    6. Puddin

      This duckie was cute and seemed well made but would not stay in place covering the spout. It constantly slipped forward until it was hanging off; in that manner, it would cover the bottom of the spout (it would protect a case of a child abruptly raising his head or limb up under it) but not the top corner (so it would not protect against a child falling on the spout). I’m shopping for an alternative that will stay in place. Read more

    7. Steelersgal

      Needed a change from the blue whale we had. Pros- Bright, playful looking, and of good quality. I like that it has a place in the beak to pour bubble bath into. Con- Putting it on is slightly more difficult than the whale was, at least with my faucet anyway. It is do-able though. Overall, good product and I do recommend. Update: No bubble bath dispenser as it states. You can fill the beak, but that’s just it. Theres no way for the bubble solution to empty and mix with the running water so it’s pointless. Read more

    8. Keahi

      We have a very odd shaped spout in the bathtub. It’s large and sort of bell shaped. I previously bought a whale shaped cover and although it never fit, never stayed on we kept it because it was all I could find. When it started getting gross I went to Amazon and tried to find a different shape. I read someone else who said this worked for their odd shaped spout so I gave it a try. Amazingly it works!!! I had to stretch the straps under it to get it on the spout but now it’s on and not going anywhere. It has better access to the pull and covers the whole spout. I already want to order back ups for one this one gets gross. Read more

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