My brest pal deluxe nursing pillow, nighttime gray

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  • feel the assist: encourages higher posture for the duration of breastfeeding, assuaging strain in your back, neck, and fingers
  • firm and flat: prevents toddler from rolling out of position in the course of nursing
  • one hand use: deluxe strap has velcro and silent release buckle for clean, one hand use and permits you to without difficulty clutch your maternity components inside attached pouch
  • wrap around layout: adjusts to in shape most sizes, this pillow surrounds your body securely, for the correct position
  • preferred with the aid of the pros: my brest buddy is proud to be the pinnacle desire of lactation consultants and birthing hospitals
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  • can this be used to nurse twins on the identical time?
  • query: can this be used to nurse twins on the equal time? Solution: i bought this for my daughter and she cherished it for nursing her child girl. I’d think that it would be very beneficial for nursing twins twins on the equal time because it enables to place and aid. With the aid of susan s. On august 17, 2016 did not get answers. See extra answers (2) disintegrate all solutions

  • did every person purchase the mild grey one?? The colour on here seems tan, not grey
  • query: did all of us purchase the mild grey one?? The color on here seems tan, not grey answer: i have the deluxe gray, and it’s far in truth gray, now not tan. I like it! By means of kerri f. On november 27, 2016 fall apart all answers

  • will this work for overweight mothers? I’m a length 18 pre-being pregnant
  • query: will this work for obese mothers? I am a size 18 pre-being pregnant solution: i am now not certain, but it suits my bf. He’s 6’2″, length 36×32 in men’s pants. By using raquel… on february 26, 2021 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (2) crumble all answers

  • can we wash it?
  • query: can we wash it? Answer: sure, the duvet unzips and is detachable. The first time i took it aside, some of the pillow become caught to the quilt, but it came unstuck and didn’t damage either facet. I wash and dry with my toddler garments. Ensure to line the velcro all of the way up so that it doesn’t snag any clothing. By means of cait&co on september nine, 2019 failed to get answers. See greater answers (5) crumble all answers


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    5 reviews for My brest pal deluxe nursing pillow, nighttime gray

    1. Blew60

      I am currently breastfeeding my second child. I breastfed my first for a little over a year. I have researched a lot of nursing pillows since that was what I was going to be spending a lot of my time doing. For my first child I decided to go with the Gia Nursing Pillow because I read that the boppy pillows didn’t provide enough support and that babies sink in the pillow easily, causing you to hunch over, etc. I liked that it was designed by lactation consultants and there was a raised side, and of course because of the low price! Once I used it for a while, I didn’t like having to switch it every single time I switched sides, and I found that my baby sunk in the pillow just as much as she would on a boppy pillow. I also didn’t use a cover for it since it was machine washable, and my wedding ring was constantly snagging the stitching all over the pillow. So now, it is being used to prop my baby up, although it’s trickier than a boppy pillow since both sides aren’t the same. With my second child I wanted to invest more into breastfeeding supplies, since that is something very important to me, so why not make it easier on the mom? 🙂 I researched pillows again when I was pregnant to see what other options were out there. I was interested in the Kushies pillow, since it was foam, the baby wouldn’t sink, and I wouldn’t have to switch sides every time. I was weary that it wasn’t machine washable, wasn’t waterproof, and honestly there wasn’t a cover that I loved. If it’s going to be sitting on my couch, and I’m going to be looking at it all the time, I wanted to love it! My husband suggested I get the Brest Friend pillow because of the back support. That was pretty much the deciding factor. I was weary again because the pillow itself wasn’t machine washable, and all the reviewers were saying it was a pain to wrap around you and buckle while your baby was waiting to eat. After using it for almost a month now, I am so glad I bought it! I took the advice of some reviewers and immediately used the plastic packaging as a “waterproof” layer under my soft cover before I even used it. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about a gross foam pillow underneath, since I plan to use this for a while! Placing the plastic packaging underneath does make it a little crinkly, but it’s very minimal compared to knowing your pillow will be protected and clean for your baby. I only really notice the “crinkle” as I’m buckling it around my stomach. My baby sits high (I do the cradle hold), doesn’t move, the material of the cover is really nice and soft, and the raised head supports are a nice touch! Now the only thing that would make this better would be if I had a nursing stool — but crossing my legs does the trick. Buckling it while your baby is hungry is not that big of a deal–it only takes 5 seconds, and you’re ready to go. I’m thankful for the back support it provides! I haven’t used the pocket yet. I kind of wish it wasn’t there because I don’t use it, but I’m sure it’s helpful for those who use nipple cream, or want to keep something small in there. Looks wise, I don’t really care for it. But again, not that big of a deal when you look at the positives! I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding my first and sought help from a lactation consultant. She was highly against all nursing pillows, claiming none give you the best position your baby needs for the perfect latch. I can totally see where she is coming from. She used waterproof pillows that you use in the hospital after delivery, and would fold them in half, push and shove them until they gave me the best support. I did like using those, and they probably do give you better support and positioning than any “nursing pillow” out there, but I like that every time I buckle the Brest Friend pillow around my waist, I am going to have the same results without any “pushing or shoving”. Quick and easy–very important for me while I’m taking the pillow off and on, off and on, all day long! I hope this is helpful for all you moms out there! Breastfeeding is hard work, and even harder if you don’t have the right tools and support. Let me know if you have any questions…I would love to help! Read more

    2. Elizabeth C

      I saw these while I was pregnant but thought they would be too bulky or cumbersome. I had the Boppy for the first 4 days with my newborn and it never stayed in place and I was bending and fidgeting a lot. I tried the Brest Friend at my lactation consultant appointment and ordered one on Amazon as soon as I got home! This thing carries her weight while I concentrate on the latch. Theres also round bumps on both sides for extra head support. I keep lanolin cream, a burp cl9th, nipple shields, and my cell phone in the pocket. She is 1 week old and I’m able to do errands and not strain by neck/arms while she feeds. I joke that I look like Saturn with the rings but it gets the job done!! $40 is a steal IMO and I would have paid double for this thing. I’m telling all my pregnant friends! Read more

    3. Riley A.

      This pillow saved my life. Not literally, but it did save my breastfeeding journey. I am a size 16 and the bopping just wouldn’t stay in the right place when I was nursing. My baby would slip down between me and the pillow and the bopping would slide right out. My son had a tongue tie, making nursing difficult except in very specific positions. This pillow takes out all of the struggle. I can readjust and sit comfortably. My son has plenty of room to lay. I agree with the other comments, that the foam insert is a poor design as there is nothing to prevent it from absorbing liquid, but I did as the other comments suggested and placed the fitted plastic packaging over the foam under the fabric cover and it is excellent protection. Love this pillow. Read more

    4. C Marie

      I like the support and is overall a very good nursing pillow. Gives you extra space to work with than the boppy, and better leverage. Cons: Fabric looks used. It is comfortable and soft fabric, but looks like it’s been used. Definitely a weird fabric. I was almost too grossed out to use it at first because it looks so dingy and used. I was disappointed in the fabric, and I paid extra for the nicer design. I tried to capture it in some pictures. Also, I’m glad I read other reviews to save the plastic that it comes in to use underneath as to not damage the foam. In my experience, it will get wet from breastmilk/spit up, so I’m so glad I had covered it in the beginning, or else I’m sure it would have molded and been damaged by now. I also place a burp cloth or blanket on top to use for extra absorbency. Overall, good pillow that needs some work in the future. Read more

    5. s

      None of the breastfeeding pillows out there seem to be made for small breasted women. This product is better than the Boppy because it’s a flat surface (other than the 2 head bumps) so baby can’t roll into the crevice between the pillow and your body. However, as other reviews have pointed out, this is literally a cheap piece of foam that I’m afraid will fall apart every time I take the cover off to wash. Also, the pillow is only a few inches thick so as a smaller breasted woman I have to lean hunched over in order to feed my baby in the cross cradle position. Definitely not comfortable for my back. AAdding a pillow underneath would make it too high. If you have pendulous breasts, this probably works great but they should really consider making the pillow a couple inches thicker (it would make the pillow seem less flimsy too). The ability to buckle and strap the pillow on isn’t actually that helpful in terms of height adjustment because the weight of baby will push the pillow down. Overall I prefer this functionality of this over the Boppy but since they cost about the same, this product seems more cheaply made and it’s still not very comfortable. Read more

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