My brest buddy authentic nursing posture pillow, navy bluebells

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  • 100% cotton
  • imported
  • sense the aid: encourages higher posture all through breastfeeding, alleviating stress on your again, neck, and fingers
  • firm and flat: prevents baby from rolling out of function in the course of nursing
  • convenient pocket: on hand pouch continues your maternity elements inside clean attain
  • wrap around design: adjusts to fit most sizes, this pillow surrounds your body securely, for the correct role
  • desired by the professionals: my brest pal is proud to be the top preference of lactation consultants and birthing hospitals
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  • does this pillow have flame retardant?
  • my brest pal has now not used fire retardants because the law requiring it changed in december 2010. We comply with the highest stage of safety, health issues and government guidelines. The pillow changed into invented 16 years in the past and we have helped hundreds of thousands of mothers breastfeed their infants in extra than 30 countries round the world. In sixteen years, we’ve got never had any trouble with protection or health with the use of our pillows. We check all of our foam and merchandise the use of intertek laboratories, considered to be one of the leading independent testing laboratories within the world. All of our exams have surpassed the prison and strictest safety policies. We retain to test all residuals for protection, and the consequences show that they may be either nonexistent or at a stage this is considered to be “non-detectable” through the laboratory, and consequently considered safest. We are hoping that this addresses any concerns you have got. See less

  • i am plus size. Does the wrap around expand for voluptuous mamas?
  • i feel like this query deserves a more updated solution. I simply offered it (march 2021) and i can return it because it will truly no longer suit me even once i supply delivery. The complete factor is to have back assist. I understand i be smaller after giving start, however no longer that tons and no longer that fast. Maybe it is higher for once i lose more weight and the child is bigger. I used to be sizev12 pre being pregnant and now should be round length 18. A shame. See less

  • i have read that this product has some troubles with its smell. Does the pillow preserve that poisonous scent through the years?
  • a completely small quantity of pillows skilled a situation years ago wherein a chunk too much glue became used and it failed to dry nicely before being packaged. This glue changed into non-poisonous and safe, but did have a scent to it. This become a one-time situation on some pillows and was corrected at once. Inside the final twenty years seeing that my brest friend was invented, we’ve got by no means had any difficulty with safety or health with using our pillows. We check all of our foam and merchandise the usage of intertek laboratories, considered to be one of the main impartial checking out laboratories inside the world. All of our exams have surpassed the legal and strictest protection policies. Our commitment has usually been to help babies acquire the most efficient fitness, and pure love from their moms. We facilitate the healthiest bonding for mother and toddler, ensuing in physical, emotional and mental advantages for both. Thanks! My brest buddy group see much less

  • is the quilt on this removeable?
  • question: is the quilt in this removeable? Solution: sure! It is a decent in shape so i’d not advise drying the quilt – but it really is removeable and cleanable! Through h. Burnette on june 27, 2013 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (9) disintegrate all answers


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    6 reviews for My brest buddy authentic nursing posture pillow, navy bluebells

    1. S.Family

      I really do love this nursing pillow. There’s a lot to like about it. Pros: * I love that I can clip it around my waist, and then move around, without needing to awkwardly put it back on while while holding my baby. * It’s adjustable * Comfortable * Very cute patterns * Great Design * The pocket it really handy * I mean, the name, who doesn’t love it? Cons: * My baby grew very fast, he was very tall, so he was hanging his legs off the sides by the time he was 6 months old. * It is just a little pricey, but not too bad. All things considered, I love this pillow, and I’ll be using it for our daughter when she gets here in November! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I hope you found this information useful. If you did, and if you don’t mind, click the “Yes” button next to “Was this review helpful to you?” just below this review. Thank you, and have wonderful day! 🙂 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Read more

    2. Dean!

      Wife loves this after trying to use a Boppy pillow the first month. This actual saves a lot of energy trying to keep the boppy from slipping out, because this pillow fastens around the waist and allows her to maintain a good posture and back support and good feeding position with minimal effort. (Football-feeding position also works great with this pillow, even though it doesn’t look like it might) We bought this because her sister and good friend both separately recommended it. My thought was…it’s just a pillow..but I’m here writing this review because she LOVES this and she says it makes a HUGE difference over any other type of pillow. Her sister nursed for almost 2 years with this pillow saving her a lot of energy/effort. Her other friend nursed for 18 months. If you don’t see same-day shipping (and you live in a big city) keep choosing different colors/styles as they are different prices and different ones have different shipping speeds. The wife didn’t care about colors or style and wanted any of them with same-day shipping since our newborn was days old and wanted anything that would help her feed better. Definitely worth it! Happy wife, happy life, happy baby! Read more

    3. Dave

      My wife just came up with a solution to protect the foam tonight. First we removed the fabric cover. Then we just placed the custom plastic packaging over the foam insert. Now the fabric covering easily slips back over the plastic covered foam. Now when there is a spill you just have to wash the covering! Read more

    4. VB

      I should have bought this with my first one, but when doing research on nursing pillows as a first time parent – boppy pillow was all the rage. But I hated the boppy pillow. With my 2nd one, I gave brest friend a shot and this is just so much more comfortable for both the mom as well as the baby. The surface is flat and the belt actually helps keep the baby in place. Yes, this doesn’t multi-function like the boppy where you can use it for the baby to rest on etc, but I much rather have a comfortable nursing pillow that serves nursing as the purpose it was intended for first very well and then worry about multi functionality aspect. New moms – trust me buy this product and you will not regret it! I like that I can remove the cover and wash it, but I do have concerns about longevity of the product as every time I remove the cover to wash it, the inside sponge does show some wear, but I guess that is expected. It would be better for the manufacturer to have a liner along with the cover so constant removing and inserting outer cover, doesn’t rub off on the sponge directly. I did NOT receive this product for free and neither am I affiliated with brest friend by any means. It’s just a great product. Read more

    5. Cami’s Mami

      Love this pillow. I was having many issues the first month of breast feeding my baby girl, mostly related to posture and positioning. I originally was gifted the Boppy, which comes in many cute designs, so I was skeptical based off esthetics whether i should buy this pillow, but once I tried it at one of my lactation appointments I was convinced and it definitely has made my life easier. I don’t always need it now that I’m seasoned but it still is nice to have around for back support and for the baby to stably lay on. It allows me to multitask while she is attached 🙂 sometimes I eat while she eats lol. Sometimes I put a blanket and my sleeping baby in the nook that goes around your waist while laying flat and she will stay asleep feeling cradled. I always keep her close and watch her of course! Read more

    6. InvisibleGirl

      This nursing pillow is great for the first weeks of nursing. I think it’s particularly good if you’ve had a c-section (I did) and if you have a baby on the smaller side (I also did.) I have this and the Boppy but I used this one almost exclusively at first. With the Boppy, my baby tended to slide towards me and down and this was a no-go for the first few weeks when I was recovering my surgery. Once my son got a little bigger and I wasn’t so sore, I started switching off between the two and eventually I gravitated more towards the Boppy. But I would definitely recommend this one for anyone who knows they’re having a c-section and in general I think it’s easier to use with a brand-new baby. I was concerned about how difficult it would be to take the cover on and off to wash, but it’s actually very easy. I did hang the cover to dry just to avoid any shrinkage in the dryer. Read more

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