Munchkin high capability dishwasher basket, 1 p. C., grey

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  • more-big baby dishwasher basket contains each wellknown and huge mouth bottles
  • without problems squeeze and slide nipples into region – no want to open top lid to load and sell off
  • large decrease basket holds collars, valves, spouts and other small bottle and sippy cup accessories
  • consists of straw rack plus unique place for containing and cleaning pacifiers
  • use in top rack of dishwasher most effective

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  • where changed into it made?
  • precise morning, the munchkin high capacity dishwasher basket is made in china. Regardless of where our merchandise are synthetic, we’re vigilant approximately retaining the safety and great of merchandise. All of our products are independently tested and meet or exceed the safety standards for our enterprise as established by each the consumer product protection fee (cpsc) and american society for testing and substances (astm) worldwide. We’re constantly in contact with those country wide protection organizations to make sure we’re up-to-date with clear scientific findings and any modifications in guidelines. Further, comply with-up assessments are conducted on all of our merchandise at periodic periods after they launch to ensure every product’s safety. See much less

  • do the dr brown extensive neck fit?
  • question: do the dr brown extensive neck match? Answer: hello sarah, the munchkin excessive capability dishwasher basket is designed to suit most widespread and wide mouth bottles. Unfortunately we do no longer have a listing of every logo and fashion to be had to pass reference for compatibility right now. By a manufacturer producer on september 10, 2020 did not get answers. See extra answers (1) crumble all answers

  • does every body use this with tommee tippee towards nature bottles? How many of the teats are you able to suit inside the pinnacle compartment?
  • appropriate morning kimberley, the munchkin excessive potential dishwasher basket incorporates maximum trendy and huge mouth bottles and depending on the size of the nipples, you may healthy as much as 5 massive nipples at the pinnacle compartment. Lamentably, we do not have a listing of every logo and style to be had to go reference for compatibility right now. See much less

  • how tall is the top compartment?
  • query: how tall is the pinnacle compartment? Answer: precise morning josh, the pinnacle compartment from our munchkin excessive capacity dishwasher basket is about 1. Seventy five” tall. With the aid of a manufacturer manufacturer on march 10, 2021 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (4) collapse all answers

    8 reviews for Munchkin high capability dishwasher basket, 1 p. C., grey

    1. Kaleen

      I am the person to read the entire product description and most reviews before buying something. I really was under the impression this was a basket large enough to hold multiple bottles. But it is so small! I use MaM 9 oz bottles for my little guy and there is no way for even two bottles to fit in this thing. I end up putting just the tops and bottoms of the bottles into the basket and put the plastic bottle part out in the top rack of my dishwasher. I have six bottles and the tops and bottoms barely fit after I remove the plastic shelf inside. It’s a good basket and I think if you are looking to use it for small parts of things like maybe pacifiers or small toys to run thru the dishwasher this one is great. But for bottle cleaning it isnt practical for me. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      I have an old one that I have used for my last several kids. I’ve been pleased with it and never expected to buy another one. We recently had twins, however, and we have more bottle pieces than before! Haha. I saw that this basket was slightly larger than the other one, but I thought that would be okay. I liked the idea of using it for sippy cups later on, when we are out of bottles. What I didn’t realize (I should have checked the measurements more closely) is that the basket is not only *taller* than the regular old one, it is also *wider.* That means it can hold more (or larger) items but with my particular dishwasher, it won’t fit in one section like the other. This means it has to kind of straddle two sections, taking up twice as much room. One feature I like better than the other version is that the middle divider can be moved or removed all together. This means you can make the inside compartments taller or shorter depending on the size of your pieces. I wish my old one would do that! Genius idea. So for me, the quality is great, and I will use it sometimes, but I am not using it as often as I had hoped because it just takes up too much precious dishwasher space. So you might want to measure the inside of your dishwasher before you order! Read more

    3. AllyG

      Such a great product Top layer is perfect of bottle nipples, sippy lids, and small pieces. Bottom layer is perfect for bigger pieces and covers Fits perfect in my dishwasher on the top rack Before this product I lost several bottle pieces because they melted on the heating element so glad I have this product. Read more

    4. Watanabe Poemi

      I’m using this daily to clean accessories for my breast pump. I even bought two of them. They’re great for keeping most small, loose parts from getting flung all over inside my dishwasher. I like how you can adjust the partition inside. I haven’t used the straw holders yet, but I imagine that’s super useful once I do. I wish the top lid had smaller slots though. Also, make sure that the lids are closed properly, because if you’re not paying attention, they may not be shut right, and then your clean stuff will fall everywhere when you pick it up. This thing is quite thin and flexible, so it’s easy for the lids to come open if you squeeze it too hard while holding it. Read more

    5. Katie Jones

      I wanted something to hold the little pieces from my pump and the small bottle parts and this works. I put my bottles on the top rack, so it’s plenty large enough. I wish I could give 4.5 stars – giving 4 instead of 5 because of how awkwardly it sits in the dishwasher. So it’s really good, but not quite ideal for my washer. Read more

    6. Libs

      Somehow I thought it would be larger. My baby is mostly breastfed and I’m only generating 1-2 bottles and caps daily from pumping, so we don’t have a huge volume of caps and nipples yet. Annoyingly, it will not fit all the parts from a full day (4-5 bottles) once the baby starts daycare, and even without the bottle parts we have plenty of small items (snack tupperwares for the toddler, measuring cups) that usually flip over and end up with water and leftover detergent residue that are nice to put in this basket if only there were more room. On the plus side, it works with my Medela and Tommee Tippee caps and nipples, and I see it has a holder on the side for the straws from Dr. Brown’s. It fits easily into the prongs in our Frigidaire dishwasher. I like that you can remove the middle separator to make it one taller basket. Read more

    7. Sam

      We bought this after MONTHS of cleaning baby bottles by hand, thinking maybe we could put some of the nipples or sippy cup tops in the dishwasher instead. This basket is so small that we only ended up putting medicine syringes and baby spoons in it to keep them from bouncing around the dishwasher. We have opted to no longer use this item as it just wasted space in our dishwasher and didn’t really save us from having to wash much by hand anyway. Disappointed. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      We needed a solution for washing bottle parts in our dishwasher without taking up all the space in the silverware baskets. This is working fairly well, it fits fine on the top rack. I like the layered compartments; the top does a great job of holding the nipples in place so there is no soap residue left in the ends anymore. It is smaller and flimsier than I thought it would be. The size is less of a problem than the durability; the small pieces of plastic that are meant to hold the bottle vents in place on the side of the basket have already started breaking off after a week of use. That being said, it still does what it needs to, and at the price point, I won’t mind buying a replacement if and when necessary. Read more

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